20k-profits-logoAside from citing the admin of 20K Profits with initials “J.T.”, there is no information on the 20K Profits website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The 20K Profits website domain (“20kprofits.com”) was registered on the 11th of June 2014, with a “John Toth” listed as the domain owner.

This corresponds with the “J.T.” initials displayed on the 20K Profits website.

An address in the US state of Michigan is provided in the domain registration, which is presumably where Toth is running 20K Profits from.

john-toth-admin-20k-profitsToth (right) talks about his family on the 20K Profits website, explains that he’s not a guru and claims that ‘anyone … can have success just by following (his) blueprint‘.

As per Toth’s LinkedIn profile;

We achieved great success in corporate America for 27 years. Hard work and determination granted us multiple promotions & pay raises.

On April 3rd. of 2006, my wife, Lynn, started searching for a business of our own where we could combine our talents and, if possible, our ultimate goal was to work from home.

Three weeks of looking at several franchises, local brick and mortar business, and numerous on-line opportunities, she found the perfect business, one that afforded us the luxury of maintaining our multiple six figure lifestyle while working from home together.

Prior to launching 20K Profits Toth was an affiliate with Inspired Living Application (mobile videos) and Bioceutica (health and wellness).

Read on for a full review of the 20K Profits MLM business opportunity.

The 20K Profits Product Line

20K Profits has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market 20K Profits affiliate membership itself.

Once signed up, 20K Profits affiliates can then buy into six offered earning levels, with various internet marketing training and tools bundled with each level.

The 20K Profits Compensation Plan

The 20K Profits compensation plan sees affiliates buy into six earning levels and get paid to recruit others who do the same.

The six earning levels offered in 20K Profits are as follows:

  • Bronze – $695
  • Silver – $2196
  • Gold – $3697
  • Platinum – $6748
  • Diamond – $12,298
  • Elite – $20,485

Affiliates must buy in on the level(s) they wish to earn on, meaning a total $46,119 payment would be required to to buy into all six earning levels incrementally.

With the exception of the Elite level, to qualify for commissions a 20K Profits affiliate must first recruit one new affiliate who buys into that particular level.

The commission from that payment is paid to the affiliate’s upline (the affiliate who recruited them), with the affiliate then qualifying for commissions from all subsequently recruited affiliates who buy in at that level.

The Elite level has no such requirement, with an affiliate able to earn from their first recruited affiliate who buys in at the Elite level.

Note that purchase at the Elite level qualifies an affiliate to earn the maximum commission offered on all levels below.

Commissions across all six earning levels are as follows:

  • Bronze – $500
  • Silver – $2000
  • Gold – $3500
  • Platinum – $6500
  • Diamond – $12,000
  • Elite – $20,000

Note that 20K Profits affiliates cannot earn higher than the level they have bought in at.

Eg. A Gold affiliate will earn $500 if they recruit a Bronze affiliate, $2000 if they recruit a Silver affiliate and $3500 if they recruit a Gold or higher affiliate.

With the higher levels in this example (Platinum, Diamond and Elite), $3500 is taken out of the payable commission with the rest passed up to the first qualified affiliate in the upline.

In this example, that would be $3000 passed up if the Platinum level was bought in at, $8500 at the Diamond level and $16,500 at Elite.

Note that if the first qualified affiliate found did not qualify for the full remaining amount, they would be paid their share and the system would continue to search for a fully qualified affiliate.

Eg. If a Gold affiliate recruited an affiliate who bought in as an Elite, they would be paid $3500 with $16,500 remaining.

If their immediate upline was a Platinum affiliate, they would be paid $3000 ($6500 – $3500) with $13,000 remaining.

If the next qualified upline was a Diamond affiliate, they’d be paid $2000 ($12,000 – ($6500 + $3500)), with $8000 remaining.

The first Elite qualified affiliate in the upline would then be paid the remaining $8000 commission.

Note that if the first qualified affiliate in the upline was found, they’d be paid the full $16,500 remaining balance and the system wouldn’t need to search further.

Joining 20K Profits

Affiliate membership with 20K Profits is free, however affiliates must buy into one or more of the six earning levels offered to earn commissions.

As such the defacto minimum cost of 20K Profits affiliate membership is $500, with a max of $20,485 if Elite is bought into directly or $46,119 incrementally (level by level).


Although various training and products are provided at each buy in level of 20K Profits, trouble is the bulk of the compensation plan is simply newly recruited affiliates gifting payments to existing affiliates.

Admin fees are tacked onto these gifting payments, but they’re only a tiny percentage of the amount gifted between affiliates.

In any event, what fees John Toth might collect are irrelevant considering hundreds and thousands of dollars are otherwise being gifted between 20K Profits affiliates.

You sign up as a new affiliate and then decide what you want to earn by buying in at that particular level.

The more you spend, the more you can earn when you recruit new participants. In turn, the qualifying fee you pay when you join is gifted to the affiliate who recruited you (sans admin fee, which Toth keeps).

You then recruit new participants, passing up your first gifting payment unless you spend $20,000 off the bat, with subsequent recruits then paying you most of their buy-in fee.

It’s pretty much oldschool cash gifting hooked up to the internet, with token products attached to the gifting payments in an attempt to make it look legit.

Trouble is you need to be marketing something to retail customers, which affiliates in 20K Profits are not. Paying eachother and recruiting others who do the same is cash gifting, no two ways about it and irrespective of what is attached to said gifting payments.

As with all gifting schemes, once recruitment of new participants dries up the gifting payments will start to slow down. As interest wanes and promotion stops, the scheme then collapses.

Claiming to have been involved in MLM since 2006, why Toth is now launching cash gifting schemes I have no idea.