onecoin-logoOn July 29th an optimistic Ed Ludbrook announced on Facebook:

Australia is launched! Perth rocked. Melbourne tomorrow, then Sydney, Gold Coast and Cairns!

See – OneLife-OneCoin Australia/New Zealand for booking.

Unfortunately for Ludbrook, his Melbourne event didn’t go quite as planned…

After stumbling for a few minutes on explaining blockchain technology trouble for Ludbrook began when a member of the audience questioned the value of OneCoin.

[0:47] Man: Can you mine anything with OneCoin?

Ludbrook: Uh at the moment, no because we’re still private.

Man: So it’s not a cryptocurrency yet.

Ludbrook: Well it’s an unused currency… so yeah, is that a currency?

Man: So the only value it has is what you say it has basically.

Ludbrook: Absolutely. As I said the internal price that we have is what it is. Make sense?

The man thanks Ludbrook for his time and then identifies himself as someone who “works in the bitcoin industry”. The man also claims to have “studied cryptocurrency for the last two years”.

The man then further pushes Ludbrook on the legitimacy of OneCoin as a cryptocurrency, at which point Ludbrook loses control of the event.

[1:35] Man: Bitcoin is the only proven cryptocurrency to date. All the rest of them are test beds of innovation.

To call OneCoin a cryptocurrency is not really true, and that’s because I understand how the technology works.

Ludbrook: But you’re making assump.. I don’t want to continue this conversation. I appreciate the speech.

Man: No, I appreciate your time.

Ludbrook: But, but… it’s… it’s… what you’re saying, you have your opinion…

Man: The fact is this is not cryptocurrency. This is a centralized Ponzi scheme.

If you look up the Daily Mirror…

*Ludbrook laughs*

Ludbrook: Mate, you think I don’t know that?

Man: I’m warning you because I don’t want to see people lose money investing in something that’s a scam. And this is a scam.

Ludbrook: Because.. No, no, because why?

Man: Check out Daily Mirror, OneCoin. Check it out, Google it, Daily Mirror, OneCoin…

*Ludbrook laughs again*

Ludbrook: He was there, he was there he’s from the UK man. You don’t know the full story.

Man: Ok cool. Just Google “Daily Mirror OneCoin”.

Ludbrook: You don’t know the full story. Aye, you trust The Mirror? You trust The Mirror?

Man: Well their journalism isn’t great, but in this instance they were actually very…

Ludbrook: You trust the Mirror?

Man: Yeah. This is not a cryptocurrency.

Ludbrook: Because?

Man: This is a centralized… because…

Ludbrook: It’s a centralized mining pool.

Man: Well then it isn’t a cryptocurrency. You’re basing it on a centralized system… you’re basically making up numbers on a spreadsheet, saying they’re tokens.

You can do whatever you want with your blockchain, it’s not a blockchain.

You can’t retire a blockchain and start a new one.

Ludbrook: How do you know?

Man: Well because I understand how the technology works.

In response to other audience members attempting to join in the conversation over the past few minutes, the man then apologizes.

[3:08] Man: It’s OK, no problem. Listen I don’t mean to cause a scene, I’m sorry.

I run the Melbourne bitcoin technology center. We’re an actual registered not-for-profit working space…

You can get bitcoin for free, totally for free…

Ludbrook: Can I ask you a question?

Man: I’ve been doing workshops for the past 18 months…

Ludbrook: I know you’re making a speech to everyone. You do realize that you had the arrogance, the arrogance, to come in here and voice your opinion…

Man: Because when people lose all their money, it’s going to give cryptocurrency a bad name…

Ludbrook: What happens, aye aye aye…

Man: And this is not a cryptocurrency

Ludbrook: That’s your opinion mate.

Man: It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.

Where is the whitepaper explaining how the cryptocurrency works?

Who are the software developers behind the system?

Ludbrook has no answers for the man (and the rest of the audience).

[4:00] Ludbrook: Why are you saying this man? Why are you saying this?

What give you the right…

Man: Because it’s a scam and people are going to lose all their money.

Ludbrook: No. How do you know?

What happens if you’re wrong? What will you give me if you’re wrong?

Another audience member: Ha ha ha, rubbish.

Ludbrook: What will you give me if you’re wrong?

Cause if you’re wrong, what you are doing is you are misleading everyone in the room.

Man: How about we get in touch with ASIC, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission?

We can get them down here and we can sort of go over the information you’re giving to people.

I’ve recorded you giving misinformation about blockchain and cryptocurrency. It’s been shared on social media already.

When all of this blows up, obviously people are going to lose a lot of money.

Ludbrook: Because… how do you know this? How do you know that?

Man: Like you said earlier on, Doctor Ruja Ignatova in Bulgaria… hang on a second, she’s in charge of this system.

Ludbrook: Yeah.

Man: There’s no academic proof behind how this system works.

Cryptocurrencies have their value in cryptography, computer science…

Ludbrook: Sure.

Man: And the fact that they’re decentralized using computational codes. Trust the system, this…

Ludbrook: Can I ask you a question? Can I ask you a question?

Where does it say that a cryptocurrency has to be decentralized?

Man: Well how about you look it up on Wikipedia and you can learn a little bit about it.

I’ve said what I wanted to say, good luck to you and I hope you don’t invest in this.

Ludbrook stands gobsmacked in silence.

Awkward seconds pass, after which another audience member, a woman, asks “are you sure?”

[5:23] Man: Yeah. You can do your own research…

Ludbrook: No, no, no, no. It’s very important…

There’s about four different people talking at this point and the audience appears restless.

The man holding the camera speaks…

[5:28] The thing that concerns me, is you’ve said that the technology isn’t important in this presentation.

And you’ve also said that you don’t know all the technology.

Ludbrook: Of course I don’t.

Camera man: And it’s the technology that underpins the whole thing.

Ludbrook: Can I ask you a question?

Camera man: I think we’re probably done.

Ludbrook: Can I ask you a question?

Camera man: I don’t think there’s much more we can ans…

Ludbrook: No, it’s very important.

Camera man: Let’s talk about cryptography and all that kind of shit…

Ludbrook: I did not say the technology is not important. I said you don’t have the most… you don’t need… like most things, you don’t need the most advanced technology on the planet.

Camera man: But you couldn’t explain… you don’t know how it’s going to work.

When they create the new one (blockchain), there’s no documentation, no one’s going to know how this thing works.

It could just be that somebody in a spreadsheet is deciding stuff, and then the company goes bust in a years time…

Ludbrook: It could be…

Camera man: Well, yeah. And that’s the whole reason why cryptography is valuable. Because it’s trusted… and this isn’t trusted.

When this goes out in the open market, nobody’s going to buy it.

Ludbrook: How do you know?

Man: Because it’s not based on any … designs.

Ludbrook: How do you know?

Camera man: We don’t know, we don’t know. I think we should leave it like that.

If anyone’s having any questions, they can talk to him (the original man) about cryptography or whatever. I just think you should look into it, that’s all.

Ludbrook: You don’t know.

Camera man: No, I don’t know. I don’t know… I just think you should be informed, that’s all.

Man: Because nobody’s going to invest in a cryptocurrency that doesn’t have any verifiable academic research or development team behind it.

Camera Man: It won’t be trusted. That’s the thing.

Man: That’s the whole point of cryptocurrency, you don’t have to trust any one person.

You’re creating this centralized system where you’re just making up these tokens on a spreadsheet.

I’ve seen the dashboard, the back of house and your little mining graphic there and stuff.

I mean it’s just… if you understand how cryptography works and how cryptocurrency works, you will know this is a scam.

You can do your own research… and it’s really… it’s really not good what they’re doing.

Ludbrook: The only difference is you have every right to your opinion.

Man: But it’s an opinion based in fact, and you’re opinion…

Ludbrook: It’s not, dude…

Man: This is not cryptocurrency. It’s not cryptocurrency and you’re saying it is, but you don’t even understand how cryptocurrency works!

After an audience member declares they are confused, the two men leave and the video cuts out.

What should strike anyone about the conversation is the lack of answers Ludbrook had for the questions and accusations thrown at him.

All he could do was parrot “how do you know?” over and over again.

That’s not an answer, it’s a throwback question used to dodge giving an answer.

Strange behavior from a member of OneCoin’s corporate team (Ludbrook was appointed Chief Leading Officer of OneCoin back in March).

Video footage of Ludbrook’s Melbourne event reveals about ten people were in attendance.

Something tells me it probably didn’t go as well as he’d hoped…