xip4life-logoThere is no information on the Xip4Life website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Xip4Life website domain (“xip4life.com”) was registered on the 9th of July 2015, listing “Christopher Bratta” as the owner. An address in the US state of Florida is also provided.

christopher-bratta-owner-xip4lifeThe address used to register the Xip4Life domain is the same used by isXperia, an MLM opportunity launched by Bratta (right) in 2007.

Current Alexa statistics on the isXperia website suggest isXperia has since gone into decline.

Of additional note is a marketing video linked off the Xip4Life official Facebook page, which is hosted on Kalpesh Patel’s YouTube channel.

kalpesh-patel-cofounder-xip4life-linkedinOn his LinkedIn profile, Patel claims to be a co-founder of Xip4Life.

Patel first popped up on BehindMLM’s radar as a top Zeek Rewards investor in the UK.

A few months ago the Zeek Receiver sued Patel, claiming he made $140,842 in the $850 million dollar Ponzi scheme.

Whether or not Patel has since paid back the funds he stole from Zeek victims is unclear.

Read on for a full review of the Xip4Life MLM business opportunity.

The Xip4Life Product Line

Despite mention of products and services on the Xip4Life website, the only actual thing affiliates seem able to sell are Xip4Life affiliate memberships.

At the time of publication, no other commissions are mentioned in the Xip4Life compensation plan documentation.

The Xip4Life Compensation Plan

The Xip4Life compensation plan sees affiliates pay fees, with commissions paid when they recruit others who do the same.

Xip4Life Affiliate Ranks

There are twelve affiliate ranks within the Xip4Life compensation plan.

Along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows:

  • 1 Star – recruit 1 affiliate
  • 2 Star – recruit 2 affiliates (one on either side of the binary team)
  • 3 Star – recruit 3 affiliates
  • 4 Star – recruit 4 affiliates (2 on either side of the binary team)
  • 5 Star – have a downline generating at least $1000 a month in affiliate fees
  • 6 Star – have a downline generating at least $2000 a month in affiliate fees
  • 7 Star – have a downline generating at least $4000 a month in affiliate fees
  • 8 Star – have a downline generating at least $8000 a month in affiliate fees
  • 9 Star – have a downline generating at least $12,000 a month in affiliate fees
  • Partner – have a downline generating at least $15,000 a month in affiliate fees
  • Gold – have a downline generating at least $30,000 a month in affiliate fees
  • Platinum – have a downline generating at least $50,000 a month in affiliate fees

Recruitment Commissions (unilevel)

Recruitment Commissions in Xip4Life are paid out via a unilevel compensation structure.

A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1):


If any level 1 affiliates go on to recruit new affiliates of their own, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliates unilevel team.

Theoretically a unilevel team is able to extend down an infinite number of levels, with Xip4Life capping payable unilevel levels at ten.

Commissions through the unilevel are paid out as a percentage of fees paid by recruited affiliates in a unilevel team as follows:

  • level 1 – 10%
  • level 2 to 9 – 3%
  • level 10 – 5%

How many unilevel levels a Xip4Life affiliate can earn on is tied to their affiliate rank:

  • 1 Star – level 1
  • 2 Star – levels 1 and 2
  • 3 Star – levels 1 to 3
  • 4 Star – levels 1 to 4
  • 5 Star – levels 1 to 5
  • 6 Star – levels 1 to 6
  • 7 Star – levels 1 to 7
  • 8 Star – levels 1 to 8
  • 9 Star – levels 1 to 9
  • Partner or higher – all 10 available levels

Recruitment Commissions (binary)

A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, split into two sides (left and right):


Positions in the binary team are filled via direct and indirect recruitment, with sales volume (affiliate memberships) tracked on both sides.

Commissions are paid out as a percentage of volume generated by the weaker binary side, with how much of a percentage paid out determined by an affiliate’s rank:

  • 2 Star – 10%
  • 3 Star – 11%
  • 4 Star – 12%
  • 5 Star – 13%
  • 6 Star – 14%
  • 7 Star – 15%
  • 8 Star – 16%
  • 9 Star – 17%
  • Partner or higher – 18%

Check Match Bonus

The Unilevel Check Match Bonus is a percentage match on unilevel and binary commissions earned by an affiliate’s downline.

The check match is paid out down four levels of recruitment, using the same unilevel structure used to pay out unilevel recruitment commissions (see “Recruitment Commissions (unilevel)” above):

  • level 1 – 20% match
  • levels 2 to 4 – 5% match

How many levels a Xip4Life affiliate is paid a match on is determined by their affiliate rank:

  • 1 Star – level 1
  • 2 Star – level 1 and 2
  • 3 Star – levels 1 to 3
  • 4 Star – all 4 available levels

Elite Affiliate Earning Centers

If an Xip4Life affiliate pays $1000 for Elite membership, they are given two additional compensation plan positions in their binary team.

This effectively allows them to triple-up on commissions paid out on their binary team.


Rewards4Life is a recruitment bonus that is paid out on the recruitment efforts of a Xip4Life affiliate’s unilevel team.

If 50 affiliates are recruited across three unilevel legs, a $250 bonus is paid out.

The more affiliates recruited (across a minimum three unilevel legs), the higher the bonus paid out:

  • recruit 100 affiliates = $500
  • recruit 250 affiliates = $1250
  • recruit 500 affiliates = $2500
  • recruit 2500 affiliates = $12,500
  • recruit 5000 affiliates = $25,000
  • recruit 25,000 affiliates = $125,000
  • recruit 50,000 affiliates = $250,000

Global Profit Sharing Pool

The Global Profit Sharing Pool is made up of a percentage of Xip4Life’s company-wide global revenue.

Executive ($500) and Elite ($1000) affiliates are able to earn shares in the pool, as determined by their affiliate rank:

  • 4 Star = 250 shares
  • 5 Star = 500 shares
  • 6 Star = 1000 shares
  • 7 Star = 2000 shares
  • 8 Star = 3000 shares
  • 9 Star = 4000 shares
  • Partner = 5000 shares
  • Gold = 10,000 shares
  • Platinum = 15,000 shares

Note that Executive ($500) affiliates only earn 50% of the above points per rank obtained.

Also note that there is a purported cap on Global Profit Sharing Pool shares available. Once they are all allocated, subsequent Xip4Life affiliates will not be able to participate.

1% Pool Bonus

Gold and Platinum ranked Xip4Life affiliates are awarded equal shares in two 1% bonus pools.

These pools are made up of 1% of Xip4Life’s company-wide revenue respectively, with Gold and Platinum ranked affiliates awarded an equal share in their respective pool.

xFunding Profit Share

Details on the xFunding profit share have yet to be released, with Xip4Life claiming the scheme requires 50,000 affiliates first.

As per Xip4Life marketing material available the platform is affiliate-funded:


This implies that the xFunding Profit Share redistributes newly invested affiliate funds to existing affiliates.

Joining Xip4Life

Affiliate membership with Xip4Life is broken down into three components:

  • a $10 monthly fee
  • a monthly marketing package fee and
  • an affiliate package one-time fee

There are three marketing packages available as follows:

  • Basic – $20 a month
  • Plus – $40 a month
  • Premium – $60 a month

The primary difference between the marketing packages are the marketing tools available (pay more, get more).

Affiliate packages cost between $200 and $1000:

  • Starter – $200
  • Executive – $500
  • Elite – $1000

The primary difference between the affiliate packages is income potential via the Xip4Life compensation plan.

All up the minimum cost of Xip4Life affiliate membership is $230 ($200+$20+$10) and $1070 at the high-end ($1000+$60+$10).

Free Xip4Life affiliate membership available, however this has nothing to do with the MLM business opportunity (only single-level commissions are offered).


On his LinkedIn profile, Christopher Bratta lists himself as the owner and CEO of Xip4Life LLC dating back to 2006.

isXperia launched in 2007 but was presumably conceived in 2006. Xip4Life meanwhile only launched last month, so it appears Bratta is treating it as an isXperia reboot.

As for Xip4Life as an MLM business opportunity, a UK-centric Zeek Rewards?

That’s certainly the impression I got as I went over Xip4Life’s compensation plan and business model.

On the Xip4Life website there’s mention of “xBids”, a penny auction platform. Then in a Xip4Life compensation plan marketing video, Kalpesh Patel started talking about “giving bids away”, which was the core of the Zeek Rewards Ponzi business model.

How Xip4Life affiliate rewarded for giving bids they purchase away remains to be seen. If it’s in any way tied to profit-sharing (shuffling newly invested funds around to pay off existing investors) however, then where Patel got his inspiration from should be pretty obvious.

On that note, the xFunding Profit Share, 1% bonus pools and Global Profit Sharing Pool are all problematic for the same reason.

New affiliate funds flow in and are then paid out based on shares, tokens or recruitment (the 1% bonus pools).

There’s also strong elements of “pay to play” evident, with Elite affiliates given two binary positions, Starter ($200) affiliates excluded from the Global Profit Sharing Pool and Executive affiliates ($500) only given 50% of the shares Elite ($1000) affiliates are given.

Regulatory compliance in MLM requires income potential to be determined by individual sales performance, not how much money an affiliate pays when they sign up.

There’s a bit more to Xip4Life than Zeek Rewards, with the website mentioning affiliates having access to a financial management tool, online marketing tool suite, travel booking platform and personal development, but the money-making side is pretty much the same concept.

Hardly surprising when you consider Patel’s MLM background, but something potential affiliates should be wary of.

Bottom line? No matter how many third-party services you bundle with Zeek Rewards style affiliate membership, the business model itself still falls short of regulatory compliance.

The MLM penny auction points model and variations thereof equate to Ponzi fraud, it’s time to move on guys…


Update 30th January 2019 – Xip4Life as reviewed here doesn’t exist anymore.

The company has since been repurposed to market isXperia’s CBD oil based products.