ultimate-ad-club-logoThere is no information on the Ultimate Ad Club website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Ultimate Ad Club website domain (“ultimatead.club”) was registered on the 13th of December 2014, however the domain registration is set to private.

Two videos are linked off the Ultimate Ad Club website, hosted on a YouTube account bearing the name “Tom Taylor”.

This account was created about a week before Ultimate Ad Club launched, on January 12th.

Further research reveals affiliate also claiming Tom Taylor to be the admin of Ultimate Ad Club.


Tom Taylor is credited with running Wealth4Life, which is confirmed on his LinkedIn profile:


Owner/Admin of currently 14 web sites, ranging from Matrix programs, Traffic Exchanges, Dating sites, Online Tour Agency, Team build sites as well as PTC’s and various others.

Wealth4Life would appear to be a downline builder Taylor has built to recruit people into various MLM opportunities.

The Ultimate Ad Club Is Part Of The Wealth4Life Group Of Companies.

As per Taylor’s LinkedIn profile he is based out of the Philippines, which is likely where Ultimate Ad Club is being run out of too.

Why none of this information is available on the Ultimate Ad Club website is a mystery.

Read on for a full review of the Ultimate Ad Club MLM business opportunity.

The Ultimate Ad Club Product Line

The Ultimate Ad Club has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership with the opportunity itself.

Once an Ultimate Ad Club affiliate has signed up, they are then able to purchase matrix positions and participate in the company’s compensation plan.

Bundled with each matrix position are a series of advertising credits, which can be used to display advertising on the Ultimate Ad Club website itself.

The Ultimate Ad Club Compensation Plan

The Ultimate Ad Club compensation plan revolves around affiliate purchasing $50 matrix positions.

The purchase of a position places an affiliate at the top of a 5×1 matrix. That is to say that there are five positions directly under it.

Each of these positions are filled by the purchase of subsequent matrix positions. These can be positions an Ultimate Ad Club affiliate purchases themselves, or positions purchased by their upline and downlines (recruited affiliates).

Once all five matrix positions have been filled, the position at the top “cycles” out of the matrix and a commission is paid out.

Ultimate Ad Club offer three tiers of 5×1 matrices, with payments issued upon cycling as follows:

  • Level 1 – $3
  • Level 2 – $6
  • Level 3 – $100

In addition to cash commissions, Ultimate Ad Club withhold funds that must be re-invested back into additional matrix positions:

  • Level 1 – $2
  • Level 2 – $5
  • Level 3 – $50

Additionally 20% of all withdrawal requests are also held, with these funds required to be put towards purchasing more matrix positions.

A $1 referral commission is also paid out when personally recruited affiliates cycle out of the first two matrix tiers.

Ultimate Ad Club affiliates can also earn commissions by recruiting new affiliates into the scheme, with $3 paid out on the purchase of new matrix positions and $1 when the same positions make it into tiers 2 and 3.

Finally Ultimate Ad Club offer a feeder matrix, designed to lower the cost of entry into the main three-tier matrix system by getting others to contribute towards the $50 cost.

The feeder matrix costs $5 and requires a 4×2 matrix to be filled.

A 4×2 matrix has four positions on level 1, which each branch out into another four positions each – requiring a total of twenty positions to be filled before the position at the top cycles out.

Once this is achieved, the position at the top generates a $50 commission and four re-entries into new feeder matrices.

Joining Ultimate Ad Club

Affiliate membership with Ultimate Ad Club is $5.

The minimum cost of participating in the Ultimate Ad Club compensation plan is tied to the purchase of a matrix position.

This means that in addition to $5, all Ultimate Ad Club affiliates will also be paying either $5 for a feeder matrix position or $50 for a regular matrix position.


Ultimate Ad Club relies on a constant influx of new affiliate money in order to pay off commissions on previously bought matrix positions.

In that sense Ultimate Ad Club functions as a $50 a pop Ponzi investment scheme.

Affiliates buy an investment position for $50, and then have to wait for subsequent investments to be made before they are ultimately paid a $109 ROI.

Or as Ultimate Ad Club themselves put it:

Q: When will my positions cycle?

A: That depends on how many positions are coming into the system at any given time and the number of ACTIVE Subscriptions.

Despite this core Ponzi scheme mechanism driving Ultimate Ad Club’s compensation plan, Tom Taylor appears to be in denial about what his scheme is:

Q: Is The Ultimate Ad Club an Investment or HYIP site?

A: No! The Ultimate Ad Club is an advertising site that will cater to your advertising needs. We are not an Investment company, HYIP or Ponzi scheme.

Invest your $50 and wait for new and existing investors to make subsequent $50 investments… yeah, that’s pretty much the definition of a Ponzi scheme Tom.

As with all Ponzi schemes, once new affiliate investment dries up, Ultimate Ad Club’s matrices will stall meaning nobody gets paid.

Well except Tom. He runs off with whatever funds remain trapped in the system. Oh and he also makes off with everyone’s $5 participation fee and 2% of each deposit and 2.5% of each ROI withdrawal.

When the inevitable Ponzi collapse hits Ultimate Ad Club, perhaps a name change from “Wealth4Life” to “Wealth4Tom” might be in order.