The Perfect System’s website is a lengthy marketing pitch, supposedly authored by “Bill Anderson”.

On LinkedIn Anderson goes by “William Anderson”. His profile has him operating out of the US state of Georgia.

Anderson (right) runs his various ventures under the branding Network 6000.

On The Perfect System’s website Anderson claims to be a “30+ year marketing expert”.

Based on its website domain and social media profile, I believe The Perfect System originally went by “Simple Cash Daily”.

Outside of The Perfect System I wasn’t able to put together an MLM history for Anderson. This is likely due to the generic name.

Anderson not having an MLM footprint left me skeptical but I’m satisfied he’s an actual person.

Outside of Network 6000 Anderson appears to have made a name for himself in BBQ circles.

Read on for a full review of The Perfect System’s MLM opportunity.

The Perfect System’s Products

The Perfect System has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market The Perfect System affiliate membership itself.

The Perfect System’s Products

The Perfect System has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market The Perfect System affiliate membership itself.

The Perfect System affiliate membership provides access to an e-book library.

The Perfect System’s Compensation Plan

The Perfect System affiliates sign up and pay a $997 fee. They are then charged $40 a month.

The Perfect System takes these fees and uses them to pay recruitment commissions.

Recruitment commissions are paid down two levels of recruitment (unilevel):

  • the initial $997 affiliate membership fee generates a 5% commission across two levels (personal recruitment and affiliates recruited by those you recruit)
  • the ongoing monthly $40 affiliate fee is paid 40% across two levels

Joining The Perfect System

The Perfect System affiliate membership is $997 and then $40 a month.


From its horrendously long marketing copy to the bundling of an ebook library, The Perfect System hearkens back to ebook pyramid schemes of the late 2000s.

The marketing copy, complete with yellow highlights, is lengthy by design. Anyone who makes it to the bottom of Anderson’s rambling is easy hanging fruit.

The ebook library is a weak attempt at pseudo-compliance.

This is just a two tier commission structure so it is not considered a MLM program.

Because of this and the fact there is a real product, it can never be considered an illegal pyramid scheme.

Members will continue to pay their membership fees because if they cancel their membership, they will not receive their affiliate commissions anymore.

Again, this is the type of pseudo-compliance we’d see back in the late 2000s to early 2010s. The FTC has made it clear that MLM opportunities that don’t generate significant retail sales are pyramid schemes.

By design The Perfect System is a pyramid scheme, with 100% of commissions paid out tied to recruitment.

As for the “it’s not an MLM” hogwash, The Perfect System pays out across two levels. Two is more than one, making The Perfect System a multi-level marketing opportunity.

In addition to being a pyramid scheme, Anderson is also promising The Perfect System affiliates “guaranteed paid signups”. This is another potential violation of the FTC Act (deceptive marketing).

Speaking of the FTC, on The Perfect System’s website Terms and Conditions page, a link to an FTC Disclosure statement is provided.

Buried in that document is this:

If you purchase a business opportunity from Network6000/The Perfect System, your contact information can be disclosed in the future to other potential buyers.

Sounds like a great way to receive spam for the life of your email address.

The same FTC Disclosure statement also warns The Perfect System has no “cancellation or refund policy”.

Once you hand your money over to a pyramid scheme, it’s gone.

Finally Bill Anderson is also using The Perfect System to funnel potential victims into other scams.

Dubbed the “Money Multiplier”, Anderson is currently promoting

Like The Perfect System, math guarantees the majority of participants in all of these scams will lose money.


Update 3rd September 2021 – Since this review was published, The Perfect System has been renamed to TPS100.

Owner Bill Anderson has also scrubbed any mention of him from TPS100’s homepage.


Update 23rd April 2022 – At time of this update The Perfect System’s / TPS100’s “” website has been down for over a week.

Readers are reporting non-communication in the comments below so it appears William Anderson’s pyramid scheme has collapsed.