empower-network-logoLast week I started to notice chatter about a new Empower Network compensation plan, scheduled to go live on November 1st.

Details have slowly been trickling in, with there now being enough information out there to put together a review of Empower’s “UniLine” plan.

Does it encourage retail? Is the pass-up plan really gone? Will your kung fu skills improve if you sign up???

Read on for a full review of Empower Network’s new UniLine compensation plan.

The Empower Network Product Line

Empower Network’s current product line-up is pretty much WordPress with additional internet marketing training products.

  • Kalatu Blogging System (a WordPress install on Empower Network’s server) – $30 a month
  • Kalatu Premium (same as Kalatu regular but with additional WordPress plugins, themes and blog “hacks”) – $72 a month
  • Unstoppable Dream (“branding yourself, building your audience, and driving traffic”) – $197
  • Inner Circle (audio marketing training) – $100 a month
  • Top Producer Formula (13 module marketing training) – $500
  • Team Building Formula (recruitment training) – $700 (was $1000)
  • Mass Influence Formula (“shows you how to win the respect of others, and influence them to do what you want”) – $2450 (was $3500)
  • Elite Club Package Upgrade (???)
  • 6-Figure Builders Club (???)
  • 7-Figure Builders Club (???)

The Elite Club Package, 6-Figure and 7-Figure Builders Club are mentioned in UniLine compensation documentation, but no specifics are provided.

Note that I’ve omitted Empower Network’s hosting and mobile app product, as they are non-commissionable.

The Empower Network UniLine Compensation Plan

The Empower Network UniLine compensation plan offers affiliates basic single-level commissions, with MLM compensation kicking in at the Gold affiliate rank.

Empower Network Affiliate Ranks

There are seven ranks in the Empower Network UniLine compensation plan.

Along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows:

  • Boss – sell any five Empower Network products to either retail customers or recruited affiliates
  • BossMaker – recruit and maintain one affiliate who achieves Boss rank
  • Bronze – earn $2000 in commissions in any given month
  • Silver – earn $5000 in commissions in any given month
  • Gold – earn $10,000 in commissions in any given month
  • Platinum – earn $20,000 in commissions in any given month
  • Diamond – earn $30,000 in commissions in any given month

Commission Qualification

Each of Empower Network’s products requires qualification before commissions are paid out on the sale of them.

This qualification requires an Empower Network affiliate to purchase the product themselves or make one sale (of each product) to either a recruited affiliate or retail customer.

Direct Sales Bonus

The Direct Sales Bonus is a one-time commission on both Empower Network’s subscription and one-time fee products.

  • a 70% commission is paid out on the first month fees paid for subscription services and
  • a 30% commission is paid out on one-time fee products

Producer Bonus

The Producer Bonus pays an additional percentage bonus on top of the Direct Sales Bonus.

How much of a bonus percentage is paid out is determined by an Empower Network affiliate’s rank:

  • Boss affiliates = +5% on subscription products and +10% on one-time fee products
  • BossMaker affiliates earn +10% on subscription products and +10% on one-time fee products
  • Bronze affiliates earn +10% on subscription products and +5% on one-time fee products
  • Silver affiliates earn +10% on subscription products and +5% on one-time fee products

Note that these are accumulated bonus percentages.

Leadership Bonus

The Leadership Bonus continues to build on direct percentages offered through the Direct Sales and Producer Bonuses, except these commissions are paid out over two levels of recruitment.

  • Gold affiliates earn +5% on level 1 and level 2 subscription products (no one-time fee product bonus)
  • Platinum affiliates earn +5% on level 1 and 2 subscription products (no one-time fee product bonus)
  • Diamond affiliates earn +7.5% on level 1 and 2 subscription products and +5% on level 1 and 2 one-time fee products

Joining Empower Network

Affiliate membership with Empower Network is still $19.95 a month.


The problem with Empower Network’s previous pass-up compensation plan was that it heavily relied on recruitment.

You basically had affiliate buy in for thousands of dollars (referred to as “going all-in”), which was passed up to earlier affiliates, with Founder David Wood sitting at the top of the pass-up pile.

Recruitment has slowed down in Empower Network over the past 18 months or so, which is evident in the Empower Network Alexa traffic statistics:


With pass-up payments in free-fall, it was either continue down the road of collapse or come up with something new.

And so we have this “UniLine” compensation plan, which is essentially a reboot.

A reboot means new marketing hype, new compensation positions and hopefully, new growth.

The problem is, will that be affiliate or retail customer growth?

In theory the two-level comp plan could work with retail, but given the specifics of Empower Network’s business model have largely remained the same – retail is pretty unlikely.

blog-network-advertising-empower-networkI’ve maintained ever since Empower Network were spamming the purported SEO benefits of a replicated blog site (remember that god-awful shirtless David Wood avatar?), that retail value in the Empower Network services is non-existent.

They tried to come up with something of their own with “Blog Beast”, but that failed pretty hard. So back to selling WordPress it was.

Trouble is WordPress is free, so now we have Empower Network WordPress plugins and themes as the “flagship” sell.

Worth $72 a month without the attached affiliate opportunity?

Considering there are thousands of WordPress plugins available for free, and premium plugins to fit any conceivable requirement for far less than $72 a month, probably not.

And this goes back to the core problem of Empower Network’s offering since 2011.

Let’s play devil’s advocate for a second. I’m a retail customer who doesn’t know anything about WordPress and getting overcharged to the tune of $30 or $72 a month sounds swell.

I sign up for Kalatu and I now have a replicated WordPress account on Empower Network’s multi-user install.

I’m a retail customer so I’m not interested in internet marketing training. That means the most Empower Network are going to see out of me is $30 or $72 a month.

The sum total of Empower Network’s offered products however is $130 a month and $3650 one-time ($3780 upfront and $130 a month thereafter).

Considering affiliates are the only ones who will likely fork out thousands of dollars (because they think doing so will teach them to earn them lots of money recruiting others who do the same), this equates to the bulk of revenue Empower Network generates being affiliate-sourced.

And this leads to product-based pyramid concerns.

Moreso considering there are still no retail volume incentives or requirements. An Empower Network affiliate signs up, self-qualifies themselves for all commissions by going “all in” and then recruits other affiliates who do the same.

Changing the compensation plant to fend off a recruitment drought collapse is all very well (the UniLine plan is barely MLM), but if retail value is still non-existent, what’s the point?

Retail customers couldn’t give a crap about a new compensation plan. If they weren’t interested in paying $30 or $72 a month for WordPress before the UniLine plan was introduced, why would they be now?

Compliance issues aside, I suspect after the initial hype going on in Portugal right now dies down, Empower Network is going to retain the same issues going forward.

That being affiliate retention at the bottom of the company-wide unilevel. Those who buy in for $30, $72 or $130 a month will pay it as long as they believe they’re going to be able to recruit others to recoup their loss.

Those who invest thousands will probably pay monthly for a bit longer – as they’ve got much more to lose by walking away.

Meanwhile Empower Network will continue with its rahrah “best event ever” conferences, which serve only to convince people they’ve had some sort of breakthrough and keep paying fees.

The marketing tactic used to hype the UniLine reboot appears to be the same as ever: That bajillions of people are going to suddenly realize they want to pay $30 or $72 a month for WordPress and sign up. Better get in now otherwise you’ll miss your chance!


I think the easiest way to debunk that (not that it needs debunking after five years), is to ask yourself whether you’d pay $130 or $172 a month plus thousands for additional marketing training – without the attached Empower Network MLM business opportunity.

And if that’s not enough, ask your potential upline what their sales volume is in dollars to retail customers. Note that it’s commission volume you want an answer on, not raw customer/affiliate numbers, as these can be misleading.

Also ask if the affiliate qualified themselves for commissions via their own purchase of a product (or recruited an affiliate who did), or if they qualified via a retail sale.

If the answer you get is heavily tilted towards affiliate revenue commissions (commissions paid out on recruited downline payments), then that’s a good indication of what you yourself will need to do as an Empower Network affiliate.

That being, ignore retail and just focus on recruiting new Empower Network affiliates.