Mailbox Profits provides no information on their website about who owns or runs the business.

The Mailbox Profits website domain (“”) was first registered in 2014.

The domain registration was last updated on April 30th, 2019, suggesting this is when the current owner(s) took possession of it.

Mailbox Profits’ domain registration is private, revealing no information about ownership.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

Mailbox Profits Products

Mailbox Profits has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Mailbox Profits affiliate membership itself.

Once signed up, new affiliates gift funds to existing Mailbox Profits affiliates.

Bundled with gifting payments is access to an “8 Part Video Training Course”.

The Mailbox Profits Compensation Plan

Newly recruited Mailbox Profits affiliates gift funds to existing affiliates across eight gifting tiers.

  • Level 1 – gift $100 and receive $40
  • Level 2 – gift $250 and receive $100
  • Level 3 – gift $500 and receive $200
  • Level 4 – gift $1000 and receive $400
  • Level 5 – gift $2500 and receive $1000
  • Level 6 – gift $5000 and receive $2000
  • Level 7 – gift $10,000 and receive $4000
  • Level 8 – gift $20,000 and receive $8000

A residual gifting payment is also received when personally recruited Mailbox Profits affiliates receive gifting payments.

  • Level 1 – $20
  • Level 2 – $50
  • Level 3 – $100
  • Level 4 – $200
  • Level 5 – $500
  • Level 6 – $1000
  • Level 7 – $2000
  • Level 8 – $4000

Note that Mailbox Profits affiliates must have gifted at the tier they are receiving payments at.

If someone they’ve recruited gifts in at a higher tier, gifting payments received from this affiliates (including residuals) are passed upline to the first tier qualified affiliate.

Joining Mailbox Profits

Mailbox Profits affiliate membership is tied to a minimum $100 gifting payment.

Full participation in Mailbox Profits costs $39,350 in gifting payments.


Mailbox Profits is another illegal mail fraud gifting scheme.

You sign up, gift funds to people who joined before you through the mail, which in turn qualifies you to receive funds from subsequently recruited participants.

The bundled training course is neither here nor there, as payments between participants made to qualify to receive payments from other participants is gifting.

Whatever you attach to a gifting scheme is irrelevant.

Despite its illegal business model, Mailbox Profits represents to consumers that it is not a fraudulent business opportunity.

Is this business legal?

Yes, absolutely. The high-ticket, direct-sales industry has been around for decades.

It’s one of the oldest business models known under commercial law.

Furthermore, this program is NOT MLM, network marketing or cash gifting. It’s also not some program with a crazy compensation plan that’s impossible to understand.

Again, sending gifting payments to someone who joined before you to qualify to receive gifting payments from people who join after you isn’t “high ticket sales”.

It’s cash gifting, which is illegal in most parts of the world.

One other thing to watch out for is the funelling of Mailbox Profits affiliates into other scams.

Inside the level 8 trainings, you’ll also receive a secret VIP bonus that unlocks multiple streams of income (up to $25,000).

Given the fraudulent nature of Mailbox Profits’ business model, it’s highly likely the “VIP Bonus” funnels participants into similar fraudulent schemes.

The good news is the USPS might be cracking down on the spate of mail fraud gifting schemes that have launched recently.

As one BehindMLM reader discovered, Mailbox Profits’ instructions to participants are… odd.

For the larger amounts, send the cash in an OVERNIGHT BOX FROM FEDEX. Remember to always prepare your packages in private, never in a public place. Before you arrive at Fedex to get the overnight box, your package should already be concealed very well.

For the package with the lower amounts (under $2,500), put the cash in a regular #10 envelope, then place the envelope inside of a magazine.

Wrap the magazine in newspaper or some other paper and then place the wrapped magazine (with the cash already inside) in a large 9×12 envelope.

When done you should have a 9×12 envelope with a magazine that has cash inside. Use your hand to feel your packages to make sure a wad of cash cannot be easily detected.

Now you are ready to take all 3 of your carefully wrapped packages to the mail facility.

WARNING: If you skip any of these steps, you are at risk of your cash being lost or stolen by a FedEx employee.

If FedEx believe you’re participating in an illegal cash gifting scheme, there’s a chance they might seize funds as part of an investigation.

One tell-tale sign someone is participating in gifting is a bunch of packages and envelops stuffed with cash being delivered to Mailbox Profits affiliates.

By claiming FedEx employees might “steal” payments, what Mailbox Profits are actually warning of is seizure.

So not only are Mailbox Profits affiliates participating in an illegal gifting scheme, they’re being instructed on concealing their participation too.

Oh dear.

The reality of gifting schemes is they benefit those who join early, and of course the scammer running them.

If you’ve done the math, you’ll notice an equal amount of money leftover on each tier as is paid out to the recruiting affiliate.

E.g. On level 5 Mailbox Profits affiliates gift $2500 and receive $1000. $500 is paid as a residual gifting payment leaving $1000 unaccounted for.

That money quietly goes to the Mailbox Profits admin.

Given they’re receiving cut of every gifting payment made, you can see why they want payments sent to them concealed.

What tends to happen as a mail fraud gifting scheme grows, is admin and top affiliate addresses routinely change.

This occurs as postal workers identify fraud and shut down accounts. I’d like to say USPS is on top of the recent MLM mail fraud schemes doing the round, but as of yet there have been no busts.

Regardless, that’s between the authorities and the scammers running these schemes.

As a potential gifting participant, know that if you’re reading this top participants are already in place to steal your money.

You’re basically relying on new victims to join after you to steal from.

Over time the pool of new victims dwindles – inevitably leaving the majority of Mailbox Profits affiliates with a loss.