Remember when Zeek Rewards’ net-winner affiliates were running around telling the people they scammed the US government and Receiver were just looking to keep invested funds for themselves?

In a March 15th press-release, the Zeek Receiver has announced that, following a third distribution, Zeek victims have now received back up to 75% of their losses.

The Receiver’s third distribution saw 122,335 checks totaling $67.5 million sent out to victims.

If you previously have received a distribution payment from the Receivership, you will receive another payment in this distribution.

If you had recovered more than 60% from ZeekRewards prior to its shutdown, but less than 75% (using the rising tide method), you will receive a distribution in this distribution.

Distribution checks are being sent by United States mail and may take a week or more to be delivered to Affiliates in the United States.

Delivery of distribution checks to Affiliates that are located outside the United States will take additional time.

You may request a reissuance of your distribution check if you do not receive it timely.

I ask that you wait until at least April 17, 2017 to make such a request because addressing reissuance requests will reduce the amount of funds we have to make future distributions.

Pending the outcome of continuing clawback litigation, the Zeek Receiver is ‘confident that (the Receivership) will make a further distribution in the future’.