FOW Business provides no detailed executive information on its website.

The company provides only the name of a purported CEO, Densley Craig.

I say purported because FOW Business provides a UK incorporation certificate.

The address used to incorporate FOW Business in the UK belongs to Companies Made Simple.

Companies Made Simple offer UK shell company incorporation services starting at £15.99 GBP.

UK incorporation is dirt cheap and for the most part unregulated. It is a favored jurisdiction for scammers looking to incorporate dodgy companies.

Given this, it is highly likely that Densley Craig doesn’t exist.

On its website FOW Business claims it was “founded in 2015”. This appears to be a blatant lie.

FOW Business’ UK incorporation was only purchased on 6th December, 2019. The company’s website domain was registered a day earlier on December 5th.

FOW Business’ website domain registration is private.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

FOW Business’ Products

FOW Business has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market FOW Business affiliate membership itself.

FOW Business’ Compensation Plan

FOW Business affiliates invest $100 to $100,000 in FOW tokens. This is done on the promise of an advertised 2% weekly ROI.

All returns, commissions and bonuses in FOW Business are paid out in FOW tokens.

FOW Tokens are not publicly tradeable and hold no value outside of FOW Business.

FOW Business do not disclose the current internal FOW token value on their website or in their marketing material.

FOW tokens withdrawal requests are paid out by FOW Business in bitcoin once a week.

Note that if a FOW Business affiliate requests a withdrawal within 60 days of investing, they are charged an additional 15% fee.

Referral Commissions

FOW Business affiliates are paid a percentage of FOW tokens invested in by personally recruited affiliates.

FOW Business pays referral commissions via a unilevel compensation structure.

A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1):

If any level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels.

FOW Business caps payable referral commissions at thirty-one unilevel team levels.

Referral commissions are paid out as a percentage of funds invested across these thirty-one levels:

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 50%
  • level 2 – 25%
  • level 3 – 10%
  • levels 4 to 21 – 4%
  • levels 22 to 32 – 2%

FOW Business affiliates are initially restricted on how many unilevel team levels referral commissions are earned on.

The company’s compensation documentation states only that in order to earn on all thirty-one levels, an affiliate must

  • invest at least $1000 themselves and
  • recruit four affiliates who have also each invested at least $1000

Referral Commissions Bonus

FOW Business affiliates can bump their referral commissions by qualifying for the following ranks:

  • FOW Rank 1 (invest $1000, recruit at least four affiliates who also invest $1000 and generate $100,000 in downline investment volume) – 4% referral commission bonus on levels 1 to 10
  • FOW Rank 2 (invest $5000 and have one FOW Rank 1 affiliates in two unilevel legs) – 5% referral commission bonus on levels 1 to 21
  • FOW Rank 3 (invest $10,000 and have three FOW Rank 2 affiliates in three unilevel legs) – 6% referral commission bonus on levels 1 to 31
  • FOW Rank 4 (invest $25,000 and have four FOW Rank 3 affiliates in four unilevel legs) – 7% referral commission bonus on all 32 unilevel team levels
  • FOW Rank 5 (invest $50,000 and have four FOW Rank 4 affiliates in four unilevel legs) – 10% referral commission bonus on all 32 unilevel team levels

ROI Matching Bonus

FOW Business affiliates earn a Matching Bonus on FOW token returns paid to recruited affiliates.

The ROI Matching Bonus is paid down three levels of recruitment (unilevel):

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 50%
  • level 2 – 25%
  • level 3 – 10%

Joining FOW Business

FOW Business affiliate membership is free.

Full participation in the attached income opportunity however requires a minimum $100 investment in FOW tokens.


Fow Business claims to generate external revenue via a forex and crypto trading bot.

We are the world’s first exclusive platform combining trillion-dollar traditional FOREX with Crypto Market, you earn up to 12% ROI monthly with us.”

No evidence of external revenue being used to pay affiliate withdrawals is provided.

Being a passive investment opportunity, FOW Business’ MLM opportunity constitutes a securities offering.

On their website, FOW Business also represents that it has registered with financial regulators in 15 jurisdictions.

When you choose FOW, you are choosing a fully regulated industry leader who meets strict regulatory requirements in 15 jurisdictions, including Denmark, the United Kingdom and Singapore.

In the UK securities are regulated by the FCA.

A search of the FCA’s register reveals FOW Business is not registered to offer securities in the UK.

In Denmark securities are regulated by the FSA.

A search of the FSA’s register reveals FOW Business is not registered to offer securities in Denmark.

In Singapore securities are regulated by the MSA. At the time of publication MSA’s register search function was down for maintenance.

I’d be willing to bet FOW Business isn’t registered in Singapore either, or in any of the other undisclosed jurisdictions the company claims it is.

So, why all the lies?

FOW Business is your typical Ponzi points scheme.

FOW tokens are a vehicle wherein real money is transferred to FOW Business’ anonymous owners.

In exchange investors receive worthless FOW tokens, which they can only cash out as long as the Ponzi operates.

FOW Business’ owners will honor withdrawal requests as long as new investment exists.

When new investment slows or withdrawals dip into their reserve stash too much, FOW Business’ admins will do a runner.

That will trigger a collapse, as we’ve seen over and over again in MLM Ponzi points schemes (Plus Token, Cloud Token etc. etc.).

The end result in these token Ponzi schemes is always the same.

The admins make off with almost all of the money. Recruiters earn their share but the majority of passive investors lose money.

Another possibility is a dodgy exchange public trading exit-scam, but we haven’t had one of those in a while.

Most of these MLM token scams just stop paying out. They’re set up in jurisdictions where authorities don’t care, so all they do is lead investors on with stories (KYC, technical difficulties, hackers, new government regulations etc.) till they move on.

FOW Business, despite it’s laughable “we made eleventy million dollars this week trading” representations on Facebook, won’t play out any different.

Keeping in mind that FOW Business didn’t even exist a month ago, if the scammers behind the company were actually generating millions of dollars in returns each month – what do they need your money for?