Zeus’ Bounty started off in late 2021 as a simple BNB smart-contract pyramid scheme.

As of August 2022, here’s how that’s going:

As the pyramid scheme was collapsing, to keep the grift going, owner Tim Bentley announced ZeusCoin and and Zeus’ Chariots.

Zeus’ Chariots was an NFT game cash grab. The game was announced in February 2022.

Four months later, on June 19th, 2022, Zeus’ Bounty affiliates got their first look at the game:

Riveting. I can see that going straight to the top of the Steam charts.

Anyway, about a fortnight after that reveal Bentley launched Zeus Academy, through which affiliates are being funnelled into a new gambling scheme.

If you are already a member of the Zeus Academy, head to your Zeusesbounty members area to check out this new course just launched.

The “new course” is the Simple Dutch System, which Bentley (right) is flogging to Zeus’ Bounty affiliates for $497.


With proprietary tools, an in-depth course, and a proven system in place, we will help you generate $3K, $6K, or more, in the next 30 days…just by following the Simple Dutch System.

The Simple Dutch Course with step by step lessons from basic understanding of concepts, to tutorials on using all tools provided in the system.

Examples of different offers, teaching you how to bet for maximum profits and more.

Proprietary Software providing you with the best live updated matchups to quickly find the best odds.

Sponsored BONUS lesson by OddsJam for advanced strategies to continue earning long after offers have dried up.


My first red flag was the money-back guarantee. So I looked up the T&C and found this:

There is a 45-day double your money back guarantee available.

If you aren’t in a positive profit in your sports betting at the end of 45 days after purchasing the course and submitting the following information to be verified, you will receive double your course purchase back.

You acknowledge that you either live in a state/province we’ve identified as profitable, or you plan on visiting a state/province that we’ve identified as profitable.

If you purchase this course and try to use our system in any state/province that is not identified by Simple Dutch as profitable, this will VOID ALL MONEY BACK GUARANTEES.


What’s the bet your “state/province” is declared unprofitable if the system doesn’t work within the 45 day period?

For those unfamiliar with the term, Dutch betting

is the name for the betting technique of backing more than one outcome in the same event as opposed to just one.

The aim of backing multiple outcomes in one event, mainly in football and horse racing, is to profit from one of your chosen outcomes winning.

There’s obviously a lot of risk involved in Dutch betting, as if both outcomes lose, you will lose your stake on both bets.

Simple Dutch System doesn’t actually specify what sport(s) affiliates will be betting on.

The scheme is “sponsored by OddsJam, who list a number of sports on their website.

We would suggest having at least $3,000 to start out. You can be profitable with a smaller bankroll, but it will be difficult and will take a lot of patience.

OddsJam has an arbitrage section, but again the secrecy of the Simple Dutch System doesn’t lend itself to transparency.

For those wanting to promote the Simple Dutch System, Bentley is offering a 20% commission personal sales and 5% on level 2 (unilevel).

Anyway, this’ll probably run its course soon enough. Or at least till Bentley comes up with a new grift to funnel Zeus’ Bounty affiliates into.

Bentley is running Simple Dutch System from the domain “simpledutchsystem.com”, privately registered on June 22nd, 2022.

SimilarWeb isn’t tracking traffic to the site, meaning it’s negligible.

Crypto smart-contract pyramid –> NFT game grift –> gambling grift. I wonder what’s next for Zeus’ Bounty victims…


Update 7th July 2023 – Zeus’ Bounty’s official YouTube channel was terminated sometime over the past month.

This prompted BehindMLM to revisit Tim Bentley’s schemes. As of July 2023, we’ve called Zeus’ Bounty’s and Zeus’ Chariot’s collapse.