radien-international-logoRadien International operate in the anti-aging MLM niche and are based out of Tennessee in the US.

Heading up Radien International is CEO and Founder, Greg Pilant.

The Radien website domain (“radienlife.com”) was registered on February 9th, 2016, with Pilant and G P Global listed as owners.

greg-pilant-ceo-founder-radien-internationalAccording to his LinkedIn profile, Pilant (right) is the owner, CEO and Chairman of Greystone Pharmaceuticals.

As per the Radien International website;

Waaay back in 1996 a ridiculously handsome man named Greg Pilant, started an R&D company with the goal of finding & licensing new ways to heal chronic wounds.

Greg and his team made some amazing discoveries, and are still tremendously successful in this field to this day.

Fast forward 20 years, multiple clinical trials, government-backed experiments, and international licensing agreements later… Greg realized that the same discoveries he made in wound care could drastically improve the appearance of regular skin, from the inside out (age reversal!).

And so, Radien was born, and we all lived happily ever after… but with waaay better skin.

In 2009 Greystone Pharmaceuticals filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, following poor sales performance through a manufacturing agreement with 3M.

Radien International appears to be Pilant’s first MLM launch.

Read on for a full review of the Radien International MLM opportunity.

The Radien International Product Line

Radien International markets the cosmetic line of Biocellerex using clinically proven products to provide a complete line of anti-aging and cosmetic solutions for diverse global consumption.

radien-international-productsProducts listed on the Radien International website include anti-aging for women and men, a wrinkle treatment and skin repair cream.

  • Radienlx Day Cream for women – “we took oak bark extract and did super-sciency things to it that improve your skin texture, tone and clarity”, retails at $94 for a 30ml tub
  • Radienlx Eye Cream for women – “wake up each morning looking better than you did the day before”, retails at $70 for a 15ml tub
  • Radienlx Night Cream for women – “there’s nothing better to fight wrinkles”, retails at $94 for a 30ml tub
  • Radienlx Primary Anti-Aging Skincare Set – collection of Radien’s women’s products (day, night and eye creams), retails at $258
  • QXP Anti-Aging Treatment for men – “a complete system in one product designed and formulated to reach into the cellular matrix of male’s skin to regenerate tissue, maximize the skins appearance and resist the aging process”, retails at $99 for a 30ml bottle
  • Radienlx Dejavu – “the most advanced anti aging product clinically proven to reduce wrinkles”, retails at $70 for a 15ml bottle
  • Radienlx Skin Repair Cream – “specially designed for use after laser treatments, dermabrasion, and the use of products that cause peeling”, retails at $94 for a 15ml tub

Although not explicitly clarified on the Radien International website, it is assumed Greystone Pharmaceuticals (or its assets and/or subsidiaries) manufacture the company’s products.

The Radien International Compensation Plan

The Radien International compensation plan pays affiliates to sell products to retail customers.

Residual commissions are paid out via a unilevel compensation structure, after affiliates qualify as a Premier Brand Partner.

Premier Brand Partner Qualification

To qualify as a Premier Brand Partner, a Radien International affiliate must

  1. generate $2000 or more sales volume in a calendar month or
  2. generate $1000 or more sales volume in two consecutive calendar months

This sales volume is counted from personally recruited affiliates who are not Premier Brand Partners yet themselves.

Note that no more than 50% of counted volume can originate from any one recruitment leg.

Radien International Affiliate Ranks

In addition to Premier Brand Partner, there are four ranks within the Radien International compensation plan.

Along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows:

  • 3 Star Premier Brand Partner – recruit and maintain at least three Premium Brand Partners
  • 6 Star Premier Brand Partner – recruit and maintain at least six Premium Brand Partners
  • 9 Star Premier Brand Partner – recruit and maintain at least nine Premium Brand Partners
  • 12 Star Premier Brand Partner – recruit and maintain at least twelve Premium Brand Partners

Retail Commissions

Radien International affiliates earn commissions when they sell Radien products to retail customers.

Retail commissions paid out are the difference between wholesale and retail pricing of products ordered.

Premier Brand Partner Overrides

Premier Brand Partner affiliates earn a percentage override on sales volume generated by Premier Brand Partner’s in their downline.

How much of a percentage is earned is determined by a Radien International affiliate’s monthly commissionable volume (excluding Premier Brand Partner volume).

  • $200 to $399 in commissionable volume = 1% override
  • $400 to $599 in commissionable volume = 2% override
  • $600 to $799 in commissionable volume = 4% override
  • $1000 or more in commissionable volume = 5% override

Note that the above percentages are coded, meaning an affiliate with $1000 or more can pick up the difference in percentage paid to an affiliate who only receives 1% to 4%.

This is true of all percentage differences.

Eg. If a $200 to $399 CV affiliate receives 1% and their upline is a $400 to $599 CV affiliate, they’ll receive 1% (1% minus 1%).

This still leaves 3% to pay out (max 5% at the $1000 or more CV level), which the system will search upline for until it finds an affiliate with enough CV to pay the remaining percentage out to.

How many generations of Premier Brand Partners a Radien International affiliate can earn overrides on is determined by their rank:

  • 3 Star Premier Brand Partners earn on up to 4 levels of recruitment
  • 6 Star Premier Brand Partners earn on up to five levels of recruitment
  • 9 and 12 Star Premier Brand Partners earn on up to six levels of recruitment

Recruitment Commissions

When a new Radien International affiliate signs up with a “Share It Pack” ($199), the affiliate who recruited them is paid $60.

If the recruiting affiliate is also a Premier Brand Partner, they receive an additional $30.

If the recruiting affiliate is not a Premier Brand Partner, the $30 commission is paid to the first upline who is Premier Brand Partner qualified.

SupRGen Bonus

The SupRGen Bonus is paid to 12 Star Premier Brand Partners who generate $500,000 in commissionable volume across three generations of Premier Brand Partners in their downline.

The SupRGen Bonus pays qualifying affiliates a 1% override on sales volume generated by up to three generations of 12 Star Premier Brand Partner downline affiliates.

Financial Freedom Bonus

The Financial Freedom Bonus pays qualifying affiliates “a monthly paycheck” and “car, paid for RadienLife”.

To qualify for the Financial Freedom Bonus, a Radien International affiliate must have and maintain affiliates in their downline who are all on monthly autoship.

  • 500 downline affiliates on autoship = $2000 guaranteed monthly income and 2017 Genesis car
  • 2000 downline affiliates on autoship = $4000 guaranteed monthly income
  • 4000 downline affiliates on autoship = $8000 guaranteed monthly income
  • 6000 downline affiliates on autoship = $10,000 guaranteed monthly income
  • 8000 downline affiliates on autoship = $12,000 guaranteed monthly income

Joining Radien International

Basic Radien International affiliate membership is $19.95 a year.

A “Share It Pack” is also available for $199, containing ‘more than $800 in retail value of samples‘.


The Radien International compensation plan is a bit of a departure from the usual, in that it focuses on sales volume overrides rather than flat percentages.

The core focus of the compensation plan is qualification as a Premier Brand Partner, requiring an affiliate to generate at least $1000 a month in commissionable group volume.

This could potentially be a stumbling block for Radien International affiliates, as they’re only paid retail and recruitment commissions until they qualify as a Premier Brand Partner.

Radien International’s recruitment commissions are straight forward, with the company selling a readily-retailable product line.

Recruitment commissions on the Share It Pack however draw the pricing of Radien International’s products into question.

Granted Greystone Pharmaceuticals and Radien International are owned by the same person, minimizing manufacturing costs, but how exactly is $90 paid out on a $199 order that purportedly contains over $800 in product?

Either Radien International are selling Start It Packs at a huge loss, or the products at retail are grossly overpriced.

A bit of disclosure on the relationship between Radien International and Greystone Pharmaceuticals wouldn’t go astray either.

At the time of publication there’s no indication on the Radien International website identifying Greystone Pharmaceuticals as the product manufacturer or that Greg Pilant owns both companies.

As to the recruitment commissions themselves, $90 is substantial per affiliate recruited but unlikely to be a core focus – unless autoship is also focused on.

This brings us to the question of affiliate autoship recruitment.

As it stands it’s entirely possible to sign up as a Radien International affiliate, go on autoship and solely focus on recruiting other affiliates who do the same.

The Radien International compensation plan encourages this

  • by offering affiliates free samples for each preferred customer or recruited affiliate who signs up for autoship
  • negating the cost of affiliate autoship if they acquire three retail customers on autoship and
  • via the Financial Freedom Bonus, which promises guaranteed monthly income based on recruited downline affiliate autoship quotas

A good place to start with your potential Radien International upline would be to ask if they’re on autoship.

If yes, find out how much the autoship is and decide whether or not it’s a reasonable amount for personal consumption.

One answer you might receive is that excess products are ordered for retail sale.

This should be backed up by retail receipts which, according to Radien International’s Policies and Procedures, all affiliates are required to issue to customers and keep for two years.

For their part Radien International state that

at least 70% of a Brand Partner’s total monthly personal sales volume must be sold to personal retail customers and online customers.

By reordering, a Brand Partner certifies that he or she has complied with this policy.

Unfortunately it is left up to the affiliates as to whether or not they are actually complying with the policy.

As we saw in Vemma, this sort of policy can be mostly ignored by affiliates.

Radien International do require affiliates to

maintain all retail sales receipts for a period of two years and furnish them to Radien at the company’s

Records documenting the purchases of Associates’ online customers will be maintained by Radien.

How well that’s policed however remains to be seen (perhaps ask your prospective upline whether they’ve been contacted by Radien to verify retail sales).

Autoship recruitment concerns aside, Radien International’s offering is pretty solid. It’s backed by a “100% 30-day money-back guarantee” and customers can cancel retail orders within 72 hours of placing them.

That sounds pretty good to me and should be a great marketing tool for retail customers on the fence about the products.

Unfortunately if Radien’s products aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, it could also work against affiliates (who lose commissions on returned products).

Some of the before and after photos on the Radien International website, at least to me and only within a visual context, don’t justify a $258 a month outlay:


I mean okay, her lips got a bit more pouty but uh… what else?

If you’re serious about the opportunity, definitely try Radien International’s products for yourself before you commit to marketing them.

Good luck!