Majestic Cares provides no information on their website about who owns or runs the company.

Majestic Cares’ website domain (“”) was first registered in January 2018.

The registration was last updated on February 12th, 2019.

Robert Donald of Majestic JB International LLC is listed as the owner, through what appears to be a residential South Carolina address in the US.

On social media Robert Donald (right) goes by Bob Donald.

Possibly due to the generic nature of his name, I was unable to put together Bob Donald’s MLM history.

Read on for a full review of the Majestic Cares MLM opportunity.

Majestic Cares’ Products

Majestic Cares has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Majestic Cares affiliate membership itself.

Majestic Cares’ Compensation Plan

Majestic Cares affiliates gift funds to each other via a series of matrix cyclers of unspecified size.

To enter the cycler a new Majestic Cares affiliate gifts $30 to an existing affiliate.

They then must recruit three affiliates who also each gift $30 to an existing affiliate.

I believe this first matrix is a 3×2, as from the second level $30 gifting payments are kept.

This comes to $270, of which $100 is kept and $170 gifted to another Majestic Cares affiliate to unlock tier 2.

It’s possible that Majestic Cares’ higher tiers are also 3×2 matrices, as payment appears to be in multiples of nine (the second level of a 3×2 matrix).

This would mean that payments on the first level of any tier (3 positions) are always forfeited.

Gifting payments received across Majestic Cares’ higher cycler tiers are as follows:

  • tier 2 – $1530 in gifting payments received, $930 of which is re-gifted to unlock tier 3
  • tier 3 – $8370 in gifting payments received, $4570 of which is re-gifted to unlock tier 4
  • tier 4 – $41,130 in gifting payments received, $26,130 of which is re-gifted to unlock tier 5
  • tier 5 – $235,170 in gifting payments received, $30 of which is re-gifted to create a new tier 1 position

Joining Majestic Cares

Majestic Cares affiliate membership is tied to a $30 gifting payment.


Majestic Cares presents itself as a “donation” based crowdfunding platform.

This Powerful and Unique Automated Cash Donation System Will Provide You With The Financial Means To Help You, and In Turn, Help Others In Need!

What differentiates Majestic Cares from a legitimate crowdfunding platform however, is that funds paid in qualify the payee to receive payments from subsequently recruited affiliates.

This also disqualifies payments within Majestic Cares from being considered donations.

Payments within Majestic Cares are gifting payments, made for the sole reason to qualify to receive gifting payments in turn.

And nowhere is this better clarified than in Majestic Cares’ own marketing material:

The gifting of funds between participants makes Majestic Cares a cash gifting scheme. Gifting schemes are illegal in the US and most of the world.

Such schemes require constant recruitment to continue, failing which they collapse.

Being a matrix cycler, the majority of funds gifted into Majestic Cares are captured and passed up to the upper cycler tiers.

Through one or more preloaded admin positions, which cycle into the upper tiers first, Bob Donald and early adopters will receive the majority of funds gifted into Majestic Cares.

In order for Donald and friends to make this money, the rest of the Majestic Cares affiliate-base has to lose it.

One final thing is the mention of “mobius loop technology” in Majestic Cares’ marketing material.

Will it benefit me to register multiple Receiving Centers?

No. Because the MCC is a unique Follow Me system that uses the Mobius Loop technology.

“Mobius Loop” itself is a bullshit marketing term used by scammers, but it’s worth noting we’ve seen the same terminology used in 50/50 Crowdfunding and UniHelps.

Both companies are illegal gifting schemes too. UniHelps has already collapsed and 50/50 Crowdfunding is in decline.

Majestic Cares will ultimately play out the same way. How much people lose in it depends on how many gullible affiliates sign up and hand over their money.