FollowFunding provides no information on their website about who owns or runs the business.

FollowFunding’s website domain (“”) was first registered on October 31st, 2018. The registration was last updated on October 14th, 2019.

Listed as owner of the domain is Eric Bechtold, through a residential address in Florida.

On LinkedIn Bechtold (below) identifies himself as Follow Funding’s President.

Back in 2012 Bechtold was promoting Lightyear Wireless.

In 2016 a comment left on Ethan Vanderbuilt’s blog linked him to Push Button Profits.

Push Button Profits was a pay to play lead generation opp.

In 2018 Bechtold was promoting 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle through his Our Wealth Secret funnel.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle was a gifting scheme. Earlier this year the FTC sued 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle’s owners for telemarketing fraud.

Read on for a full review of FollowFunding’s MLM opportunity.

FollowFunding’s Products

FollowFunding has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market FollowFunding affiliate membership itself.

FollowFunding’s Compensation Plan

FollowFunding affiliates set up gifting campaigns, which are referred to as “dreamscapes”.

Recruited affiliates gift amounts to these campaigns, of which 50% is kept by the recruiting affiliate.

The other 50% is paid upline, in what appears to be a three-way split.

If a gifting payment is large enough, funds spillover beyond three levels – specifics aren’t provided.

In any event, through what appears to be a unilevel team, FollowFunding tracks and distributes gifting payments across multiple levels.

Joining FollowFunding

FollowFunding affiliate membership is free.

Participation in the attached income opportunity however requires a gifting payment.

FollowFunding do not specify a minimum gifting amount  on their website.


FollowFunding is your typical MLM gifting scam, wherein “donations” and crowdfunding” are misappropriated to promote fraud.

When making a donation on the FollowFunding proprietary crowd funding platform, you’re not just making a donation to fund one person’s dream, project, invention or cause as you would be on all other mainstream crowd funding platforms.

In a legitimate crowdfunding platform, donations are made with no strings attached.

In gifting schemes like FollowFunding, payments made to existing participants qualify payees to receive payments from subsequently recruited participants.

This doesn’t happen in legitimate crowdfunding platforms.

Gifting schemes share the same recruitment dependency as pyramid schemes, meaning once recruitment slows down they collapse.

Math dictates that when a gifting scheme like FollowFunding inevitably collapses, the majority of participants lose money.

As per FollowFunding’s website this might have already happened.

Although FollowFunding’s website is online, visitors to the site are advised is currently offline, updating our user experience.

We will be LIVE soon, so please check back shortly!

Whether this has anything to do with the FTC’s ongoing lawsuit against 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is unclear.