drich-global-logoThere is no information on the D’Rich Global website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The D’Rich Global website domain (“drichglobal.com”) was registered on the 2nd of January 2016, however the domain registration is set to private.

On the official D’Rich Global Facebook page, the admin running the page routinely responds to people complaining about not getting paid in Indonesian:


Indonesia is currently one of the largest traffic sources to the D’Rich Global website, coming in third at 13.6% after India (15.5%) and South Africa (14.6%)

This suggests the owner of D’Rich Global is Indonesian or at the very least speaks Indonesian. Whether or not the D’Rich Global admin is based out of Indonesia is unconfirmed but highly likely.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The D’Rich Global Product Line

D’Rich Global has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market D’Rich Global affiliate membership itself.

The D’Rich Global Compensation Plan

D’Rich Global affiliates invest funds via bitcoin on the promise of a 160% advertised ROI.

100% of the ROI paid out (funds initially invested by the affiliate) must be reinvested back into the company.

Investment amounts solicited by D’Rich Global are currently:

  • 0.0789 BTC ($45.82 USD)
  • 0.1789 BTC ($103.89 USD)
  • 1.1789 BTC ($684.62 USD)
  • 2.1789 BTC ($1265.35 USD)
  • 5.1789 BTC ($3007.54 USD)
  • 10.1789 BTC ($5911.19 USD)
  • 20.1789 BTC ($11,718.49 USD)

Note that USD amounts are correct at the time of publication but are subject to change as per the current price of bitcoin.

A 15% referral commission is paid out on funds invested by personally recruited affiliates. It is also paid out on mandatory re-investment.

Joining D’Rich Global

Affiliate membership with D’Rich Global is tied to a minimum 0.0789 BTC investment.


Using the now cliched Ponzi tropes of “provide help” and “get help”, D’Rich Global operate a seven tier Ponzi scheme.

Affiliates invest a minimum of $45, on the promise of an advertised 160% ROI. Most of that ROI is trapped inside the company, funneling the majority of invested funds to the D’Rich Global admin and early investors.

There’s probably a bit of pay to play going on too, seeing those who invest more paid a larger share of newly invested funds.

Despite the obviously fraudulent nature of the scheme, D’Rich Global insist they aren’t using newly invested funds to pay off existing investors:

Contrary to a Pyramid system or Ponzi scheme,where existing members are paid by new members, and those who join first will always win and gain more results than those who join later. This does not occur on D’Rich system.

Remember that Facebook post from the D’Rich Global admin I published in the introduction of this review? Here’s the auto-translate of it:

Post negative comment here jg interchangeable slow GH all members for a new participant who wants to join will be in doubt because he saw your activities ..

It’s not 100% coherent, but the admin is clearly advising the large number of affiliates complaining about no ROI, that if their complaints are going to discourage new investors.

Here’s another comment from the D’Rich Global admin in English:

As you know too we are working together guys for this program, if you want GET HELP it also mean you wait participant to PROVIDE HELP.

If you just keep posting negative comment here it seem that you make other participant hasistate to join our program and ofcourse it will slow down you GH too.

Please also support us to give positive comment and convince other participant to join our community…🙂 and it will fasten your GH too.. 🙂

Why would D’Rich Global care about attracting new investors if they weren’t reliant on newly invested funds?

Therein lies the Ponzi paradox, and the undoing of the D’Rich Global facade.

Since the collapse of MMM Global this is the third Ponzi clone I’ve reviewed. To be frank it’s getting out of hand.

MMM Global promised investors a 100% a month ROI. After chugging along for a few years it collapsed in April.

Since then we’ve had Zewang, Morez, Crowd Rising and D’Rich Global launch as reload scams.

You can bet your bottom dollar the admins of all four schemes were MMM Global investors, now looking to rip off investors with their own smaller clones.

Problem is MMM Global collapsed when newly invested funds ran out and had a much larger affiliate-base. These smaller clones are going to collapse much faster, with an even smaller group of investors profiting.

Victim numbers collectively will be about the same, with participants across India and South Africa in particular all to keen to repeatedly lose money Ponzi schemes of late.

The collapse of a few more of these MMM Global clones might finally see the reality sink in… but until then I have a feeling D’Rich Global isn’t the last “get help” Ponzi I’ll be reviewing.