behindmlm-logoWe’ve received a bogus DMCA takedown notice from Faith Sloan. She’s obviously not happy about our reporting of her SEC Ponzi case, misrepresenting her financial situation to US regulators and her involvement in subsequent questionable schemes.

Naturally intending to file a counter-notification (not the first bogus DMCA we’ve dealt with), as Sloan’s clearly failed to take into account fair use as required by law.

Should be straight-forward enough to sort out but access to the site might be restricted a few days while our hosts do their thing.

Copy of the bogus DMCA complaint below for reference:


If it’s sorted without any downtime I’ll remove this message, otherwise you know what’s going on should access to the site be temporarily restricted.

A refresher for those who think filing bogus DMCA notices will work, filing a DMCA notice under false pretenses leaves you open to both civil and criminal liability.