influencie-logoThere is no information on the Influencie website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Influencie website domain (“”) was registered on the 8th of April 2014, listing “Roger Robles” of “MyPayTube LLC” as the owner. An address in the US state of Florida is also provided.

MyPayTube is a website that claims it’s

the only Social Media company that Pays you to Play online… Cha Ching.

Launched in 2012, Alexa traffic estimates today suggest MyPayTube failed to take off.

Of note is that the MyPayTube website domain is registered to Rawlinson Souza.

In Influencie marketing presentations, Souza is credited as the CEO of the company:


roger-robles-influencieAs for Robles (right), a promotional video for Eternyon was uploaded to his YouTube channel in January 2014.

Eternyon saw affiliates invest up to $2400 on the promise of weekly ROIs of up to $150. The scheme collapsed shortly after launch.

Prior to MyPayTube and Eternyon, Robles was an affiliate with Organo Gold (ganoderma coffee).

Read on for a full review of the Influencie MLM business opportunity.

The Influencie Product Line

As per Roger Robles’ Facebook profile, Influencie

is an advertising system that pays it’s members to promote. Influencie members earn up to $150.00 USD per week for visiting websites and completing social media tasks.

From what I can make out Influencie is a social network aggregator, with around the theme of social influence.

Influencie members can even earn income by sharing hyperlinks throughout the online by e mail, and on well-liked social networks like Fb, MySpace and Twitter.

Every shared hyperlink additionally incorporates a singular Referral ID, so members will earn from any person who views their shared hyperlink and indicators as much as our website.

Basically you see some third-party content you think will go viral, share it on the Influencie website and hope you make money.

As per the Influencie compensation plan, apparently ebooks, apps, hosting services, website designs “and more” are also available.

I couldn’t find any further information about these however, as all links to them on the Influencie website were broken at the time of publication.

Whether or not they actually exist for sale is not clear.

The Influencie Compensation Plan

The Influencie compensation plan revolves around signing up as a Sapphire affiliate ($1500) and then recruiting others who do the same.

Direct Commissions

The Influencie compensation plan mentions commissions of up to 75% on the sale of ebooks, apps, hosting services, website designs “and more”.

There is no information about any of these products and services on the Influenice website however, leaving a question mark as to the viability of these advertised commissions.

Recruitment Commissions

For every Sapphire affiliate recruited, Influencie pay $100 to the affiliate who recruited them.

Residual Recruitment Commissions

Residual commissions in Influencie are paid out via a binary compensation structure.

A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, split into left and right.


For each newly recruited affiliate matched up on either side of the binary (one on the left and one on the right), Influencie pay out an $80 commission.

It’s not explicitly clarified, but I believe recruited affiliates must be personally recruited in order to count.

Blog Earnings

Weekly commissions are marketed as “website/blog earning”.

  • Sapphire – $100 a week
  • Ruby (recruit and maintain six Sapphire affiliates) – $125 a week
  • Emerald (recruit and maintain at least four Ruby ranked affiliates) – $135 a week
  • Diamond recruit and maintain at least two Emerald ranked affiliates) – $150 a week

There doesn’t appear to be any qualification for earning these commissions, other than signing up as an Influencie affiliate.

Advertising Revenue

The Influencie compensation plan states that Diamond ranked affiliates can “earn 60% of all advertising revenue in your local area”.

This appears to be any third-party advertising Influencie sell.

A 5% matching bonus is available to Blue Diamond ranked affiliates (Diamond ranked affiliates who recruit and maintain two Diamond ranked affiliates).

This bonus pays out on the advertising earnings of personally recruited Diamond ranked affiliates.

Black Diamond affiliates (recruit and maintain four Blue Diamond ranked affiliates), earn a share in 5% of all Diamond and higher affiliates’ advertising commissions in their country.

Ambassador affiliates (recruit and maintain four Black Diamond ranked affiliates), earn a share in 3% of all Diamond and higher affiliate’s advertising commissions globally.

Car Bonus

The Influencie compensation plan states that Diamond ranked affiliates are able to “drive a brand new Chevy Camaro”.

Black Diamond affiliates can “drive a Chevy Corvette” and Ambassador affiliates a Mercedes SL 550.

Whether these are actual cars or monthly bonuses towards a lease is not clear.

Joining Influencie

Affiliate membership with Influencie as a Sapphire affiliate is $1500 and then $30 a month.

Note that this is not disclosed anywhere on the Influencie website.

One can sign up as a free member of Influencie, however this is not part of the Influencie MLM business opportunity.


Under the guise of social influence, Influencie operate a basic $1500 in, $100-$150 out a week ROI Ponzi scheme.

There’s a complete disconnect between all the social influence marketing jargon and actual flow of money through the company.

The only identifiable revenue-stream is that of affiliate memberships, coming in at $1500 a pop.

The free membership appears to exist solely as a feeder, the idea being to get people in the door and then upsell them on the business opportunity.

And even if we ignore the complete lack of retail for a moment, I couldn’t see anything on the Influencie website that justified a $1500 price tag.

$30 a month might be justifiable for a replicated website and some marketing tools and training, but what’s with the big upfront cost?

Premium memberships generate higher earnings inside their Influencie systems.

In addition to functioning as a “pay to play” element, $100 to $150 a week paid out as a ROI starts to add up pretty quickly.

And where do you think that money is coming from? Hint: Not third-party advertisers or free Influencie members.

At $100 a week you’re looking at roughly 16 weeks before an ongoing liability is created. $150 a week (by recruiting more investors) sees the liability generated after just ten and a half weeks.

Note I’ve factored in the $30 a month fee into the above calculations.

As with all Ponzi schemes, once recruitment of new Sapphire affiliates dies down, Influencie will find itself unable to meet its weekly ROI obligations and collapse.

And if an Influencie affiliate is to be believed, that’s already happened.

In a comment published about a week ago, BehindMLM reader Cristina Rosario wrote:

We started off with traditional online advertising through our social networks.

Then their website went down for 7 weeks and when it surfaced again it was a totally different setup and they are refusing to pay anyone.

We didn’t have to recruit and now it’s mandatory. They owe us thousands of dollars and refuse to pay.

My guess is initially launching without recruitment requirements for the weekly ROI meant that nobody was recruiting.

With everyone sitting back and waiting to collect their ROI, it didn’t take long for the reserve to run dry.

That triggered a collapse and everything went down, with Robles and Souza taking seven weeks to figure out how to address the issue.

Cue a relaunch with mandatory investor recruitment requirements… and here we are.

A relaunch with what appears to be an already sizeable ROI liability hanging over the company.

Any takers on how long that’s going to last?