adz4wealth-logoThere is no information on the Adz4Wealth website indicating who owns or runs the company.

jules-wimbleton-julie-owner-admin-adz4wealthThe Adz4Wealth website domain (“” was registered on the 7th of September 2014 and lists Julie Wimbleton of “J W Hosting and Sales” as the owner. An address in Caernarfon in the UK is also provided.

Further research reveals Wimbleton also goes by the name “Jules Wimbleton”.

Wimbleton’s last MLM venture prior to Adz4Wealth was Adz4Profit. Launched on August 21st, Adz4Profit is a $5 “revenue-sharing opportunity”.

Affiliates buy positions for $5 and are then paid a percentage of the funds invested by affiliates who come after them.

Adz4Profit appears to have stalled shortly after launch, which no doubt has prompted to launch of Adz4Wealth.

Read on for a full review of the Adz4Wealth MLM business opportunity.

The Adz4Wealth Product Line

Adz4Wealth has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership to the company itself.

The Adz4Wealth Compensation Plan

The Adz4Wealth compensation plan revolves around affiliates signing up and then investing in $1 “ad line” positions and/or purchasing $2 matrix positions.

Ad Line ROIs

Offered as a revenue-sharing scheme, Adz4Wealth affiliates purchase $1 ad line positions which eventually pay out a 150% ROI ($1.50).

Advertising credits are bundled with each $1 ad line investment, which can be used to display advertising on the Adz4Wealth website.

Matrix Commissions

Adz4Wealth use a series of 4×2 matrices to pay out matrix commissions.

A 4×2 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a matrix with four positions directly under them (level 1). These four positions in turn branch out into another four positions each, making up the second level of the matrix.

Commissions are paid out when all positions in a matrix are filled.

Adz4Wealth state on their website that their matrices start “at only $2”. The company does not disclose how many matrices they run, what they cost to enter nor what any of the matrices pay out upon filling.

Referral Commissions

Adz4Wealth offer a 10% commission when any personally recruited affiliates invest in an ad line position or purchase positions in their matrices.

25% Commission Withholding

Adz4Wealth withhold 25% of all commissions paid out to affiliates. These held funds can only be used to invest in ad line positions or purchase positions in matrices.

Joining Adz4Wealth

Affiliate membership with Adz4Wealth is free. Note however that an affiliate must either invest in an ad line position ($1) or purchase a matrix position (starting at $2) if they wish to participate in Adz4Wealth’s income opportunity.


With nothing being sold to retail customers and all revenue sourced from affiliates, Adz4Wealth operates as a simple advertising-based Ponzi pyramid scheme hybrid.

The Ponzi side of the business lies in ad line position investment. Affiliate’s invest sums of $1 on the expectation of a $1.50 eventual ROI.

This is done under the guise of “selling advertising”:

When we sell advertising to other members, we share the revenue with you.

The purchase of advertising however does not come with an implied ROI. The only thing that pays out a ROI is an investment.

For the purposes of compensation plan analysis, what Adz4Wealth bundle with said investments are irrelevant.

The pyramid component of the scheme lies in the matrix commissions.

Affiliates buy positions in Adz4Wealth’s matrices starting at $2, and once enough recruited affiliates have purchased positions a commission is paid out.

Despite the dubious nature of Adz4Wealth’s compensation plan, the company insists that it is legal. Taken from the Adz4Wealth FAQ:

Is Adz 4 Wealth legal?

Every program that offers a service and/or product is considered legal.

This is of course patently false. Having a product or service that is not retailable is renders said product or service neither here nor there.

What is important here is the flow of money. In the case of ad line investment, new affiliate funds are used to pay out existing affiliate investors. The matrices meanwhile simply shuffle new affiliate funds over to those with the largest downlines (recruitment).

The Ponzi/pyramid nature of the scheme is ultimately given away in Adz4Wealth’s “no refunds” refund policy:

What about refunds?

Due to the REAL TIME earning nature of our program there can be NO REFUNDS after your payment. Every time an Ad Line or Matrix Position is purchased, members are getting paid instantly.

The instant a new or existing affiliate deposits real funds into Adz4Wealth, the company uses it to pay off either Ponzi ROI or pyramid scheme recruitment liabilities.

The Adz4Wealth FAQ couldn’t spell this out any clearer:

Is Adz 4 Wealth sustainable?

In theory YES, however, that does depend to some extent on our members as well, promoting will bring in new members which in turn will increase the sales of Ad Lines and Matrix Positions.

If recruitment slows down along with the injection of new affiliate funds into the scheme, kaboom!