rush2residual-logoThere is no information on the Rush2Residual website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Rush2Residual website domain (“”) was registered on the 11th of June 2015, listing an “An Fuller” as the domain owner. An address in the US state of California is also provided.

Late last year An Fuller was signing off support emails for Global Wealth Exchange Team.

Global Wealth Exchange Team was a two-tier matrix Ponzi cycler. Affiliates invested $25 on the expectation of advertised $588 ROI.

Launched in September, Global Wealth Exchange Team appears to have collapsed a month or so later in October.

As of last month, the same email An Fuller used to register the Rush2Residual domain also appeared on a website called “Real Deal Donation eBook”.


Real Deal Donation eBooks affiliates bought in for $33 or $139, which granted them access to an eBook library and qualified them to receive $33 and $139 payments from subsequent participants.

The email above has since been removed from the Real Deal Donation eBooks website.

Read on for a full review of the Rush2Residual MLM business opportunity.

The Rush2Residual Product Line

Rush2Residual has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Rush2Residual affiliate membership itself.

The Rush2Residual Compensation Plan

Rush2Residual sees affiliates purchase $11 and $100 positions in two separate three-tier matrix cyclers.

Note that the $11 positions must be purchased as a pair, costing $22 each purchase.

The matrix size used in the Rush2Residual compensation plan is that of a 2×1, requiring two subsequent positions to be invested in before a commission is paid out.

Details of the two individual $22 and $100 Rush2Residual cyclers are as follows:

$22 Cycler

  • Matrix 1 (positions cost $11, must be bought in pairs) – no commission, position cycles into Matrix 2
  • Matrix 2 – pays $4, cycles into Matrix 3
  • Matrix 3 – pays $285

$100 Cycler

  • Matrix 1 (positions cost $100) – pays $10, position cycles into Matrix 2
  • Matrix 2 – pays $19, position cycles into Matrix 3
  • Matrix 3 – pays $500 and generates two new positions in Matrix 1 ($100 cycler positions)

Joining Rush2Residual

Affiliate membership with Rush2Residual is free, however affiliates must purchase either a $22 or $100 matrix position in order to participate in the Rush2Residual income opportunity.


Following the collapse of Global Wealth Exchange Team, An Fuller appears to have continued to participate in the MLM underbelly.

That’s prompted the launch of Rush2Residual, which sees Fuller hope to build her downlines in other opportunities she’s signed up for.

As per a message on the Rush2Residual website:

We are a cash & feeder concept we will be joining a few programs together as a huge team.

One of these feeder opportunities is advertised as a “residual program” costing $235 and paying “up for 6 months”.

Rush2Residual itself meanwhile is little more than a Ponzi scheme, offering affiliates $578 and $529 ROIs off $22 and $100 investments respectively.

As with all Ponzi schemes, once new affiliate investment stops, Rush2Residual will be unable to meet it’s advertised ROI obligations.

Being a matrix cycler based scheme, this collapse will manifest itself by way of matrices stalling.

When enough matrices have stalled an irreversible company-wide collapse is triggers, with anyone who hasn’t stolen more than they put in from subsequent investors losing out.