The DOJ has secured the detention of Konstantin Ignatov, pending his facing charges in New York.

Ignatov, acting head of OneCoin, was arrested in California on an out of district fugitive warrant last week.

In seeking Ignatov’s detention, the DOJ argued that

no condition or combination of conditions will reasonable assure the appearance of Ignatov (and/or the) safety of any other person and the community.

They also argued Ignatov was “serious risk Ignatov will flee” if released.

On March 7th a Magistrate Judge agreed with the DOJ and ordered Ignatov’s detention.

Reasons stated in the order are as follows:

Ignatov was arrested attempting to leave the country.

He has no relatives or friends with whom to reside in this country.

The weight of the DOJ’s evidence against Ignatov and the fact that all of his financial sureties and property are in Bulgaria were also deciding factors.

What financial sureties and property Ignatov did identified are not known, owing to the his financial affidavit having been filed under seal.

Going forward it looks like the DOJ aren’t taking any risks with Ignatov, which is probably a smart move considering his sister Ruja Ignatova is a fugitive at large.

Ignatov is next to be presented in the Southern District of New York, wherein he’ll be charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

The DOJ has sought Konstantin’s detainment pending trial, which as I understand it means he’ll remain behind bars until the conclusion of his case.

Stay tuned…