cash-rite-logoThere is no information on the Cash Rite website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Cash Rite website domain is hosted on Beep, a company that provides free website hosting.

Two Gmail addresses features on the Cash Rite website as follows:

If you want to use Payza …. just log in to your Payza back office and send a $4 payment to our Payza email address, which

Any questions? …. just email us at

jose-delgado-real-cash-now-adminThe first email address belongs to Jose Delgado (right). Delgado launched the Real Cash Now Ponzi scheme on Beep a few weeks ago.

A post on the RealScam forum dated July 2012 cites Bonita Mae Rystrom as owner of the second “moneybiz500” address.

According to the post, Raestrom has a long history of participation in the MLM underbelly, with a particular focus on cash gifting.

Read on for a full review of the Cash Rite MLM opportunity.

The Cash Rite Product Line

Cash Rite has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Cash Rite affiliate membership itself.

The Cash Rite Compensation Plan

Cash Rite’s compensation plan consists of a two-tier 10×4 matrix cycler.

A 10×4 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a matrix, with ten positions directly under them.

These ten positions form the first level of the matrix, with the second level generated by splitting each of the ten positions into another ten positions each (100 positions).

The third and fourth levels of the matrix are generated in the same manner, housing 1000 and 10,000 positions respectively.

Each Cash Rite affiliate pays a $4 position fee to enter the cycler at level 1. This payment qualifies the affiliate to receive payments from subsequent Cash Rite affiliates as follows:

  • Matrix 1, Level 1 (positions cost $4) – receive $2 from ten affiliates ($20)
  • Matrix 1, Level 2 (costs $10) – receive $5 from one hundred affiliates ($500)
  • Matrix 1, Level 3 (costs $20) – receive $10 from one thousand affiliates ($10,000)
  • Matrix 1, Level 4 (costs $40) – receive $20 from ten thousand affiliates ($200,000)
  • Matrix 2, Level 1 (costs $80) – receive $40 from ten affiliates ($400)
  • Matrix 2, Level 2 (costs $100) – receive $50 from one hundred affiliates ($5000)
  • Matrix 2, Level 3 (costs $200) – receive $100 from one thousand affiliates) ($100,000)
  • Matrix 2, Level 4 (costs $500) – receive $300 from ten thousand affiliates ($3,000,000)

Note that the cost required to unlock each level is intended to be paid from funds received on the previous level.

Joining Cash Rite

Affiliate membership with Cash Rite is free.


Cash Rite affiliates buy in for $4. That payment is split to generate a gifting payment for two existing Cash Rite affiliates.

Both tiers of Cash Rite’s matrix cycler operate in the same manner, with every amount paid in used to pay off two existing affiliates.

Cash Rite is pretty much the same business model as Real Cash Now, however payments have been split across two tiers instead of the one.

Like Real Cash Now, once recruitment of new affiliates slows down so too will gifting payments within the scheme.

A 10×4 matrix requires an astronomical amount of recruitment for a few members to get paid beyond the first few levels.

Realistically the only positions that will make it through to the upper tiers of the cycler are preloaded positions owned by Jose Delgado and Bonita Mae Rystrom. Depending on how many Cash Rite affiliates are ultimately recruited, a few early investor positions might make it to the second cycler tier too.

Owing to Ponzi cycler mathematics, the majority of Cash Rite affiliates will lose money.