zeekrewardsAn update published on the Zeek Rewards Receivership website last week has announced that Dawn Wright-Olivares and Daniel Olivares are to be sentenced on September 13th.

Both Wright-Olivares and her son plead guilty to fraud back in late 2013.

The pair are believed to have testified against Paul Burks and co-operated with regulators investigating the case, however the extent of their involvement in the case against Paul Burks has not been made public. Neither has Wright-Olivares and Olivares’ respective plea deals.

We might get some insight into both at the sentencing hearing, with cooperation from both expected to have an impact on sentencing.

The Zeek Receiver meanwhile is calling on Zeek investors that wish to be heard at the hearing to provide the Receivership with a letter ‘describing the impact that ZeekRewards had on them‘.

In particular, the Court would like to hear about any of the below circumstances:

-Becoming insolvent;

-Filing for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code;

-Suffering substantial loss of a retirement, education, or other savings or investment fund;

-Making substantial changes to his or her employment, such as postponing his or her retirement plans;

-Making substantial changes to his or her living arrangements, such as relocating to a less expensive home; and

-Suffering substantial harm to his or her ability to obtain credit.

The Receiver will be attending the hearing on behalf of Zeek Rewards victims and will present submitted letters to the court.

Stay tuned…