traffic-powerline-logoThere is no information on the Traffic Powerline website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Traffic Powerline website domain was registered on the 4th of July 2016, however the domain registration is set to private.

emmet-pearse-the-irish-networker-mo-brabus-adminIn a Traffic Powerline presentation held in late July, Pearse Donnely revealed Traffic Powerline is ‘owned and operated by Mo Brabus Limited’.

Donnely (right) identifies himself as co-Director of Mo Brabus.

Mo Brabus is a an adcredit Ponzi scheme launched in early 2015.

Mo Brabus affiliates invest $5 on the promise of an advertised $6 ROI. Mo Brabus investments also pay a ROI through a matrix cycler.

Read on for a full review of the Traffic Powerline MLM opportunity.

The Traffic Powerline Product Line

Traffic Powerline has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Traffic Powerline affiliate membership itself.

Once signed up, Traffic Powerline affiliates can invest in “Traffic Packs”.

Each Traffic Pack invested in allows a Traffic Powerline affiliate to advertise a website to other Traffic Powerline affiliates.

The Traffic Powerline Compensation Plan

The Traffic Powerline compensation plan sees affiliates invest $18 in Traffic Packs on the promise of a 100 day ROI.

In addition to this, Traffic Powerline affiliates are also paid back $6 of every $18 investment made within 24 hours.

Note that 33% of all commissions paid out must be reinvested into additional Traffic Packs.

Referral Commission

A referral commission of $1.80 is paid out per Traffic Pack invested in by personally recruited affiliates.

Booster Pack ROIs

Through purchase of a “booster pack”, Traffic Powerline affiliates are able to receive an up to $3000 monthly ROI.

Booster Pack ROIs are funded from a “surplus account”, composed of funds invested in Traffic Powerline company-wide.

Up to three Booster Packs can be invested in, if a Traffic Powerline affiliate has recruited two affiliates and met the following criteria:

  • Booster Pack 1 – invest in at least 20 Traffic Packs and purchase Booster Pack 1 for $360
  • Booster Pack 2 – invest in at least 40 Traffic Packs and purchase Booster Pack 2 for $720
  • Booster Pack 3 – invest in at least 80 Traffic Packs and purchase Booster Pack 3 for $1440

Powerline Bonus

The Powerline Bonus appears to be a percentage of funds invested by a Traffic Powerline affiliate’s downline.

Through the Powerline Bonus, a Traffic Powerline affiliate can earn up to $296.10 a day.

Leader Pool

5% of funds invested in Traffic Powerline are placed in a Leader Pool.

The Leader Pool is split into four equal pools (25% of 5% each), which Traffic Powerline affiliates can qualify for a share in based on their rank:

  • Diamond (recruit two affiliates who recruit two affiliates) – one share in a 25% Leader Pool
  • Double Diamond (recruit four affiliates who have each recruited two affiliates) – one share in a 25% Leader Pool
  • Triple Diamond (recruit six affiliates who have each recruited two affiliates) – one share in a 25% Leader Pool
  • Blue Diamond (recruit twelve affiliates who have each recruited two affiliates) – one share in a 25% Leader Pool

Note that one Traffic Powerline affiliate cannot receive more than 10% of funds

Joining Traffic Powerline

Traffic Powerline affiliate membership is free, however affiliates must invest at least $54 (“plus fees”) to participate in the attached MLM opportunity.

In the Traffic Powerline July presentation, Pearse Donnely states that ‘it will take you $54 to get active’.

Being active provides a Traffic Powerline affiliate with access to ‘the powerful part’ of Traffic Powerline. This implies some commissions are unavailable without a minimum $54 investment.


In the July presentation, Pearce Donnely claims that a Traffic Powerline affiliate has the potential to earn $33,984 in 100 days.

For all the blustering on about “classified information” in Traffic Powerline’s current marketing material, the business model is still just using newly invested funds to pay off existing investors.

Like Mo Brabus, this makes Traffic Powerline a Ponzi scheme.

The Traffic Packs do provide traffic, however this traffic is closed-loop in that every visitor is a Traffic Powerline affiliate (free or a paid investor).

This means the traffic service is pseudo-compliance, as no legitimate third-party will advertise on the site (leave alone the fact that only affiliates can advertise).

It is the Traffic Powerline income opportunity that is in fact being marketed, which as above is a Ponzi scheme.

Being somewhat of a reboot from Mo Brabus, it’s guaranteed that Traffic Powerline will be preloaded with top investor accounts from Mo Brabus.

Mo Brabus is apparently still paying out, but as it nears the two-year mark after which most online Ponzi schemes collapse – Traffic Powerline’s launch is no doubt an attempt to secure new funds against dwindling reserves.

Bottom line? No matter how it’s dressed up, the use of newly invested funds to pay off existing investors is financial fraud.

Ponzi schemes cannot continue to pay out more than is invested indefinitely, with each and every scheme destined for a collapse at some point.

While the launch of Traffic Powerline may put off Mo Brabus’ collapse for a bit, sooner or later invested funds across both schemes will nonetheless be exhausted.

At that point both Mo Brabus and Traffic Powerline collapse, leaving the majority of investors with a loss.