Cash Building System Unlimited fails to disclose company ownership or executive information on its website.

There are some clues though. The company J.D. Marketing appears on marketing material and the website itself.

J.D. Marketing is incorporated in Ohio. The company is owned by Jay Dagan.

Other than J.D. Marketing being behind similar looking companies to Cash Building System Unlimited over the years, I was unable to find anything further on Dagan.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

Cash Building System Unlimited’s Products

Cash Building System Unlimited has no retailable products or services.

Affiliates are only able to market Cash Building System Unlimited affiliate membership itself.

Cash Building System Unlimited’s Compensation Plan

Cash Building System Unlimited affiliates pay a fee to enter a nine-tier pyramid scheme.

Commissions are earned on recruitment of affiliates who do the same.

Cash Building System pays recruitment levels on up to two levels of recruitment:

  • Tier 1 – pay $50 and earn $25 per affiliate you personally recruit
  • Tier 2 – pay $100 and earn $70 on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) and $20 on level 2
  • Tier 3 – pay $500 and earn $350 on level 1 and $100 on level 2
  • Tier 4 – pay $1000 and earn $700 on level 1 and $200 on level 2
  • Tier 5 – pay $1500 and earn $1050 on level 1 and $300 on level 2
  • Tier 6 – pay $2000 and earn $2500 on level 1 and $400 on level 2
  • Tier 7 – pay $2500 and earn $1750 on level 1 and $500 on level 2
  • Tier 8 – pay $3500 and earn $2450 on level 1 and $700 on level 2
  • Tier 9 – pay $5000 and earn $3500 on level 1 and $1000 on level 2

If an existing recruit upgrades their Tier, the affiliate who recruited them earns $200 per Tier level upgraded to.

Cash Building System Unlimited affiliates must buy into a tier to earn commissions on that and lower tiers.

If a Cash Building System Unlimited affiliate buys into a tier who recruited them hasn’t bought into, those commissions are paid upline to the first qualified affiliate.

Joining Cash Building System Unlimited

Cash Building System Unlimited affiliate membership costs $50.

Full participation in Cash Building System Unlimited can cost as much as $16,150. Unlocking every commission tier from the start costs $5050.

Cash Building System Unlimited Conclusion

Cash Building System Unlimited is a simple pyramid scheme. You sign up, pay a fee, that money goes to whoever recruited you, and you earn by recruiting others.

That business model is illegal in and of itself, as per the FTC Act. On top of that Cash Building System Unlimited and its promoters are committing mail fraud.

The ruse behind Cash Building System Unlimited are spam postcards. You get a bunch when you sign up.

You’re supposed to send the postcards out in the hopes of recruiting others (addresses of leads of unknown origin are provided with membership fees).

Jay Dagan and J.D. Marketing are based out of Ohio in the US.

Running pyramid schemes through the US postal system constitutes mail fraud, which is illegal.

Legalities aside, math guarantees the majority of participants in pyramid schemes lose money.

One need only look at one of Dagan’s past pyramid schemes to see this in action:

Here’s what the domain “” looks like today:

In addition to top recruiters, pyramid schemes primarily benefit their owners.

In Cash Building System Unlimited, this takes place by way of Dagan’s admin account position(s), which are placed at the top of the company.

Dagan also takes a cut of 10% of everything paid in.

In order for Dagan and top Cash Building System Unlimited recruiters to steal money, the majority of affiliates signing up inevitably have to lose it.