There is no information on the Real Cash Now website advising who owns or runs the business.

The Real Cash Now website is hosted on the “” domain. Beep is a third-party service merchant that provides free web hosting.

One of the payment processors Real Cash Now accepts is PayPal.

PayPal payment instructions provided on the Real Cash Now website are as follows:


This same email address features on an Empower Network affiliate website belonging to Jose Delgado:


jose-delgado-real-cash-now-adminAt the time Delgado (right) was marketing Mul4u, which sounds like a typical Ponzi scheme:

you can put in $5 and get back $15.00 …. Put in $10 and get back $30.00 …. Put in $20 and get back $60.00 …. Put in $100 and get back $300.00 !!! …. and on and on and on!!

Today the website domain redirects to Delgado’s Wealth Generators capture page.

A search on Jose Delgado’s email address reveals his involvement in a whole bunch of scams.

Delgado has been at it since at least 2011, when he was promoting the Instant Daily Cash Ponzi scheme.

Read on for a full review o the Real Cash Now MLM opportunity.

The Real Cash Now Product Line

Real Cash Now has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Real Cash Now affiliate membership itself.

The Real Cash Now Compensation Plan

Real Cash Now affiliates buy $7 queue positions and are paid $20 when ten subsequent positions are purchased.

These positions can be purchased by newly recruited or existing Real Cash Now affiliates.

Once a $20 commission is triggered in the first queue, the position “cycles” into a second queue.

The position then earns $10 from one hundred subsequently filled positions in queue 2, paying out a total of $950. The position also cycles into a third queue.

In the third queue, the position earns $25 from a thousand subsequently filled positions. This equates to a $24,400 commission. The position then cycles into the fourth and final queue.

The fourth queue pays $300 from 10,000 subsequently filled positions, for a total of $3,000,000.

Joining Real Cash Now

Real Cash Now Affiliate membership is free, however affiliates must purchase at least one $7 position to earn in the attached MLM opportunity.


That Real Cash Now is hosted on free website hosting speaks volumes as to the intent behind its owner.

This a short-term ploy, designed to lure people in with a low-entry fee on the promise of millions of dollars.

On the raw math side of things you’re looking at 432,196 $7 payments for just one person to be paid $3,025,370. Needless to say that’s not going to happen, not even for Jose Delgado, who no doubt owns a bunch of preloaded positions.

We pay you for 4 Groups of members who join after you do.

Compensation plan wise Real Cash Now is a Ponzi scheme.

Affiliates buy in for a fixed amount and are then paid a percentage of subsequently invested funds. As more and more people invest the amount paid out escalates, topping out at over $3 million dollars.

If Beep don’t suspend the Real Cash Now website within the week, the scheme will otherwise collapse once newly recruited investors stop purchasing $7 positions.

At that point the queues stall and Real Cash Now collapses. Delgado makes off with his own commissions and funds attached to uncycled queue positions, with the majority of Real Cash Now affiliates losing money.