ptchits4u-logoPTCHits4u initially launched as a Ponzi scheme back in May, 2011.

Micro investments of $1 and $2 were made by investors, with PTCHits4u offering 125% to 200% ROIs.

PTCHits4u does appear to have survived for longer than your average online Ponzi scheme, likely owing to small amount of money involved.

Nevertheless the scheme eventually collapsed in early 2015. Rather than acknowledge recruitment had died down and starved the scheme of new funds to pay off, the PTCHits4u admin offered up this excuse:

PTCHits4u and a few other sites were with Buxhost for years and for us it was around 4.5 years we didn’t go scam but were scammed by Buxhost.

They downgraded the servers that much that nobody could log in to any site hosted by BuxHost.

I sent support tickets in but BuxHost never replied to them, this was the same story with other admins who also trusted BuxHost.

A few weeks ago a relaunch of PTCHits4u was announced, with the rebooted scheme going live on June 8th.

As for who’s running the opportunity, there’s no information provided on the PTCHits4u website.

The PTCHits4u website domain however was registered on the 22nd of May 2015, with “Neil Duffy” listed as the owner. A residential address in Queensland, Australia is also provided.

Duffy appears to have been around a while, with an affiliate top list linking him to The Perfect Startup in 2006.

The Perfect Startup was a $35 matrix Ponzi cycler launched in late 2006. By mid 2007 it had collapsed.

Read on for a full review of the PTCHits4u MLM opportunity.

The PTCHits4u Product Line

PTCHits4u has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market PTCHits4u affiliate membership itself.

Once signed up, PTCHits4u affiliates can purchase matrix positions and participate in the PTCHits4u MLM opportunity.

Bundled with each matrix position purchase are a series of advertising credits, which can be used to display advertising on the PTCHits4u website.

The PTCHits4u Compensation Plan

THE PTCHits4u compensation plan sees affiliates purchase $1 positions in a 2×1 matrix.

A 2×1 matrix places an affiliate at the top of the matrix, with two positions directly under them.


Once these two positions are filled (via subsequent matrix position purchases), a $1.50 commission is paid out.

Referral commissions on matrix position purchases are paid out down three levels of recruitment (unilevel):

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 25 cents per position purchased
  • level 2 – 10 cents per position purchased
  • level 3 – 4 cents per position purchased

Joining PTCHits4u

Affiliate membership with PTCHits4u is free, however affiliates must purchase at least one $1 matrix position if they wish to participate in the attached MLM opportunity.


Ad-credit Ponzi schemes were evidently as much of a thing ten years ago as they are today.

PTCHits4u is pretty much more of the same, with affiiates investing $1 on the promise of a $1.50 ROI. That ROI is paid out of newly invested funds, making the “new” PTCHits4u just as much of a Ponzi scheme as the original.

As with all schemes, once newly invested funds run dry, the scheme collapsed.

Granted the orignal PTCHits4u went on for a while, don’t expect a repeat performance as the MLM underbelly landscape today is much more fluid.

The second you start hearing about hosting problems again (or any excuse really), it’s over.