global-earnings-group-logoThere is no information on the Global Earnings Group website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Global Earnings Group website domain was registered on April 28th 2014 and lists a Randy Green as the owner.

Randy Green’s name does not appear anywhere on the Global Earnings Group website.

Research reveals Green has a history of launching questionable business opportunities. His latest scheme prior to Global Earnings Group was called “Viral Fives”.

Viral Fives launched in late 2013 and saw participants gifting eachother $5 sums. The site was shutdown by its host a few weeks after launch.

Read on for a full review of the Global Earnings Group MLM business opportunity.

The Global Earnings Group Product Line

Global Earnings Group has no retailable products or services other than affiliate membership to the opportunity itself.

The Global Earnings Group Compensation Plan

The Global Earnings Group compensation plan revolves around affiliates joining and then making a $9 payment to the affiliate who recruited them.

This then qualifies them to receive payments from those they recruit as follows:

  • $9 payments from affiliates in phase 1
  • $15 payments from affiliates in phase 2
  • $30 payments from affiliates in phase 3
  • $60 payments from affiliates in phase 4

Essentially you’re looking at four cash gifting lines, each operating independently of eachother.

The catch is that different phases are only paid out down lower levels of recruitment:

  • phase 1 is paid by personally recruited affiliates (level 1)
  • phase 2 is paid by affiliates they recruit (level 2)
  • phase 3 is paid by affiliates level 2 affiliates recruit (level 3) and
  • phase 4 is paid by affiliates level 3 affiliates recruit (level 4)

The easiest way to visualize this is a unilevel with payments on specific levels being gifted up.

Finally, note that an affiliate must buy into a level first (pay their participation fee), before they qualify to receive gifts at that particular level.

There is also a $1.50 variant of the above scheme, which operates on a single queue.

You join and gift the person at the top of the queue. Once that position has received ten gifts ($15) they “cycle” out and all positions move up in the queue.

Joining Global Earnings Group

Affiliate membership to Global Earnings Group depends on how many levels are bought into. The minimum an affiliate will spend at signup is $9 and the maximum $114 (all four levels).


With no retail products or services and payments made directly between members, Global Earnings Group operates as a cash gifting scheme.

Affiliates buy in at the levels they wish to earn at (either all four initially or they are encouraged to use gifts they receive to pay for higher levels later), and then via recruitment receive gift payments from those who join after them.

The Global Earnings Group website mentions feeding participants into something called “Direct Pay Biz”.

Direct Pay Biz appears to be a recruitment-driven matrix scheme that has nothing to do with Global Earnings Group, save that Randy Green funnels participants from his gifting scheme into it.