Last month BehindMLM reviewed EzyTRX. We noted at the time that a reboot, EzyTRX II, had just been announced.

Today we revisit EzyTRX to see how the EzyTRX II reboot is going.

As opposed to a replacement, EzyTRX II was launched in tandem with EzyTRX. This is despite the original EzyTRX smart-contract having collapsed.

Of note is EzyTRX II is not promoted or even mentioned anywhere on EzyTRX’s public-facing website.

Information appears to only be made available to those who have signed up as affiliates.

Both EzyTRX and EzyTRX II are run by Nicklaus D’Cruz, who operates the companies from Singapore.

EzyTRX II’s Products

EzyTRX II has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market EzyTRX II affiliate membership itself.

EzyTRX II’s Compensation Plan

EzyTRX II affiliates pay 500 TRX and then invest TRX for EZY tokens.

  • invest 1000 TRX and receive 2000 tokens
  • invest 2000 TRX and receive 4000 tokens
  • invest 4000 TRX and receive 8000 tokens
  • invest 8000 TRX and receive 16,000 tokens
  • invest 16,000 TRX and receive 32,000 tokens
  • invest 32,000 TRX and receive 64,000 tokens
  • invest 64,000 TRX and receive 128,000 tokens
  • invest 128,000 TRX and receive 256,000 tokens
  • invest 256,000 TRX and receive 512,000 tokens

Note that in order to “unlock” invested in tokens, each EzyTRX II affiliate must recruit three affiliates.

Commissions per position invested in are paid till 300% is reached.

After this earnings cap is reached, new investment in a higher investment tier is required in order to continue earning.

When an affiliate puts in a withdrawal request, EzyTRX II also automatically invests in the next higher tier if enough funds are available.

What is leftover is then paid out as a commission.

Recruitment Commissions

EzyTRX takes 20% of funds invested by personally recruited affiliates and uses it to pay recruitment commissions.

  • 10% is paid out if the newly recruited affiliate invests at a lower tier
  • 20% is paid out if the newly recruited affiliate invests at the same or higher tier

In the event 10% is paid out, the remaining 10% is paid upline to the first affiliate who has invested at the same or higher tier than the newly recruited affiliate has invested at.

Residual Commissions

EzyTRX takes 20% of funds invested by affiliates and uses it to pay commissions.

EzyTRX II pays residual commissions via a 3×10 matrix.

A 3×10 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a matrix, with three positions directly under them:

These three positions form the first level of the matrix. The second level of the matrix is generated by splitting these first three positions into another three positions each.

Levels three to ten of the matrix are generated in the same manner, with each new level housing three times as many positions as the previous levels.

Positions in the 3×10 matrix are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of EzyTRX II affiliates.

2% of of the 45% set aside is paid out on funds invested by affiliates in the matrix.

Note that matrix levels must be unlocked via recruitment in order to earn residual commissions:

  • recruit one affiliate to earn on one matrix level
  • recruit two affiliates to earn on two matrix levels
  • recruit three affiliates to earn on three matrix levels
  • recruit four affiliates to earn on four matrix levels
  • recruit five affiliates to earn on five matrix levels
  • recruit six affiliates to earn on six matrix levels
  • recruit seven affiliates to earn on seven matrix levels
  • recruit eight affiliates to earn on eight matrix levels
  • recruit nine affiliates to earn on nine matrix levels
  • recruit ten affiliates to earn on ten matrix levels

Global Pool

EzyTRX takes 5% of funds invested by affiliates and uses it to fund the Global Pool.

EzyTRX affiliates who have invested in all ten available tiers receive an equal share of the Global Pool each month.

Joining EzyTRX II

EzyTRX II affiliate membership is 500 TRX plus a minimum 1000 TRX investment.

Full participation in EzyTRX II’s income opportunity costs 511,000 TRX.


EzyTRX II sees Nicklaus D’Cruz further milk what’s left of the EzyTRX affiliate-base.

The company’s website boasts having almost 30,000 participants. Alexa traffic rankings however reveal the current state of the scam:

New additions between EzyTRX and EzyTRX II are the Global Pool and EZY token.

The Global Pool is just an excuse to shuffle more invested TRX to those who got in early and/or invested more off the bat.

TRX is a TRC-20 shit token (think ERC-20 and ethereum). They can be set up in a few minutes at little to no cost.

EZY tokens’ internal value is funded by 50% of invested TRX. The tokens are worthless outside of EzyTRX II itself.

In a nutshell those who’ve invested more have more tokens. Tying 50% of invested TRX to EZY tokens once again lets these affiliates withdraw the majority of invested TRX.

Guess who has the highest matrix positions and largest EZY token balance?

As I concluded in our EzyTRX review;

Nicklaus D’Cruz will make off with the majority of funds paid in. Everyone else loses out.

Reboots rarely last as long as their predecessors, and EzyTRX only lasted a few months as it is.