networkaddsm2m-logoThere is no information on the NetworkAddsM2M website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The NetworkAddsM2M website domain (“”) was registered on the 6th of January and lists a “Johnny Spears” as the owner.

Why Spears’ name does not appear on the NetworkAddsM2M website is unclear.

johnny-spears-networkaddsm2m-adminBack in 2011 Spears (right) was an affiliate with Yoli (health and wellness). At some point Spears then left Yoli to join Limitless Worldwide (anti-aging, personal care, fitness and nutrition).

At the time of publication, banner ads linking to Spears’ Limitless Worldwide affiliate webpage were appearing on the NetworkAddsM2M website.

Read on for a full review of the NetworkAddsM2M MLM business opportunity.

The NetworkAddsM2M Product Line

NetworkAddsM2M has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership to the company itself.

One signed up, NetworkAddsM2M affiliates can then purchase $19.95 matrix positions and participate in the NetworkAddsM2M compensation plan.

Bundled with each matrix position are a series of advertising credits, which affiliates can use to display advertising on the NetworkAddsM2M website.

The NetworkAddsM2M Compensation Plan

The NetworkAddsM2M compensation plan sees affiliates purchase $19.95, $49.95 and $100 matrix positions and then get paid to recruit new affiliates who do the same.

Commissions in NetworkAddsM2M are tied to a series of three matrices.

Phase 1 Matrix (2×2)

NetworkAddsM2M’s first matrix is a 2×2 with new positions costing $19.95.

This matrix has two positions under the top position, which each branch out into another two positions each – making for a total of six positions.


Once all positions in the matrix are filled, the affiliate who owns the position at the top of the matrix is paid $60. They then can purchase a position in the Phase 2 matrix.

Phase 2 (2×2)

The Phase 2 matrix is the same as the Phase 1 matrix, only positions in this matrix cost $100.

Once all six positions in a Phase 2 matrix are filled, the affiliate who owns the position at the top is paid $400.

Phase 3 (3×9)

NetworkAddsM2M’s Phase 3 matrix is a 3×9. This matrix has three positions on level 1, which in turn branch out into another three positions each for level 2.


Level 2 positions branch out into another three positions to make up level 3, and so on and so forth down a total nine levels.

Positions in the Phase 3 matrix cost $49.95, with the matrix paying as new positions are filled as opposed to the matrices in Phase 1 and 2.

Commissions in the Phase 3 matrix are paid at a rate of $5 per new position filled.

A 3×9 matrix has a total of 29,523 positions, meaning a total of $147,615 can be earnt.

Joining NetworkAddsM2M

Affiliate membership with NetworkAddsM2M is free, however affiliates must purchase matrix positions in order to participate in the NetworkAddsM2M income opportunity.

Positions in the matrix must be bought in order (Phase 1, Phase 2 and then Phase 3), meaning the defacto affiliate cost to participate in the entire NetworkAddsM2M compensation plan (all three matrices) is $169.90.


Networkaddsm2m is a sophisticated software platform that is run by the members thus producing commissions.

Simply put, there is no company to handle the money transfers, to then rely on to pay out the commissions. Networkaddsm2m is 100% Member to Member.

Whenever you see the term “member2member” popping up in MLM, note that it’s code for cash gifting.

In NetworkAddsM2M affiliates sign up, pay their participation fee in any of the three offered matrix levels, and then receive payments directly from new participants placed in their matrix.

The fee paid serves two purpose, one to qualify an affiliate to receive commissions from subsequent participants and two, to pay those who joined before them.

Nothing is being bought or sold, with the advertising credits bundled with matrix positions existing solely in an attempt to offer legitimacy to what is otherwise a three-tier cash gifting scheme.

Once new affiliate recruitment and the purchase of matrix positions dries up, all three matrix tiers will stall and payments amongst participants in NetworkAddsM2M will cease.

This much is confirmed in NetworkAddsM2M’s own FAQ, which states

NetworkAddsM2M will continue to do profit sharing with you as long as people keep on investing in the system, either through reinvestment of their earned money, or by buying new ad packages.

How Johnny Spear’s Limitless Worldwide business is doing I can’t say, but we can guess it’s not going all that well if he’s resorted to launch a cash gifting scheme to help promote it.

Typically in these schemes, the admin will preload the matrices with positions they own (and/or give to their buddies).

These positions (through cycling and recycling) receive the lion’s share of funds, with whatever is left being distributed among the rest of the affiliate-base.

NetworkAddsM2M is unlikely to be any different.