Miracle System provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the business.

Miracle System’s website domain (“miraclesocialmediasystem.com”) was privately registered on October 27th, 2018.

Further research reveals the official Miracle Media Facebook group was created by Domonique Barbee “about 3 months ago”.

Domonique Barbee also features prominently in Miracle System marketing material.

Prior to launching Miracle System, Barbee (right) was promoting the Fearless Momma gifting scheme and Click Funnels pyramid scheme.

Other schemes Barbee has promoted over the past two years include Coins of Change (bitcoin Ponzi cycler), iMarketsLive, Abundant Bitcoin Crowdfunding (matrix cycler), Waszupp Global (pyramid scheme), Postcard Networker (gifting), iCoinPro, UEconomy (gifting), Royaltie1 Online Business (Ponzi scheme) and GladiaCoin (bitcoin Ponzi).

I could go on but for the sake of keeping this review readable, I’ll leave it there.

Here on BehindMLM readers cited Barbee as a top promoter of the 2016 Infinity Profit System gifting scheme.

Read on for a full review of Miracle System’s MLM opportunity.

Miracle System’s Products

Miracle System has no retailable products, with affiliates only able to market Miracle System affiliate membership itself.

Bundled with Miracle System affiliate membership are various digital marketing products and advertising credits.

Miracle System’s Compensation Plan

New Miracle System affiliates gift funds to existing Miracle System affiliates across seventeen tiers:

  1. Housing Bank – $100 a month
  2. Taxes Bank – $100 a month
  3. Car Expenses Bank – $100 a month
  4. Fun Bank – $100 a month
  5. Child Care Bank – $100 a month
  6. Clothing Bank – $100 a month
  7. Vacation Bank – $100 a month
  8. Health Insurance Bank – $100 a month
  9. Life Insurance Bank – $100 a month
  10. Entrepreneur Bank – $100 a month
  11. Personal Development Bank – $100 a month
  12. Contribution Bank – $100 a month
  13. Retirement Bank – $200 a month
  14. Holidays Bank – $25 a month
  15. Investment Bank – $100 a month
  16. Real Estate Bank – $100 a month
  17. Non-profit Bank – $100 a month

Although not explicitly clarified, I believe the above gifting tiers must be entered sequentially.

Note that despite the tier names, gifting payments collected can be put towards anything.

Miracle System tracks gifting payments via a 1-up compensation model.

A 1-up compensation model sees the gifting payments from a Miracle System affiliate’s first recruit passed up to the affiliate who recruited them.

From the second recruited affiliate onward, the recruiting affiliate keeps all gifting payments.

Residual gifting payments are generated when recruited affiliates pass up their first recruit.

This pass-up model theoretically generates gifting payments down infinite levels of recruitment.

One final note, a Miracle System is only able to receive gifting payments on tiers they have personally already gifted into.

If a recruited affiliate gifts funds into a tier the affiliate who recruited them hasn’t gifted into, that gifting payment is passed upline to the first affiliate who has gifted into that tier.

The potential maximum gifting payment per affiliate recruited is $1725 a month.

This amount increases based on recruitment of new Miracle System affiliates (direct and residual pass-up gifting payments).

Joining Miracle System

Miracle System affiliate membership is tied to a minimum $100 gifting tier.

Total participation in Miracle System costs $1725 a month plus a $10 monthly admin fee.


Miracle System is pitched as providing its affiliates with bill relief.

While Miracle Systems might indeed be able to pay their bills off by participating, the problem is Miracle System is an illegal gifting scheme.

New Miracle System affiliates are recruited and sign up.

In order to qualify to receive gifting payments from subsequently recruited affiliates, they gift up to $1725 a month to existing Miracle System affiliates.

The pass-up system sees the majority of residual gifting payments passed up to top Miracle System recruiters, of which Domonique Barbee sits on top.

Barbee also pockets all $10 a month admin payments.

As Miracle System’s business model depends on constant signing up of new affiliates, it combines both gifting and pyramid recruitment.

As with all gifting schemes, things fall apart when recruitment inevitable cools.

When this happens, those at the bottom of the company (the last gullible saps to sign up), can’t recoup their payments.

Unless they are complete morons intent on losing as much money as possible, eventually they stop throwing $100+ away.

This causes those above them to stop getting paid, so eventually they too stop paying in each month.

This effect slowly trickles up Miracle System’s entire affiliate genealogy, until eventually an irreversible collapse is triggered.

This has happened in every gifting scheme Domonique Barbee has promoted over the years.

The only difference with Miracle System is this time she’s running the show.