bringthebaconhome-logoThere is no information on the BringTheBaconHome website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The BringTheBaconHome website domain (“”) was registered on the 31st of December 2014, however the domain registration is set to private.

An official BringTheBaconHome Facebook group is linked to from the company website. Unfortunately the group is closed, however the following ten people are listed as group admins:

  • Andreas Loh
  • Mark Ducker
  • Kim Baese
  • Jonathan Bracy
  • Mike Lucas
  • Michael Haggie
  • Bruque Roberts
  • Cat Johnson
  • Martin Zhao Germer and
  • Sherilyn Chong

sherilyn-chong-bringthebaconhome-adminFurther research reveals BringTheBaconHome affiliates naming Sherilyn Chong as company’s owner.

Emails sent out to affiliates seem to support this, with most of them singed off on by “Sherilyn”.

As per her Facebook profile, Chong is based out of Singapore. Whether or not she is working alone as the admin of BringTheBaconHome is unclear.

What is clear is that Chong has previously been involved in at least one Ponzi scam. A Facebook posting on her profile from October 2014 can be seen promoting a short-lived debit card attached to Achieve Community.


Achieve Community was a $3.8 million dollar Ponzi scheme recently shut down by the SEC.

There’s an odd gap in Chong’s Facebook timeline between the 22nd of January and the 19th of February. Whether or not Chong has recently deleted posts (some of which might have been advertising Achieve or similar schemes), is unclear.

Read on for a full review of the BringTheBaconHome MLM business opportunity.

The BringTheBaconHome Product Line

BringTheBaconHome has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership to the company itself ($5).

Once signed up, BrngTheBaconHome affiliates can then invest in matrix positions.

Bundled with each position are a series of advertising credits, which BringTheBaconHome affiliates can use to display advertising on the company’s website.

The BringTheBaconHome Compensation Plan

The BringTheBaconHome compensation plan revolves around affiliate investing in matrix positions. Affiliates are also paid to bring new investors into the scheme.

Matrix positions in BringTheBaconHome are sold in a bundle of 12 costing $40.

When an affiliate purchases a matrix position bundle, the twelve positions purchased are generated once every 24 hours over 12 days.

Each position is entered into a series of matrices, which once filled generate a cycle commission.

BringTheBaconHome utilize five matrix systems in their cycler compensation plan.

The first matrix is a 5×1, with each matrix position generated requiring five positions below it to be filled before a $3 commission is paid out.

A position that cycles out of the first matrix is then placed into a second 4×1 matrix.

Same idea as the first, only this time four positions need to be filled before a $6 commission is paid out.

The third matrix is also a 4×1 matrix, paying out $12. The fourth matrix is a 3×1 (three positions to fill) that pays out $20, and the fifth a 2×1 (two positions to fill) that pays out $109.

All in all, each position invested in by a BringTheBaconHome affiliate generates a $150 ROI.

With each $40 position bundle containing twelve positions, this equates to a $40 investment generating an advertised $1800 ROI.

In an effort to trap funds in the system, BringTheBaconHome require 35% of all commissions paid to be re-invested back into matrix positions.

Referral commissions are paid out on all $40 investments, paying out $2.80 to the affiliate who recruited the investor (level 1) and $1.20 on level 2.

Joining BringTheBaconHome

Affiliate membership with BringTheBaconHome is $5.

At least one matrix position bundle purchase is required to participate in the BringTheBaconHome compensation plan, bringing the defacto cost of BringTheBaconHome affiliate membership to $45.


As per the BringTheBaconHome Terms and Conditions:

For the good of the entire memembership (sic) and the well-being of the program, if any member mentions the words lawyer, attorney, attorney general, police, SEC, FTC, FBI or any other potential threats to BTBH, management reserves the right to remove them from the program immediately and close their account without refund and without further negotiation.

Why would BringTheBaconHome be worried about its investors talking about the SEC, FTC and FBI?

Because they’re running a simple $40 in, $1800 ROI Ponzi scheme.


Affiliates buy into BringTheBaconHome for $40 a pop, wait for new funds to be deposited by subsequent investors and then slowly make their way towards an eventual $1800 ROI.

Needless to say mathematically $40 turning into $1800 isn’t anywhere near sustainable, with BringTheBaconHome’s scheme likely to collapse shortly after launch.

Just one $40 position requires 45 new positions to be purchased in order to generate the required $1800 ROI. Those 45 new positions then also require 45 new positions each (2025 positions) to be invested in before they cycle.

And from there it only gets worse.

Sooner rather than later BringTheBaconHome investment will slow down, meaning the matrices will stall.

The delay in adding matrix positions at a rate of one per day per $40 bundle position bought creates an illusion of new daily activity occurring, but the reality is the flow of money is the same no matter how the positions are generated.

All the 12 day delay does is slightly delay the inevitable. That being, just like any other Ponzi scheme, when BringTheBaconHome’s matrices stall, those with funds still trapped in the system lose out.

What happens then?

Charge back or reverse transactions made on your purchases will lead to immediate account termination.

Sherilyn Chong and friends do a runner with your money. Kaboom.