mytrafficadspay-logoThere is no information on the MyTrafficAdsPay website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The MyTrafficAdsPay website domain (“”) was registered on the 30th of January 2016, with “my traffic ads pay” listed as the owner. An incomplete address in Galle, Sri Lanka is also provided.

The official MyTrafficAdsPay Facebook group lists five admins; Sameera Ranathunga, Prabodha Chamith, Isuru Gihan, Nicholas Wolff and Charitha Athukorala.

Of the five, Prabodha Chamith and Charitha Athukorala identify themselves as members of MyTrafficAdsPay’s “admin team”. It is assumed one or more of the other three admins make up the rest of the team.

prabodha-chamith-charitha-athukorala-mytrafficadspay-adminsChamith and Athukorala (right) appear to be no stranger to ad-credit Ponzi schemes, with promotional material for a number of them appearing in their Facebook feeds.

In 2015 alone Chamith and Athukorala promoted MyPayingAds, Traffic Monsoon, Concord Limited, IntellaShares, AdzBrooks and QuickRevShare.

Read on for a full review of the MyTrafficAdsPay MLM business opportunity.

The MyTrafficAdsPay Product Line

MyTrafficAdsPay has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market MyTrafficAdsPay affiliate membership itself.

Once signed up, MyTrafficAdsPay affiliates are able to invest in “Ad Plans” and participate in the offered MLM opportunity.

Bundled with each Ad Plan investment are a series of advertising credits, which can be used to display advertising on the MyTrafficAdsPay website.

The MyTrafficAdsPay Compensation Plan

The MyTrafficAdsPay compensation plan sees affiliates invest in eight tiers of revenue sharing:

  • Ad Plan 1 – invest $1 and receive a $1.10 ROI (50% must be re-invested)
  • Ad Plan 2 – invest $2 and receive a $2.30 ROI (50% must be re-invested)
  • Ad Plan 3 – invest $5 and receive a $5.75 ROI (50% must be re-invested)
  • Ad Plan 4 – invest $10 and receive a $12 ROI (50% must be re-invested)
  • Ad Plan 5 – invest $15 and receive an $18 ROI (55% must be re-invested)
  • Ad Plan 6 – invest $25 and receive a $31.25 ROI (55% must be re-invested)
  • Ad Plan 7 – invest $40 and receive a $50 ROI (55% must be re-invested)
  • Ad Plan 8 – invest $50 and receive a $65 ROI (60% must be re-invested)

Referral commissions on recruited affiliate investment are paid out via two levels of recruitment (unilevel):

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 7%
  • level 2 – 3%

Note that referral commissions require payment of a $5 a month fee.

This fee is commissionable, with MyTrafficAdsPay affiliates receiving 20% ($1) of each fee-paying affiliate they recruit.

Joining MyTrafficAdsPay

Affiliate membership with MyTrafficAdsPay is free, however affiliates must invest between $1 and $50 to participate in the offered income opportunity.

Referral commissions are an additional $5 a month.

The minimum cost of full participation in the MyTrafficAds opportunity is $6 and then $5 a month.


Having participated in a number of similar schemes, the admin team behind MyTrafficAdsPay are no strangers to Ponzi fraud.

MyTrafficAds is your typical ad-credit Ponzi scheme, professing legitimacy based on bundled advertising:

Is a hyip, ponzi, pyramid scheme, or illegal?

No, this is not an investment site nor is it illegal in any way, shape, or form. We sell ad services.

MyTrafficAdsPay also claims to use

We are using 20% – 30% of Ad Purchases funds to do tradings (Basically, Forex and Binary Tradings) and share the profit as well.

No specific details are provided.

Regardless, the reality is that with offered ROIs, eight tiers of investment and at least 70% of invested funds recycled to pay off existing investors, MyTrafficAdsPay is very much a Ponzi scheme.

The advertising is neither here nor there, as advertised ROIs is what is used to attract affiliates. Furthermore the purchase of advertising does not pay out a ROI, investments do.

As to the purported forex and binary trading, these claims are questionable at best. Neither provide fixed ROIs offered by MyTrafficAdsPay and are unlikely to provide any significant ROI revenue.

If the MyTrafficAdsPay admin team were even remotely competent at forex and binary trading, they wouldn’t be wasting their time chasing riches in ad-credit Ponzi schemes.

As with all such schemes, once affiliate recruitment dies out so too will new funds entering the scheme. This will see MyTrafficAdsPay unable to meet its ROI obligations.

At that point Prabodha Chamith, Charitha Athukorala and their buddies do a runner, along with the majority of invested funds.