Dacxi provides no information on their website about who owns or runs the business.

Dacxi’s website domain (“dacxi.com”) was privately registered back in mid 2017.

Perusal of Dacxi’s social media profiles reveals Ed Ludbrook is founder and CEO of the company:

Why this information is not provided on Dacxi’s website is unclear.

Ed Ludbrook’s MLM claim to fame was his appointment as Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Chief Leadership Officer and Asia Ambassador for OneCoin.

Shortly after joining OneCoin, Ludbrook stated the company was

a multi-trillion dollar opportunity that any fool will recognise once educated with the facts.

In July 2016 Ludbrook aggressively dismissed concerns OneCoin was a Ponzi scheme at one of his marketing events.

Ten months after OneCoin collapsed in early 2017, Ludbrook claimed he was misled by then founder and then CEO Ruja Ignatova.

US authorities have since confirmed OneCoin was a $4 billion dollar Ponzi scheme.

The DOJ is currently pursuing criminal cases against several OneCoin executives and insiders (including Ruja Ignatova).

During his time at OneCoin, Ed Ludbrook claims OneCoin’s affiliate investor-base grew from 600,000 to 2.5 million.

To date Ludbrook has not publicly apologized for his role in misleading OneCoin investors and causing widespread losses.

How much Ludbrook received in stolen OneCoin investor funds to promote the Ponzi scheme is unknown.

Read on for a full review of Dacxi’s MLM opportunity.

Dacxi’s Products

Dacxi has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Dacxi affiliate membership itself.

Dacxi’s Compensation Plan

Dacxi affiliates invest in “bundles”. Commissions are paid when they recruit others who do the same.

The minimum Dacxi bundle investment amount is $100.

A Dacxi bundle is split over various cryptocurrencies as follows:

  • bitcoin – 50%
  • ethereum – 20%
  • litecoin – 10%
  • DAC – 20%

Dacxi affiliates can also directly invest in DAC (minimum $100).

DAC is an internal Dacxi token. It is not publicly tradeable and holds no value outside of Dacxi.

Recruitment Commissions

Dacxi affiliates earn 10% of funds invested in bundles by personally recruited affiliates.

A residual 2.5% commission is paid on funds invested in bundles by affiliates recruited by personally recruited affiliates (level 2).

Direct DAC investment by personally recruited affiliates attracts a 20% commission. 5% is paid on level 2 direct DAC investment.

Dacxi pays all recruitment commissions in equivalent DAC tokens.

Hold Bonus

Dacxi affiliates receive a 50% DAC bonus if they invest $1000 or more and do nothing with their tokens for 180 days.

Joining Dacxi

Dacxi affiliate membership is tied to a minimum $100 bundle investment.


Ed Ludbrook’s Dacxi hasn’t fallen far from the OneCoin Ponzi tree.

Dacxi solicits investment in real money, but primarily operates via DAC.

The DAC Coin is the internal currency of the global Dacxi Economy.

As Dacxi expands by country, product, crowd size and services, the demand for DAC Coins will increase.

DAC has no value outside of Dacxi. Whatever the current internal value Dacxi assigns DAC is not published on their website or otherwise made public.

The closest I was able to find is the following amounts, quoted as accurate as of September 2019:

USD – 0.0135

AUD – 0.0196

UK – 0.0107

EUR – 0.0121

Ultimately DAC is no different to OneCoin’s internal Ponzi points.

Dacxi affiliates invest in DAC on the implication they’ll eventually be able to withdraw more than they initially invest.

In addition to getting paid to recruit new affiliate investors, Dacxi affiliates realize returns by selling DAC through the company’s internal exchange.

Dacxi refers to this as an “affiliate buy-back cycle”.

The affiliate buy-back cycle runs fortnightly. We will inform all the qualified affiliates of how many DAC coins they can sell via an email.

To sell bonus DAC coins, affiliates should use the Dacxi Exchange transfer funds option.

We have a ‘buyback’ programme because as our DAC coin development is still in its early stages,  people are unable to cash out the coin and of course, we want affiliates to be able to do this.

The problem here is that the only verifiable source of revenue entering Dacxi is new investment.

Using new investment to pay returns on DAC points via an internal exchange makes Dacxi a Ponzi scheme.

This ties into securities fraud. At the time of publication Dacxi provides no indication on its website that it has registered its passive investment opportunity with financial regulators.

This means that Dacxi is operating illegally worldwide.

Of note is the inclusion of the US in countries Dacxi is not soliciting investment in:

We currently do not accept customers from residents or citizens of some countries including but not limited to Belarus, Burma, Canada, China, Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Singapore, Syria, United States of America, New Zealand, Malaysia and Zimbabwe.

To be clear, if Dacxi has an external revenue source, registers with the SEC and files full disclosures, the company is not doing anything illegal.

If all they’re doing is recycling investor funds to pay returns on an internal points system though, well you can see why Dacxi’s want to avoid the US.

It’s no secret that the SEC is the world’s most active securities regulator.

Oh and it’s a bit strange that New Zealand is on Dacxi’s list of banned countries.

On the same page New Zealand is listed as a banned country, Dacxi provides social media groups for its New Zealand affiliates.


As with all MLM Ponzi schemes, once affiliate recruitment dries up so too will new investment.

This will starve Dacxi of ROI revenue, eventually leading to a collapse.

Along the way affiliate withdrawals will exceed new investment. And when that happens Dacxi’s internal exchange withdrawals

will continue only until the DAC coin is publicly listed on other exchanges, at which time affiliates will be able to cash out with us or them.

As above, Dacxi will list DAC on some dodgy exchange and exit-scam.

From here it’s the same old MLM crypto story. DAC will list at some bullshit value, plummet to zero and sorry for your loss.

Ed Ludbrook meanwhile will be long gone with whatever he’s stashed away. Kind of like his OneCoin exit.

One final thing I want to touch on is Dacxi’s totally not dodgy sounding “corporate and super fund account programmes”.

The Corporate and Super Fund account programmes are for Australian residents only.

There’s nothing about this program on Dacxi’s website so uh, yeah. Totally legit.