BizzTrade is the third Ponzi reboot from serial scammers Rehan Gohar, Rizwan Gohar (brothers) and Gurpreet Dhaliwal.

The Gohars and Dhaliwal launched BizzTrek under the guise of it being an Amazon competitor.

In reality BizzTrek was a short-lived pyramid scheme.

In mid 2020 BizzTrek was rebooted as BizzTrade, a Ponzi scheme attached to BizzCoin.

The Gohars and Dhaliwal solicited €50 to €25,000 investment into their shitcoin, on the usual “we’re gonna be the next bitcoin!” nonsense.

BizzCoin began to fall apart in late 2020. Most of 2021 was spent coming up with excuses why BizzCoin’s public trading value was in the toilet.

In December 2021 the plug was finally pulled on BizzCoin. The Gohars and Dhaliwal weren’t done scamming people though.

BizzTrade Pro was announced, marking the third BizzTrek reboot.

BizzTrade Pro is a continuation of BizzTrade, only now it has BizzCoin Pro attached to it.

Whereas BizzCoin was an ERC-20 shitcoin, BizzCoin Pro is a BEP-20 shitcoin.

Different blockchain, same scam.

Perhaps weary of mounting investor losses over the years, the Gohars and Dhaliwal are nowhere to be found on BizzTrade Pro’s or BizzCoin Pro’s websites.

Instead of fronting their own scam, the Gohars and Dhaliwal have made Nick Stoppani the face of BizzTrade Pro:

Stoppani is literally a UK actor.

He’ll play the fall guy when BizzTrade Pro inevitably collapses.

The Gohars and Dhaliwal fled to Dubai last year to get away from their investors.

As of January 2022 Rehan Gohar is back in the UK:

Rizwan Gohar is in Turkey, pretending a rented office constitutes a “BizzTower building”:

Gurpreet Dhaliwal’s either laying low, or cashed out and is quietly enjoying whatever he stole.

On the business side of things BizzTrade Pro provide no compensation information on their website.

BizzTrade offered daily returns of up to 0.8%, paid in BizzCoin.

From what I’ve been able to piece together BizzTrade Pro affiliates are being told they’ll receive “up to 1% a day”.

Invested EUR is locked for 52 weeks, after which withdrawal in BizzCoin Pro is available.

Compounding of monopoly money backoffice returns is also available.

BizzCoin Pro investment amounts appear to be the same €50 to €25,000 range. The internal BizzCoin Pro value is not made public.

The MLM side of BizzTrade Pro pays on recruitment of affiliates and new investment. Nothing seems to have changed there.

Put all of this together and you’ve still got EUR flowing into the Gohars’ wallets, plus whatever is paid out to top recruiters.

Come 52 weeks, BizzCoin Pro will be where BizzCoin is at.


Because nobody outside of the Ponzi scheme cares about it.  Like BizzTrade, BizzTrade Pro is a closed-loop flow of money.

One need only look at BizzCoin’s bagholders to confirm how this plays out.