Earn Easy Commissions reference someone in charge by the name of “Chuck”.

Further research reveals this to be Chuck Nguyen, who on Twitter cites himself as an “Aussie internet marketer”.

In late 2016 Nguyen (right) launched The Digital Elites Academy.

The Digital Elites Academy was a typical “we’ll teach you how to make money” subscription for $47 a month.

Today The Digital Elites Academy website domain is non-responsive.

Alexa traffic estimates for The Digital Elites Academy domain show a collapse around June, 2017.

The Earn Easy Commissions website domain was registered in October, 2017.

The company itself appears to have launched on or around February, 2018.

Read on for a full review of the Earn Easy Commissions MLM opportunity.

Earn Easy Commissions Products

Earn Easy Commissions has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Earn Easy Commissions affiliate membership itself.

Earn Easy Commissions affiliate membership provides access to various internet marketing tools.

The Earn Easy Commissions Compensation Plan

Earn Easy Commissions sign up and are paid to recruit new affiliates.

There are four affiliate membership tiers within the company;

  • Free – no cost
  • Pro – $100
  • Elite – $500
  • VIP – $1000

Free affiliates are paid a 20% commission on fees paid by recruited affiliates.

Pro affiliates earn a 30% commission on fees paid by recruited affiliates.

Elite affiliates earn a 50% commission on fees paid by recruited affiliates.

VIP affiliate membership introduces a residual 20% commission on fees paid down two levels of recruitment.

That is to say affiliates recruited by those you personally recruit (two-level deep unilevel to be specific).

Joining Earn Easy Commissions

Earn Easy Commissions has four tiers of affiliate membership:

  • Free – no cost
  • Pro – $100
  • Elite – $500
  • VIP – $1000

The primary difference between these affiliate membership levels is income potential via the Earn Easy Commissions compensation plan.

Additional third-party services are required to make full use of the system, potentially adding an additional monthly cost.


The Digital Elites Academy was commonly referred to as “Chuck’s system”.

Earn Easy Commissions is marketed as

an Automated Sales System that does 99% of the work for you, including the selling, converting and closing.

We help you clone Chuck’s entire profitable 6-figure online business, 100% for free.

Seeing as the goal of both companies is the same, it’s fair enough to assume Earn Easy Commissions is a reboot of The Digital Elites Academy.

That’s not to say there’s probably a few changes to what’s available to affiliates, but the thrust of the marketing machine is the same.

You sign up, pay fees and then recruit others who pay the same fees and get paid.

In MLM this is a classic pyramid scheme model, irrespective of what it’s attached to.

Nothing is being marketed to or sold to retail customers, with 100% company revenue generated by affiliate membership fees.

Pay to play is also a problem, with affiliates who pay more earning higher commission rates.

In MLM commission rate increases should only ever be attached to individual and group sales performance, not how much an affiliate pays in fees.

Like The Digital Elites Academy before it, once affiliate recruitment tanks Earn Easy Commissions will collapse.

For the more thorough of you thinking of signing up, it might be worth asking how many bajillionaires The Digital Elites Academy created before it went bust.

With a minimum of 30% of each affiliate fee payment going to Nguyen, it doesn’t take a math degree to figure out who’s coming out on top.