let-us-close-logoThere currently no information on the Let Us Close website indicating who owns or operates the company.

The website does have an “about us” blurb, however only the following vague marketing spiel is provided:

LUC Team

The Let Us Close Team is a group of marketers that came together with one purpose: to create the ultimate home business opportunity.

The Let Us Close website domain meanwhile was registered on the 25th of March 2015, however the domain registration is set to private.

Not much to go on… but here’s what else I was able to find.

The Let Us Close Product Line

The Let Us Close bill their product as an “advanced marketing system”.

Within this system you have a ‘getting started training system, contact manager, email blaster (and) automated social marketing system.

Each affiliate is also given a “custom ID”, which is apparently linked to getting Let Us Close staff “close” leads you send their way (ie. get them to sign up for or purchase something).

Whether or not Let Us Close will work with general leads or only leads pertaining to the Let Us Close MLM business opportunity is unclear.

The Let Us Close affiliate sign-in page has a logo for something called “MLM Builder System”:


But I was unable to further verify what that was (too vague a name and the logo didn’t come up elsewhere).

US-based Let Us Close affiliates apparently also get “50 post cards and 50 peel-n-stick names” when they sign up. Not sure what that’s about (old school marketing?).

Currently there are no prices provided on the Let Us Close website, so how much all of this costs and whether or not it’s available as a retail purchase is unknown at this time.

The Let Us Close Compensation Plan

The Let Us Close Compensation plan combines an upfront Fast Start Bonus with residual commissions paid out via a binary compensation structure.

Fast Start Bonus

The Let Us Close Fast Start Bonus is advertised as paying out 75%, but of what we’re not sure.

If the Let Us Close service is available at a retail level, then it’s obviously a cut of that. If the service is bundled with affiliate membership, then 75% of that will also be paid out.

I’ve seen Let Us Close affiliates advertising the Fast Start Bonus as being $30, which means the total cost of signing someone up is $40. Again, whether this is the cost to sign up as an affiliate or just the marketing system is unclear.

Binary Commissions

Residual commissions in Let Us Close are paid out via a binary compensation structure.

A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, split into two sides:


These first two positions form the start of two binary teams, left and right.

Sales volume is tracked between both binary teams, with commissions paid out on generated sales volume.

At the end of every week, a Let Us Close affiliate is paid 25% of the sales volume generated by their weaker binary team (the team that generates less volume).

Currently $20,000 a week is the maximum a Let Us Close affiliate can earn in binary commissions.

A 100% matching bonus is also paid out on binary commissions earnt by personally recruited affiliates.

Note that a Let Us Close affiliate is required to recruit at least two affiliates to qualify for binary commissions. In order to qualif for the matching bonus, an affiliate must also have two personally recruited affiliates who have each recruited two affiliates of their own.

Joining Let Us Close

At the time of publication Let Us Close affiliate costs have not yet been made public.

What we do know however is that the Fast Start Bonus pays out 75% or $30, meaning it costs a minimum $40 to sign up as a Let Us Close affiliate.

I’ve also seen an ongoing $50 a month fee, which is no doubt tied into continued access to the Let Us Close marketing system.


The Let Us Close website, albeit in prelaunch form, is suspiciously absent of information regarding who is behind the opportunity.

I wasn’t able to ascertain anything from the Let Us Close website itself, but I did find this interesting tidbit published by Mike Stamper (a LUC affiliate):

See why everyone from every company is joining LUC!! It’s a chance of a lifetime. Lock in your spot today.

If you are already a member of EPX you have been given a f-r-e-e position already with your entire team in place below you. Simply log in. to (affiliate link removed). Use your EPX username & password.

“EPX” would of course be EPX Body, run by Dan Putnam, Founder and CEO of the opportunity. Not surprisingly, Mike Stamper is also an EPX Body affiliate.

Why we had to dig up affiliate marketing to learn that is a mystery.

EPX Body was founded in 2012 and market weight-loss and general health products.

The company was rebooted as One80 (EPX180) last year, however that effort appears to have been abandoned (the One80 website domain is currently parked on a maintenance page).

Of concern is that it is not currently disclosed on the Let Us Close website that they have preloaded the affiliate genealogy with EPX Body affiliates.

The company simply advises visitors to “lock in their spot”, with there being no indicating that this spot will be behind however many EPX Body affiliates sign up.

Also of concern is this line of text from the Let Us Close website:

As an International member you receive one share in our company co-op.

As I understand it this is a lead generation co-op, which is obviously not being offered in the US because regulators don’t like MLM opportunities providing affiliates with leads.

The reason is that it lends itself all to easily to chain recruitment pyramid schemes, and that brings me to my third and final concern.

From what I’m reading retail isn’t going to be an option within Let Us Close. Or if it is, nobody is currently focusing on it, let alone having even mentioned it in their marketing material.

Instead, Let Us Close is sounding like a $40 or so affiliate recruitment scheme, where $30 is paid out per recruitment of a new affiliate.

Residual commissions are then paid out through the binary, which pays out every week so long as everyone pays their $50 a month.

What are they paying that for?

For a lead closing system that affiliates are supposed to send potential Let Us Close affiliates to, thus creating a closed product loop that nobody except Let Us Close affiliates are going to be interested in.

And without external interest, Let Us Close would be very much operating in pyramid scheme territory.

Which is a shame because EPX Body has a decent enough retail offering.

Not sure what’s going on the corporate side of things, but this is probably a business model that should be run by an MLM attorney before Let Us Close launch on May 17th.