Last month BizzTrade announced it was running out of BizzCoin.

In order to continue fleecing investors of money, BizzTrade has launched BizzCoin Pro.

As per BizzTrade’s December email;

BizzCoins are almost over!!! Yes, the limited quantity of BizzCoins is almost consumed.

This is great news for all BizzTraders and everyone else holding BizzCoin as this means soon enough there shall be no more BizzCoins to be bought from open exchanges.

Historically, limited supply and continued usability has only meant one thing – INCREASED VALUE!!

We’re not sure what usability BizzTrade’s admins are crapping on about, seeing as BizzCoin has no value outside of the company’s Ponzi scheme.

As for “increased value”, here’s how that’s panning out;

But BizzCoin is old news. Whereas BizzCoin is an ERC-20 token that took 5 minutes to set up at little to no cost, BizzTrade has launched BizzCoinPro.

BizzCoin Pro is a BEP-20 token, that also took five minutes to set up at little to no cost.

Going forward, BizzTrade affiliates can opt to receive returns in BizzCoinPro.

That brings us to BizzTradePro, the third incarnation of the collapsed BizzTrek Ponzi scheme.

BizzTradePro is a simple reboot of BizzTrade.

From 1 Jan 2022 we are going to merge the BizzCoin system with BizzTradePro and there will only be one login.

All the (investment) packages that have not requested ‘move’ or ‘claim’ shall disappear from the system.

New company name, new shitcoin and new victims. Or at least that’s the plan.

The ‘claim’ option purportedly pays out BizzTrade contracts. Although with BizzCoin over, what is being paid out is unclear.

BizzTrek, BizzTrade, BizzCoin, BizzTradePro and BizzCoinPro are run by Rehan Gohar, Rizwan Gohar and Gurpreet Dhaliwal.

All three co-founders are residents of the UK.

Based on website traffic to the BizzTrade and BizzTradePro websites, the majority of victims are based out of Nigeria, the US and Morocco.

It’s worth pointing out top BizzTrade and now BizzTradePro’s top scammers, i.e. early investors and top recruiters, are primarily from the UK.


Update 26th January 2022 – Following on from this article, BehindMLM has published a review of BizzTrade Pro’s MLM offering.