perfectadsolution-logoThere is no information on the PerfectAdSolution website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The PerfectAdSolution website domain (“”) was registered on the 14th of December 2013, however the domain registration is set to private.

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The PerfectAdSolution Product Line

Perfect AdSolution has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership to the company itself.

The PerfectAdSolution Compensation Plan

The PerfectAdSolution compensation plan revolves around affiliates purchasing positions in either a revenue-sharing or two matrix-based money games.

Perfect RevShare

Affiliates buy positions in Perfect RevShare for $6, with the company promising an eventual 150% ROI ($9).

The rate of the ROI is determined by how much has already been paid out:

  • between 0% and 59.9% paid out = up to 6% a day
  • between 60% and 119.9% paid out = up to 4% a day
  • between 120% and 150% paid out = up to 2% a day

PerfectAdSolution penalize affiliates who withdraw funds from the system. The company tracks withdrawals against revenue generated by an affiliate (via direct investment and getting recruited affiliates to invest).

The following sliding scale for withdrawals is used:

  • a ROI ratio of less than 200% = 80% of funds paid and 20% withheld for matrix positions
  • a ROI of between 200% and 300% = 70% of funds paid, 25% withheld for matrix positions and 5% withheld in an ewallet balance
  • a ROI of between 300% and 400% = 60% of funds paid out, 30% withheld for matrix positions and 10% withheld in an ewallet balance
  • a ROI of between 400% and 500% = 40% of funds paid out, 45% withheld for matrix positions and 15% withheld in an ewallet balance
  • a ROI of 500% or more = 20% of funds paid out, 60% withheld for matrix positions and 15% withheld in an ewallet balance

I’m not sure what the difference between funds withdrawable and the ewallet balance are. This wasn’t disclosed anywhere on the PerfectAdSolution website.

If I had to take a guess, I believe the ewallet balance is only useable within the company (ie. to purchase more revenue-share or matrix positions).

Note that in order to qualify for commission payouts all PerfectAdSolution affiliates must visit ten company-supplied websites a day. This requirement can be waived for an additional fee.

Referral commissions are also available on all Perfect RevShare deposits made by recruited affiliates. They are paid out down two levels of recruitment, paying 8% on level 1 and 2% on level 2.

Perfect Matrix

The Perfect Matrix component of PerfectAdSolution utilizes a series of 3×1 matrices.

A 3×1 matrix is simple in design, with there being only three positions under the purchased position to fill. When all three positions are filled the position at the top “cycles” out and is paid a commission.

There are six matrices within PerfectAdSolution’s matrix system, they operate as follows:

  • Matrix 1 ($3) – $2.50 cycle commission, 25 cents paid to the recruiting affiliate and entry into Matrix 2
  • Matrix 2 – $5 cycle commissions, 50 cents paid to the recruiting affiliate and entry into Matrix 3
  • Matrix 3 – $7 cycle commission, $1 paid to the recruiting affiliate and entry into Matrix 4
  • Matrix 4 – $20 cycle commission, $2 paid to the recruiting affiliate and entry into Matrix 5
  • Matrix 5 – $36 cycle commission, $4 paid to the recruiting affiliate and entry into Matrix 6
  • Matrix 6 – $180 cycle commission, $15 and ten re-entries into Matrix 1

Affiliates can also pay to “push” their positions to cycle, however fees for this feature are not disclosed on the PerfectAdSolution compensation plan documentation.

Note that 25% of Perfect Matrix payouts are withheld and can only be used to purchase new Perfect Matrix or Cycler Matrix positions.

Cycler Matrix

How much positions in the Cycler Matrix cost are not disclosed.

The company states that the Cycler Matrix runs a 3×1 matrix system (identical to Perfect Matrix, with only one level).

When the position at the top cycles out, they are paid $2.50 and given two “delayed re-entry positions”.

These positions are queued to enter new cycler positions, with the delay calculated based on the rate of new positions in the Cycler Matrix being bought (actual money entering the system).

Note that 25% of Cycler Matrix funds are withheld and can only be used to purchase new PerfectMatrix or Cycler Matrix positions.

Recruitment Commissions

All PerfectAdSolution affiliates are required to pay a $3 a month fee to participate in the business opportunity.

This $3 is paid to the recruiting affiliate each month (100%).

Joining PerfectAdSolution

Affiliate membership with PerfectAdSolution is $3 a month.

Perefect Matrix, Cycler Matrix and Perfect RevShare positions are required to earn through the compensation plan and will add to the initial cost of affiliate membership accordingly.


PerfectAdSolution is best broken down into it’s three core components, a Ponzi scheme, pyramid scheme and gifting scheme.

The gifting scheme is present in the affiliate membership fees charged. Affiliates buy-in for $3 a month, which in turn qualifies them to receive $3 gifts from those they recruit.

The Perfect RevShare sees affiliates invest $6 on the promise of an eventual $9, paid out of newly invested funds. This fits the definition of a Ponzi scheme.

The matrix systems can be looked at as a Ponzi scheme too, but operate more like a pyramid scheme. You recruit affiliates who buy into the matrices and then once they’ve purchased enough positions you cycle out and get paid.

Despite the name, PerfectAdSolution is far from perfect.

The entire system hinges on new affiliates being recruited and pumping new funds into the system – without which gifting payments are not made, the matrices stall and the company has no money to pay out advertised returns through Perfect RevShare.

Despite the obvious investment nature of the scheme, PerfectAdSolution profess its legitimacy in their Terms and Conditions:

As a private transaction, this program is exempt from the US Securities Act of 1933, the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the US Investment Company Act of 1940 and all other rules, regulations and amendments thereof.

Pseudo-compliance jargon at it’s finest.

Due to the owners of PerfectAdSolution being anonymous, it’s also highly likely that when the scheme collapses (and it will), those running it will simply disappear off into the night with everyone’s money.

The compensation plan reflects this, doing its best to trap as much real money in the system whilst drip-feeding participants just enough table-scraps to keep them from withdrawing funds.

Make no mistake, should the SEC investigate there’s definitely an issue of unregistered securities being offered here. Add to that the pyramid nature of the matrices and gifting of membership fees to those who recruit the most and well… PerfectAdSolution’s assurances of unregistered securities exemption are laughable at best.