x100k-logoA message in the footer of the X100K website claims that the company is ‘powered by I-Affiliate Marketing, Inc.

A link for “Corporate Registration” also features in the footer, directing visitors who click on it to what appears to be a registration document for I-Affiliate Marketing Inc. in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

As per the Newfoundland and Labrador government website, this certificate of registration costs $300 CAD ($238 USD).

More to the point, it would appear to have nothing to do with X100K.

A visit to the testimonials section of the X100K website reveal affiliates thanking a “Michael Weber” for creating the company:

Thank you Michael Weber for making X100K! You have made a program noone ever made before, a foolproof sustainable program that will be here a long, long time.

This matches information provided on the X100K website domain, which was registered on the 28th of March 2013. Michael Weber is listed as the domain owner, with an address provided in the US state of Colorado.

A Google search of this address reveals it to be in what appears to be a residential district.

A YouTube channel named “Michael Weber” is filled with promotional videos for X100K, supporting that he is the owner of the company.

michael-weber-admin-x100kOther MLM opportunities Weber (right) has advertised on his YouTube channel include XtremeCashBox, a matrix-based Ponzi cycler.

Weber himself appears to have run XtremeCashBox, which has long since collapsed.

Affiliate marketing for X100K describe Weber as a “matrix specialist & programmer”, suggesting he is no stranger to the matrix-cycler Ponzi scene.

Read on for a full review of the X100K MLM business opportunity.

The X100K Product Line

X100K has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership to the company itself.

Once signed up, X100K affiliates can purchase positions in the company’s compensation plan. Bundled with each position is a series of advertising credits, as well as (in some instances) access to downloadable marketing tools.

The X100K Compensation Plan

The X100K compensation plan sees affiliates sign up and then purchase positions in a series of matrices.

X100K offer four matrices in total, with positions ranging in price from 25 cents to $25.

Freedom Matrix

X100K’s Freedom Matrix is a 5×3. This means that a purchased position is put at the top of the matrix, with five positions directly under it:


These initial five positions branch out into another five positions each, making up the second level of the matrix. Second level positions also branch out into another five positions each, making up the third and final level of the matrix.

Commissions are paid out when all positions in the matrix are filled, with positions filled via the subsequent purchase of positions by X100K affiliates.

Once all positions in a Freedom Matrix are filled, X100K pay out a $19.25 commission.

Pro Membership Matrix

The Pro Membership Matrix is a recurring $7 a week cost, with affiliates able to purchase up to three positions a month at a time ($21).

The Pro Membership Matrix uses a 3×3 matrix, with three positions on the first level, nine on the second level and twenty-seven on the third.

Otherwise this matrix functions the same as the 5×3 Freedom Matrix, with all positions in the matrix required to be filled before a commission is paid out.

Once all positions in a Pro Membership Matrix are filled, X100K pay out a $20 commission.

X100K $100,000 Matrix

In their compensation plan documentation, X100K claim that ‘all matrix entries will end up‘ in the X100K $100,000 matrix.

This suggests that positions in the other matrices might cycle out into this matrix, however this is not explicitly clarified. I’m thinking it might just be wishful thinking on the company’s part.

In any event, the X100K $100,000 Matrix is a 3×8 matrix. Same idea as a 3×3 however this time around there are eight levels of depth to the matrix (much more positions to fill).

Details on how exactly the X100K $100,000 Matrix pays out are sketchy (per level, per position), with the company only disclosing that a filled X100K $100,000 Matrix will pay out $100,002.

Note that only affiliates paying $7 a week to participate in the Pro Membership Matrix are able to purchase positions in the X100K $100,000 Matrix.

Additional Matrices

At the time of publication of this review, two additional matrices are advertised on the X100K website ($20 and $100).

The company claims these matrices will be launched on February 20th.

Joining X100K

Affiliate membership with X100K is free, however only $7 a month “Pro” affiliates can participate in the company’s $7 a week and $25 matrices.

Free affiliates can participate in the 25 cents a position Freedom Matrix, however X100K themselves readily acknowledge that this is to pay just enough ‘for a Free Member to Become PRO!


With nothing being marketed and sold to retail customers, and all commissions sourced from affiliates, X100K fits the definition of a recruitment-driven pyramid scheme.

X100K affiliates either join for free or pay $7 a week to purchase positions in the company’s offered matrices. Then, as subsequent positions are purchased by themselves or other affiliates, commissions are paid out.

The advertising credits and downloadable tools offered are neither here nor there, as it is the matrix positions themselves being marketed, sold and purchased by affiliates.

Case in point, affiliates are able to purchase multiple matrix positions – why would they need multiple copies of the same downloadable tools?

As for the advertising, it exists merely as smoke and mirrors pseudo-compliance. Nobody would be purchasing advertising on the X100K website without the attached matrix commissions (income opportunity).

As with all recruitment-driven pyramid schemes, once affiliate recruitment and subsequently purchase of new matrix positions dry up, the matrices themselves will begin to stall.

Once enough matrices have stalled and commissions have ground to a halt, the scheme collapses.

At that point anyone left with funds still trapped in the system loses out.

Evidence of the X100K position purchases slowing down can be evidenced by way of the launch of new matrices. Typically this is done in matrix-based opportunities to create a sense of “getting in early” for existing affiliates, who might have missed the company’s initial launch.

An increase in purchase activity is typically observed for a few weeks, before the problem of new position purchases slowing down resurfaces.