Starbit International has one of the worst designed websites of an MLM company I’ve ever seen.

The homepage has just under 20 megabytes of images and on average takes twenty to thirty seconds to load.

For visitors who don’t get annoyed and click away while it’s loading (the page has to load in full before you can see anything), they’re then presented with a site that has no information about who owns or runs the company.

The Starbit International website domain (“”) was first registered in 2012. The registration was recently updated on April 13th, 2017, suggesting this is when the current owner took possession.

Iliah Kokh is listed as the domain owner, with an address in Dubai also provided. The address is a building with no street or suite number, suggesting it might be virtual (or non-existent).

The email Kokh used to register the Starbit International domain points to another domain, on which the following message is published:


Cryptonetwork’s months of activity have produced a series of market information and findings that fully focused on the preliminary phase goals.

From May 2017, the initiative enters directly in the new operational phase, managed at an international level, with an even wider structure.

All agreemeents [sic] in place remains valid until regular deadline.

A link to the Starbit International website is also provided.

The domain in question, “”, was used to promote Centurion Network prior to the message above being displayed.

Centurion Network was headed up by Sunitkumar Patel, Pascal Federle, Vincent Piscitello, Gianvito Ricciardone, Benedetto Cancemi, Fabrizio Di Silvio and Nicole Ganier, all members of the “Centurion Foundation”.

Centurion Network was a cryptocurrency MLM opportunity that revolved around Centurion Coin.

Centurion Coin is your typical pump and dump MLM altcoin.

Initially launched as Ponzi points, Centurion Coin launched with a publicly traded value of 6.5 cents in March.

Today the value is 3.8 cents and now that Centurion Coin is no more, likely to collapse even further.

Other than Luana Sicari serving as Chief Sales Officer, Starbit International has not made its executive structure or information about who owns the company public.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

Starbit International Products

Starbit International retail customers who sign up for free are given access to “basic information on Blockchain and its applications on the market”.

Two additional packages are available for purchase:

  • E-Learning Mini Pack – ” includes a series of tools / information tools with video tutorials, e-books and electronic materials”, retails for 0.13 BTC
  • Blockchain Information Package – provides access to community blogs, blockchain related newsletters, articles, videos, eBooks and webinars and “robot software”, retails for 0.4 BTC for a two month subscription or 1.5 BTC for twelve months

The “robot software” bundled with the Blockchain Information Package is named “Brutus”.

Starbit International claim Brutus

provides the customer with a latest generation robot platform with Artificial Intelligence, specially designed for not experts, allowing anyone to practice.

The Starbit International Compensation Plan

Starbit International pay affiliates for selling their two packages to both retail customers and recruited affiliates.

Residual commissions are paid out via binary and unilevel compensation structures, with additional performance-based bonuses also available.

Starbit International Affiliate Ranks

There are sixteen affiliate ranks within the Starbit International compensation plan.

Along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows:

  • Affiliate – sign up as a Starbit International customer and then affiliate for free
  • Bronze – generate 1000 GV in downline volume
  • Master – generate 2400 GV in downline volume
  • Gold – generate 6000 GV in downline volume and have and maintain at least one Master ranked affiliate in your downline
  • Sapphire – generate 12,500 GV in downline volume and have and maintain at least one Master and one Gold ranked affiliate in your downline
  • Ruby – generate 25,000 GV in downline volume and have and maintain at least one Master and one Sapphire ranked affiliate in your downline
  • Emerald – generate 50,000 GV in downline volume and have and maintain at least one Master and one Gold ranked affiliate in your downline
  • Diamond – generate 100,000 GV in downline volume and have and maintain at least one Master, one Sapphire and one Ruby ranked affiliate in your downline
  • Blue Diamond – generate 175,000 GV in downline volume and have and maintain at least one Gold, one Ruby and one Emerald ranked affiliate in your downline
  • Black Diamond – generate 300,000 GV in downline volume and have and maintain at least one Sapphire, one Emerald and one Diamond ranked affiliate in your downline
  • Red Diamond – generate 500,000 GV in downline volume and have and maintain at least one Master, one Sapphire, one Ruby and one Diamond ranked affiliate in your downline
  • Crown Diamond – generate 800,000 GV in downline volume and have and maintain at least one Gold, one Ruby, one Emerald and one Blue Diamond ranked affiliate in your downline
  • Ambassador – generate 1,200,000 GV in downline volume and have and maintain at least one Master, one Sapphire, one Ruby and one Diamond ranked affiliate in your downline
  • Royal Ambassador – generate 1,750,000 GV in downline volume and have and maintain at least one Ruby, one Diamond, one Blue Diamond and one Red Diamond ranked affiliate in your downline
  • Imperium – generate 2,500,000 GV in downline volume and have and maintain at least one Emerald, one Blue Diamond, one Black Diamond and one Crown Diamond ranked affiliate in your downline

GV stands for “Group Volume” and is sales volume generated by a Starbit International affiliate and their downline.

MLM Commission Qualification

To qualify for MLM commissions a Starbit International affiliate must generate minimum monthly sales of 0.13 BTC.

Retail Commissions

Starbit International pay affiliates a 20% commission on service sales to retail customers.

Residual Commissions (binary)

Starbit International pay residual binary commissions based on sales volume generated by newly recruited affiliates (first 31 days).

A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, split into two sides (left and right):

The first level of the binary team houses two positions. The second level of the binary team is generated by splitting these first two positions into another two positions each (4 positions).

Subsequent levels of the binary team are generated as required, with each new level housing twice as many positions as the previous level.

Positions in the binary team are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of affiliates. Note that there is no limit to how deep a binary team can grow.

Service sales volume is tallied up on both sides of the binary team, with a percentage commission paid out on weaker binary side volume.

Note that weaker binary side volume is doubled before the residual binary commission rate is applied (capped at a maximum of volume generated on the stronger binary side).

  • affiliates ranked lesser than Diamond are paid a 5% or 10% binary commission (exact qualification criteria not provided)
  • Diamond and higher ranked affiliates receive a 15% binary commission
  • Red Diamond and higher ranked affiliates receive a 20% binary commission

If an affiliate fails to generate 100 PV in any month, they lose half the generated binary volume the following month.

If they fail to generate 100 PV for a second month in a row, binary volume will be flushed entirely on the third month.

Note that binary commissions are capped at 40% of company-wide revenue. In the event binary commissions exceed this threshold, they will be adjusted down accordingly.

Residual Commissions (unilevel)

After an affiliate has been with Starbit International for 31 days, any sales volume they generate is paid out in commissions via a unilevel compensation structure.

A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1):

If any level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels.

Starbit International cap payable unilevel levels at seven, with a 5% commission paid out across these seven levels.

How many unilevel team levels an affiliate can earn on is determined by their rank:

  • Affiliate – 5% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates)
  • Bronze – 5% on levels 1 and 2
  • Master – 5% on levels 1 to 3
  • Gold – 5% on levels 1 to 4
  • Sapphire – 5% on levels 1 to 5
  • Ruby – 5% on levels 1 to 6
  • Emerald – 5% on levels 1 to 7
  • Diamond and higher – 5% on levels 1 to 8

Infinity Bonus

The Infinity Bonus permits a Starbit International affiliate to earn on sales volume generated beyond eight unilevel levels.

  • Gold ranked affiliates earn a 1% bonus
  • Sapphire ranked affiliates earn a 1.5% bonus
  • Ruby ranked affiliates earn a 2% bonus
  • Emerald ranked affiliates earn a 2.5% bonus
  • Diamond ranked affiliates earn a 3% bonus
  • Blue Diamond ranked affiliates earn a 3.5% bonus
  • Black Diamond ranked affiliates earn a 4% bonus
  • Red Diamond ranked affiliates earn a 4.5% bonus
  • Crown Diamond ranked affiliates earn a 5% bonus
  • Ambassador ranked affiliates earn a 6% bonus
  • Royal Ambassador ranked affiliates earn a 7% bonus
  • Imperium ranked affiliates earn an 8% bonus

Note that the Infinity Bonus is coded, meaning up to 8% is paid on volume.

In the event downline affiliates are at the Gold and/or higher ranks, the difference between their payable rank and that of the upline is paid to the upline.

Matching Bonus

Gold and higher ranked Starbit International affiliates qualify for a matching bonus on downline earnings.

The Matching Bonus is paid out at a rate of 10% on up to four levels of recruitment (unilevel team):

  • Gold and Sapphire ranked affiliates receive a 10% match on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates)
  • Ruby and Emerald ranked affiliates receive a 10% match on levels 1 and 2
  • Diamond and Blue Diamond ranked affiliates receive a 10% match on levels 1 to 3
  • Black Diamond and higher ranked affiliates receive a 10% match on levels 1 to 4

Welcome Customer Bonus

The Welcome Customer Bonus is a commission paid to upline affiliates when their recruited downline make service sales.

  • a “Tutor” affiliate receives 5%
  • the direct upline (recruiting affiliate) receives 2.5% and
  • the second direct upline receives 2.5%

A Tutor affiliate must be Master ranked or higher and ‘helps the new promoter to finalize the first sales, assisting, teaching and showing how to conduct sales, coaching on the field.

The Starbit International compensation plan documentation states this is typically the recruiting affiliate, in which case they receive 7.5% (5% + 2.5%).

Car Bonus

The Car Bonus is a monthly payment to Emerald and higher ranked Starbit International affiliates.

Upon presentation of a ‘regular contract of financing/leasing of a car of the best brands‘, Emerald and higher ranked affiliates receive a monthly Car Bonus as follows:

  • Emerald – 0.25 BTC
  • Diamond – 0.5 BTC
  • Blue Diamond – 0.75 BTC
  • Black Diamond – 1 BTC
  • Red Diamond – 1.25 BTC
  • Crown Diamond – 1.5 BTC
  • Ambassador – 2 BTC
  • Royal Ambassador – 2.5 BTC
  • Imperium – 3 BTC

Bonus Pool

Starbit International set aside 1% of company-wide revenue and put it into a bonus pool.

The pool is paid out monthly to Red Diamond and higher ranked affiliates, based on how many shares they hold:

  • Red Diamond ranked affiliates receive one share
  • Crown Diamond ranked affiliates receive two shares
  • Ambassador ranked affiliates receive three shares
  • Royal Ambassador ranked affiliates receive four shares
  • Imperium ranked affiliates receive five shares

Joining Starbit International

Starbit International affiliate membership is free.


Given the history of Centurion Network, there’s a lot to digest in Starbit International.

Let’s start with Centurion Coin.

Centurion Coin doesn’t appear to be purchasable through Starbit International, but the company still has ties to it.

In a PR fluff-piece published on Business For Home last month, Ted Nuyten wrote;

Starbit is open to collaborations with the world of blockchain ad crypto currencies and is very proud that the quality of the project is already appreciate in the industry.

The first one Starbit has accepted is from Centurion, as it is a new crypto currency and also because from a technical point of view, the Developers team behind Centurion coin is already working with some of the big names to ensure adoption and revolutionary open to projects related blockchain services will be announced soon.

With no practical use outside of Starbit International, it’s expected the value of Centurion Coin will continue to decline.

Next up we have the Brutus robo trading platform.

For a description of Brutus beyond the vague copy provided on the Starbit International website, again we turn to BusinessForHome;

Brutus works with special algorithms and contains the newest 5 strategies available on the market, including one smart arbitrage that allows users to learn and do trades instantly on more exchanges with several coins with just one click and grant in some window’s time one 100% win/win position. Brutus Artificial Intelligence was thoughts error’s proof as destined to massive users.

In the idea of Starbit management, Brutus will be the superhero “normal” people will love: those who still don’t know the blockchain and are not experts.

If you’re wondering why BusinessForHome has more information up about Starbit International its own website, word on the grapevine is Nuyten attended a recent company event in Monte Carlo.

Whether any money has changed hands between Starbit International and Nuyten is unclear.

Anyway, getting back to Brutus… the platform is clearly pitched as fool-proof. I’d even go so far as to say it’s guaranteed that users of Brutus won’t lose money (“100% win/win”).

In reality this is not how legitimate trading of anything works.

And taking a step back, if those running Starbit International truly had a 100% profit guaranteed cryptocurrency robo trading platform, do you really think they’d be sharing it with anyone for 0.4 to 1.5 BTC?

Of course not. Anyone with a golden egg laying goose would be quietly letting it do its thing and making bajillions.

To give you an idea of the technical expertise backing Starbit International, at a recent company event a presenter claimed it was a “huge honor and privilege” to have Centurion Coin listed on Wikipedia.

That’s Wikipedia, the platform anyone can contribute to. And perhaps not so surprisingly, the Centurion CNT Wikipedia has since been removed.

But uh, yeah. These are the same boffins who’ve cracked the cryptocurrency trading code and can provide you with 100% success rate trading.

Sure thing guys.

With respect to the Starbit International compensation plan, compliance comes down to how many non-affiliates they have paying for subscriptions.

What with Starbit International being a reboot of Centurion Network and affiliate membership being free, I’m pretty confident the number of retail subscriptions is at or close to 0%.

Without the attached business opportunity, who is going to pay Starbit International 0.13 BTC for general cryptocurrency education, put together by persons unknown?

And a monthly subscription for even more information? It’s pretty obvious the Brutus platform is the big sell here.

That in and of itself isn’t a problem (dodgy “100% guarantee” marketing claims aside), but I can’t see retail subscriptions in any significant number when affiliate membership is free.

It literally costs a prospective retail customer nothing to sign up as an affiliate, which opens the door to using the Starbit International business opportunity as a marketing tool.

Why is that a problem?

MLM companies with little to no retail sales operate as pyramid schemes.

Starbit International fall short of being an investment opportunity, which is change in strategy from Centurion Network.

Selling access to the Brutus platform isn’t an investment in and of itself, even if the platform can be used to passively invest.

An exception to that would be if Brutus was hosted by Starbit International. Given the information currently available on Brutus though, I can’t make that call either way.

As a stand-alone service it’s fine, but if Starbit International are providing access to it and invested bitcoin is passing through their systems, that’s an investment offering.

Oh, did I mention Starbit International only accept payment and pay commissions in bitcoin? Not much confidence in Centurion Coin’s future I guess.

All in all Starbit International is surrounded in secrecy and in its current shape, obviously not aimed at retail customers.

That leaves affiliates making up the bulk of company revenue, which when used to fuel the Starbit International compensation plan, makes it a service-based pyramid scheme.

As with all such schemes, once affiliate recruitment dies down so too will commissions paid out. This prompts a collapse, during which the majority of Starbit International affiliates will lose money.