allysian-sciences-logoAllysian Sciences went into prelaunch in March of 2015 and are based out of British Columbia in Canada.

Heading up the company are co-founders Rod Jao (a “global entrepreneur”) and Apolo Ohno (an “8 time Olympic medalist”).

rod-jao-apolo-ohno-counfounders-allysian-sciencesJao appears to be the more MLM savvy of the two (both in the photo on the right), serving as Allysian Science’s CEO.

As per his corporate bio, back in the day Jao cut his MLM teeth in Amway:

Rod Jao has been the President of Trident Venture Group Inc., a privately held investment company.

Trident invests and holds interests in commercial and residential real estate projects and, through its venture capital arm, seeds and funds opportunities in the technology, manufacturing, food and beverage and telecommunications sectors.

Rod’s background includes software development and network marketing, and he is one of the youngest individuals in the history of Amway Global to reach a high level of success.

A few years back, Jao was also involved in the management of All In Energy. The now defunct company marketed energy drinks, and appears to have had more than a few ex-Amway affiliates behind it.

As for Apolo Ohno, Allysian Sciences appears to be his first MLM venture. His corporate bio makes no mention of any prior MLM history, relying heavily instead on Ohno’s Olympic history and ability to “create brand-awareness”.

Read on for a full review of the Allysian Sciences MLM business opportunity.

The Allysian Sciences Product Line

mastermind-nootropic-allysian-sciences-productAllysian Sciences operate in the brain nutrition MLM niche, marketing several products they claim target neurological activity.

  • MasterMind Nootropic ($121.25 for a 30 day supply) – a “unique formula” that contains “19 of earth’s most effective brain boosting nutrients”
  • Genesis ($149.69 for a tub of 28 servings) – a “comprehensive formulation” with “74 life-enhancing botanicals and extracts”
  • Essentials ($74.94 for a bottle of 60 tablets) – his and her multivitamin
  • Sinless ($28.69 for a box of 20 individual servings) – nutrient infused chocolate

The Allysian Sciences Compensation Plan

For reasons unknown, the Allysian Sciences compensation plan material is not currently provided on their website.

The following compensation plan analysis has been put together from a corporate Allysian Science marketing video titled “Compensation Version 1”.

Allysian Sciences Affiliate Ranks

There are twenty-one affiliate ranks within the Allysian Sciences compensation plan.

Along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows:

  • Trainer – have at least 2 affiliates on your lesser binary side
  • Trainer Tier 1 – have at least 6 affiliates on your lesser binary side or sign up with an Executive Pack (qualification expires after 90 days)
  • Trainer Tier 2 – have at least 12 affiliates on your lesser binary side or sign up with a Business Builder Pack (qualification expires after 90 days)
  • Trainer Tier 3 – have at least 24 affiliates on your lesser binary side
  • Trainer Tier 4 – have at least 48 affiliates on your lesser binary side
  • Trainer Tier 5 – have at least 80 affiliates on your lesser binary side or sign up with a Professional Pack (qualification expires after 90 days)
  • Coach Tier 1 – have at least 133 affiliates on your lesser binary side
  • Coach Tier 2 – have at least 267 affiliates on your lesser binary side
  • Coach Tier 3 – have at least 533 affiliates on your lesser binary side
  • Coach Tier 4 – have at least 800 affiliates on your lesser binary side
  • Coach Tier 5 – have at least 1067 affiliates on your lesser binary side
  • Mentor Tier 1 – have at least 1333 affiliates on your lesser binary side
  • Mentor Tier 2 – have at least 1667 affiliates on your lesser binary side
  • Mentor Tier 3 – have at least 2000 affiliates on your lesser binary side
  • Mentor Tier 4 – have at least 2667 affiliates on your lesser binary side
  • Mentor Tier 5 – have at least 3000 affiliates on your lesser binary side
  • Master Tier 1 – have at least 3333 affiliates on your lesser binary side
  • Master Tier 2 – have at least 6667 affiliates on your lesser binary side
  • Master Tier 3 – have at least 10,000 affiliates on your lesser binary side
  • Master Tier 4 – have at least 13,333 affiliates on your lesser binary side
  • Master Tier 5 – have at least 20,000 affiliates on your lesser binary side

Note that there are also rank requirements for recruited affiliates (eg. affiliates must have certain ranked affiliates in their downline in order to qualify for a higher rank), however these are not clarified in the compensation plan video I watched.

Due to a lack of further information available regarding the Allysian Sciences compensation plan, I’m unable to list the exact rank qualification requirements.

Affiliate Rank Bonus

When an affiliate qualifies at certain ranks for the first time, they are paid the following one-time bonus:

  • Trainer Tier 5 – $1000
  • Coach Tier 1 – $5000
  • Coach Tier 5 – $10,000
  • Mentor Tier 1 – $20,000
  • Mentor Tier 5 – $50,000
  • Master Tier 1 – $100,000
  • Master Tier 3 – $250,000
  • Master Tier 5 – $1,000,000

Retail Commissions

A 25% retail commission is available on the sale of all Allysian Sciences products to retail customers.

Credit towards an affiliate’s own monthly autoship order is also available by signing up autoship retail customers.

Recruitment Commissions

When a new Allysian Sciences affiliate is recruited, they have the option of joining with an affiliate pack.

These packs range in price from $199 to $2999.

If a newly recruited affiliate joins with one of these packs, the recruiting affiliate is paid the following commission:

  • Basic Pack ($199) – $40
  • Executive Pack ($499) – $100
  • Business Builder Pack ($999) – $200
  • Professional Pack ($2999) – $600

Allysian Sciences affiliates are also paid when their personally recruited affiliates recruit new affiliates of their own.

When a personally recruited affiliate recruits two new affiliates of their own, the affiliate who recruited them is paid $50.

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions in Allysian Sciences are paid out using a binary compensation structure.

A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, split into two sides (left and right):


Each side increases in size as more affiliates are recruited into the binary team.

A 20% commission is paid out on sales volume generated by the lesser binary side, that is to say the side that generates less sales volume in any given week.

Any leftover volume in an affiliate’s stronger binary side is then carried over to the next week, wherein the process repeats itself at the end of that week.

Allysian Sciences cap binary earnings at $75,000 a week.

Binary Matching Bonus

A 10% matching bonus is available on binary commissions earnt by recruited affiliates.

This bonus is payable down five levels of recruitment, with how many levels an affiliate is paid out on determined by their Allysian Sciences affiliate rank:

  • Trainer Tier 1 – 10% bonus down one level of recruitment
  • Trainer Tier 2 – 10% bonus down two levels of recruitment
  • Trainer Tier 3 – 10% bonus down three levels of recruitment
  • Trainer Tier 4 – 10% bonus down four levels of recruitment
  • Trainer Tier 5 – 10% bonus down the maximum five levels of recruitment

Lifestyle Bonus

When Allysian Sciences affiliate qualify at certain ranks, the company pays them an ongoing monthly Lifestyle Bonus.

How much of a bonus is paid out is determined by the rank an affiliate qualifies at:

  • Trainer Tier 5 – $250
  • Coach Tier 1 – $500
  • Coach Tier 2 – $600
  • Coach Tier 3 – $700
  • Coach Tier 4 – $800
  • Coach Tier 5 – $1000
  • Mentor Tier 1 – $1200
  • Mentor Tier 2 – $1400
  • Mentor Tier 3 – $1600
  • Mentor Tier 4 – $1800
  • Mentor Tier 5 – $2000
  • Master Tier 1 – $3000
  • Master Tier 2 – $5000
  • Master Tier 3 – $10,000
  • Master Tier 4 – $15,000
  • Master Tier 5 – $20,000

Joining Allysian Sciences

Basic affiliate membership with Allysian Sciences is $59.95.

New affiliates can additionally sign up with one of the following affiliate packs:

  • Basic Pack – $199
  • Executive Pack – $499
  • Business Builder Pack – $999
  • Professional Pack – $2999

The primary difference between these packs is the products bundled with each pack, the starting rank of an affiliate and income potential through the Allysian Sciences compensation plan.

Affiliates are also required to maintain a monthly autoship to qualify for commissions, adding an ongoing cost to Allysian Sciences affiliate membership.


While I’m not familiar with the standard pricing of the products Allysian Science market, I felt that dollar for dollar they were a little on the pricey side.

Not so much given what they were, but rather the ongoing monthly cost. These are supplements designed and marketed to be taken daily, with a monthly-based pricing structure.

Aside from the chocolate then, you’re looking at a minimum $74.94 outlay. That’s for the multivitamins, which would appear to be a two month supply (60 tablets).

As for the flagship product Mastermind Nootropic, $121.25 for a 30 day supply? That’s going to be a hard sell unless you’ve got some clinically backed hard results to cite.

And even then, this is going to remain a particularly niche market.

Moving onto the compensation plan, there are a number of red flags to discuss.

First and foremost is the glaring presence of chain-recruitment, emphasized by various qualification criteria and autoship requirement for commission qualification.

Affiliates sign up to Allysian Sciences, preferably with a pack. These packs contain a “pay to play” element, which sees affiliates earn a higher rate of commission the more money they spend on a pack.

Even if only offering temporary rank qualification, this is still pay to play and typically avoided in MLM circles.

After signing up, affiliates then must sign up to autoship in order to qualify for commissions:

You must have an active Autoship with a minimum 75PV to qualify for Fast Start Bonuses and weekly Team Commissions.

They are then paid to recruit new affiliates, who also preferably sign up with a pack.

This is a closed loop, with no retail sales activity taking place.

Retail sales are of course possible, however Allysian Sciences’ compensation plan far strongly focuses instead on affiliate recruitment, their signing up with autoship and then recruiting others who do the same.

Further evidencing this are the rank qualification requirements, which all focus on affiliate recruitment. How many affiliates one has on their weaker binary side dictates rank qualification, with retail again being nowhere to be seen.

With the Rank Achievement Bonus and ongoing monthly Lifestyle Bonus, it’s perfectly possible to focus exclusively on affiliate autoship recruitment and eventually be earning a sizeable income each month.

This commission isn’t paid out of any particular sales activity you’ve generated, but rather is based exclusively on your recruitment efforts and that of your downline.

And when you have a compensation plan so heavily tilted towards autoship affiliate recruitment, inevitably that’s what’s bound to happen.

Retail volume commission qualification criteria would go a long way to balance Allysian Science’s compensation plan, yet is conspicuously absent.

I’d strongly recommend all Allysian Sciences affiliates to check with their prospective upline about the existence of retail sales. This should then be weighed against their recruited downline sales volume.

Be also sure to enquire about the affiliate packs, paying particular attention to what the focus of the packs is (the products or the attached income potential).

If you find a lopsided slant towards affiliate recruitment, which I strongly suspect you will, then this is evidence that you’ll have to engage in chain-recruitment to get anywhere in Allysian Sciences as an affiliate.

With that lending itself to Allysian Sciences’ MLM offering being a product-based pyramid scheme, the opportunity perhaps should be avoided altogether.


Update 29th August 2021 – Allysian Sciences executives are named defendants in a $50 million crypto fraud civil lawsuit filed in California.