There is no information on the Millions 4 Sure website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Millions 4 Sure website domain (“”) was registered on January 3rd, 2017. LaTasha Miles is listed as the owner, with a residential address in the US state of California also provided.

I was unable to find any information on LaTasha Miles, with respect to Millions 4 Sure or MLM in general. This raises doubts as to whether or not she actually exists.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The Millions 4 Sure Product Line

Millions 4 Sure has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Millions 4 Sure affiliate membership itself.

Bundled with Millions 4 Sure affiliate membership is access to an ebook library.

The Millions 4 Sure Compensation Plan

Millions 4 Sure affiliates purchase $1 positions in a 3×5 matrix cycler.

A 3×5 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a matrix, with three positions directly under them:

These three positions form the first level of the matrix. The second level of the matrix is generated by splitting these first three positions into another three positions each (9 positions).

Levels three to five of the matrix are generated in the same manner, with each new level of the matrix housing three times as many positions as the previous level.

Each Millions 4 Sure matrix level operates as an individual cycler, requiring all positions on the level to be filled before the next level is unlocked.

  • level 1 (positions cost $1) – no commission, cycle into level 2
  • level 2 – $7 commission, cycle into level 3
  • level 3 – $40 commission, cycle into level 4
  • level 4 – $30,000 commission, cycle into level 5
  • level 5 – $1,000,000 commission and generates 10 positions into levels 1 to 5 each

Joining Millions 4 Sure

Millions 4 Sure affiliate membership is tied to a $1 matrix position purchase


Millions 4 Sure presents itself as a $1 in, $1,030,047 out investment scheme.

There is no external source of revenue outside of affiliate investment, the use of which to pay the million dollar ROI makes Millions 4 Sure a Ponzi scheme.

To put that into perspective, at least one million, thirty thousand and forty-seven new investment are required to pay out one complete cycler ROI.

The actual figure is higher, owing to the non-linear manner in which a matrix cycler fills.

Needless to say the only position getting remotely close to this amount are those preloaded by LaTasha Miles (or whoever is running Millions 4 Sure).

A few early adopters might make a few hundred (you don’t actually make thousands until a third through level 4), with the rest of the Millions 4 Sure affiliate-base losing money.