Despite launching some six years ago, net-winners who illegally profited in the Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme are still being pursued for the money they stole.

With determinations of who owes what finalized and a court ruling certifying the amounts legally binding, on December 20th the Receiver shared how the Receivership intends to enforce recovery.

According to the Receiver,

absent further settlements with the net winners with whom we have not yet settled, we will soon seek to sell the judgments against them to debt collection firms or engage such firms on a contingency basis.

Through debt collection agencies, the headache of five years of litigation for Zeek’s top scammers looks set to continue.

On a positive note for Zeek’s victims, the Receiver also advises that the goal is to ‘bring the Receivership to an end in 2018‘.

Noting that nothing is guaranteed, the Receiver plans to make a final claim distribution payment before wrapping the Receivership up.

It is expected this final payment will bring the amount recovered for most Zeek Rewards victims to approximately 80% of losses.