1x2-pusher-logoThere is no information on the 1×2 Pusher website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The 1×1 Pusher website domain (“1x2pusher.com”) was registered on the 22nd of March 2015, with a “Julie Higgins” credited as the site owner. An address in the US state of Texas is also provided.

julie-higgins-1x2-pusher-adminOver the years Higgins (right) has been involved in and run a number of questionable schemes. I won’t go into the specific business models of each, save to say you’re mostly looking at low-profile cash gifting and matrix recruitment schemes.

Opportunities Higgins has been involved in as an affiliate or operated herself include Daily Adds of Wealth (2014), Spillover Magic (2012), LoveForYouAll (2012), Money4YouToday (2012), LoveAndHopeDaily (2012), ZumAds (2013), Giving2You (2013), CycleIntoWealth (2013), XpressDailyCash (2014) and DreamMyCash (2014).

To say that Higgins is an experienced player in the MLM underbelly would be an understatement.

Read on for a full review of the 1×2 Pusher MLM business opportunity.

The 1×2 Pusher Product Line

1×2 Pusher has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership with the company itself.

Once signed up, 1×2 Pusher affiliates can purchase matrix positions and participate in the company’s income opportunity.

Bundled with matrix position purchases is access to a private label rights ebook library.

The 1×2 Pusher Compensation Plan

The 1×2 Pusher compensation plan sees affiliates purchase positions in a series of 1×2 matrix cyclers.

A 1×2 matrix has two positions, both of which must be filled before the position at the top “cycles” out and a commission is paid.


1×2 Pusher uses a four-tier matrix cycler structure, with commissions paid out as follows:

  • Level 1 – positions cost $20, once both positions in the matrix are filled cycles into Level 2
  • Level 2 – pays out $10 and cycles into Level 3
  • Level 3 – creates a new position in level 1 and cycles into Level 4
  • Level 4 – pays out $155 and creates two new positions in Level 1

A referral commission of $10 is paid out when any personally recruited affiliates cycle out of a Level 4 matrix.

An optional feeder matrix exists, costing $16 to join and paying $10 out and cycling into Level 1 once filled.

A $2 referral commission is paid if a personally recruited affiliate cycles out of the feeder matrix.

Joining 1×2 Pusher

Affiliate membership with 1×2 Pusher is free, however affiliates must purchase matrix positions in order to participate in the MLM opportunity.

As such, the defacto cost of 1×2 Pusher affiliate membership is $16 (the cost of one feeder matrix position).

Starting out at the regular Level 1 matrix will cost $20.


As evidenced by the swath of schemes Julie Higgins has participated in or run over the years, we’re clearly looking at a serial scamster here.

Be it matrix or gifting schemes, a clear map of one scheme collapsing before another is launched can be observed by tracking Higgin’s involvement in the MLM industry.

With 1×2 Pusher Higgins track record of fraud looks set to continue, with the scheme operating as a $20 in, $165 out Ponzi scheme.

Affiliates invest in $20 matrix positions, with a $165 ROI paid out once enough subsequent positions have been invested in.

Naturally any ROIs paid out are sourced from these subsequently invested funds.

The ruse is that access to the PLR ebook library adds a layer of legitimacy to the scheme, however the reality is that nothing trumps the fraudulent flow of money from new to existing investors.

As per the 1×2 Pusher FAQ, recruitment of new investors is also required:

In order to be able to bring funds home, you must share this with 1 other member.

If a 1×2 Pusher affiliate does not recruit new investors, they are penalized by having money confiscated from their earnt commissions.

The 1×2 Pusher FAQ states that this has been implemented because, if 1×2 Pusher affiliates do not recruit, ‘we all have been doing this long enough to know that that does not work.

As with all Ponzi schemes, once new affiliate recruitment dies down the scheme will collapse.

Being a matrix cycler based Ponzi scheme, the inevitable collapse will present itself by way of the matrix cyclers stalling.

When that happens, those with funds still trapped in matrix positions will of course be left holding the bag (read: Julie Higgins runs of with your money).