Aegea appears to have collapsed and recently rebooted as Energentics.

A visit to Aegea’s old website domain today shows visitors a static branded picture.

Alexa statistics for the domain show a collapse hit hard throughout late 2018.

As above, by 2019 Aegea was well on the way out.

Energentics appears to be a 1:1 reboot, with the addition of Pure NRG coffee.

Energentics’ marketing for Pure NRG is as batshit crazy sounding as the rest of their product line-up:

ENERGENTICS PURE NRG is the world’s healthiest coffee innovation.

We have created a coffee lover’s optimum “monster stack“ of independently performing nutrients and functional ingredients for the body.

Additionally, the proprietary coffee blend is infused with unique TESLA “energy signatures” to support and enhance your body and well-being each day.

It should go without saying that those marketing claims likely wouldn’t stand up to FTC and/or FDA scrutiny.

On the compensation plan side of things it’s mostly the same. Active requirements for Platinum and Platinum Elite have been bumped to 80 PV.

Autoship recruitment is still probably going to be the primary source of Energentic’s company-wide revenue, although affiliates can qualify with a 40/80 PV retail order each month.

One need only look to Aegea to see that the Energentic’s magic energy products are, for the most part, not retail viable.

If you’re looking for more general information Energentics, check out our original Aegea review.