247-money-club-logoThere is no information on the 247 Money Club website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The 247 Money Club website domain (“247money.club”) was registered on the 23rd of July 2014, with an “Edward Jason Beatty” of “World Of Products & Communications” listed as the owner. An incomplete residential address in the US state of New Jersey is also provided.

Edward Beatty was previously an affiliate with Xplocial, a collapsed $29-$100 a month cash gifting scheme launched in 2013.

World of Products & Communications meanwhile are tied to a number of failed real estate classifieds website attempts.

Read on for a full review of the 247 Money Club MLM business opportunity.

The 247 Money Club Product Line

247 Money Club has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market 247 Money Club affiliate membership itself.

The 247 Money Club Compensation Plan

The 247 Money Club compensation plan sees newly recruited affiliates gift $29 or $129 to existing 247 Money Club affiliates.

This happens through a 2-up compensation plan, tracked through a unilevel.

This plan sees every affiliate pass up their first and third gifting payments to the affiliate who recruited them.

In turn, recruited affiliates must also then pass up their first and third gifting payments to the recruiting affiliate.

The exact nature of the 247 Money Club payouts are as follows:

  • $29 Gold affiliates = receive $29 payments
  • $100 Platinum affiliates (must have previously purchased Gold membership) – receive $100 payments

The idea is that Platinum affiliates bring new Platinum affiliates into 247 Money Club, resulting in $129 gifting payments being made.

A monthly $29 fee is also charged, which is also paid out as a gifting payment.

A free 247 Money Club affiliate membership option is also available, however free affiliates only receive 25% of the above gifting payment amounts.

Joining 247 Money Club

Affiliate membership with 247 Money Club is either free, $29 (Bronze) or $100 (Platinum).

Note that Platinum membership is effectively $129, as Bronze membership is a pre-requisite.

Note that paid 247 Money Club affiliates are also charged a recurring $29 a month fee.

The primary difference between the offered affiliate options is income potential through the 247 Money Club compensation plan.


As per the 247 Money Club website;

Welcome To The One Web Site That Will FINALLY Add Some Much Needed Funds To Your Own Personal Bank Account!

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In this manner gifting payments are passed up the company-wide unilevel team, rewarding those who recruit the most and subsequently build the biggest downlines.

Quite obviously 247 Money Club is modeled on Xplocial, which had the exact same gifting amounts and a similar compensation plan.

Whether or not Edward Beatty made any money in Xplocial is unclear, but he’s evidently looking to relive his 2013 cash gifting days.

As with all cash gifting schemes, 247 Money Club will collapse once recruitment dies down.

This in turn will see new gifting payments cease entering the scheme and consequently nobody gets paid.

Xplocial collapsed within a few months of launch, so expect about that (or likely less of a shelflife) from 247 Money Club.