zeekrewardsIf you’re a Zeek Rewards victim and have yet to file OFAC certification, you might want to get a move on.

In an update published on October 5th, the Zeek Receiver has advised claims without an attached OFAC certification and release will be purged after December 31st.

For reasons that completely escape me, over 41,000 outstanding claims have still yet to have an OFAC certification and release filed.

Currently funds to pay out these claims have been held in reserve. If the Zeek affiliates who made these claims fail to provide the requested documentation by December 31st however, the Receiver advises

the funds held in reserve for the forfeited claims will be released from the reserve for payments to claimants with allowed claims in this case.

Additionally the claims themselves, subject to approval by the court, will be deemed forfeit.

Good news for affiliates with existing claims as they’ll get more back, but I’m at a loss how over 41,000 affiliates have failed to provide simple documentation.