With arrests in Belarus and authorities investigating in Turkey, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia and Estonia, Kairos Technologies is having a hard time keeping its banking channels open.

A few days ago the company announced plans to set up a new shell company to continue scamming people through.

Since last November Kairos Technologies has been using ESA Holding GMBH, an Austrian shell company, to pay affiliates with.

Austrian authorities have now caught on and a warning has been issued to the general public.

On December 29th, the Financial Market Supervision published an advisory warning that ESA Holding GmbH is

is not entitled to provide payment services in Austria that require a licence.

The provider is therefore not permitted to provide transfer business.

The FMA claim ESA Holding is illegally operating in violation of Austria’s Payment Services Act.

Thus far Kairos Technologies have not acknowledged the warning on their company website.

A news update dated 3rd of January suggests affiliates who qualify for virtual shares in Kairos’ new shell company will receive an information update tomorrow.

Stay tuned…