zeekrewardsIn mid July BehindMLM revealed Darryle Douglas’ grandiose plan to market his new opportunity, Auction Attics, using the Zeek Rewards affiliate database.

This caught the attention of the Zeek Receiver, whose property said affiliate database is.

darryle-douglas-sales-director-zeek-rewardsA subsequent motion was filed by the Receiver in late August, requesting Douglas (right)

  • return any copies of the Zeek Rewards database he has in his possession
  • appear for a deposition by the Receiver and
  • produce all financial records from November 1, 2011 to the present for his personal and business-related accounts (prior to being deposed)

The Receiver’s motion is part of an ongoing effort to clawback the millions Douglas stole from Zeek victims.

Judge Mullen ruled on the matter back on September 15th, with the future of Auction Attics left in serious doubt.

Not surprisingly, Judge Mullen didn’t take kindly to a Ponzi scammer gearing up to fleece more victims. Nor did he approve of Douglas’ use of the Zeek Rewards victim database to market his new scheme.

To that end the Receiver’s motion was granted in full, with Douglas ordered to

  • return and cease using the Zeek database
  • submit to a deposition no later than September 24th and
  • produce the requested financial records before his deposition

September 24th has obviously come and gone, but whether or not Douglas complied with the court order is unclear.

A a few hours ago a post appeared on the Auction Attics Facebook page, suggesting affiliates entice a police officer with the Auction Attics opportunity if they’re ticketed.

Start talking about Auction Attics… before it goes LIVE!!

An officer with any intelligence would gladly forgive you, so long as he or she can partake in all future profits.

Another post today claims Auction Attics has secured a “1800 square foot home office”. Whether Zeek funds are tied to the new office is unclear.

Other than that, things have evidently been pretty quiet at Auction Attics. The post prior to the two made today is dated September 22nd, with the only other two posts made this month dated September 2nd and 12th (two posts were made on the 2nd).

If Douglas has submitted for a deposition and provided the Receiver with his financial records, then I suspect we’ll escalated efforts to clawback the funds he stole through Zeek.

Otherwise we could be looking at a contempt of court motion filed any day now.


Footnote: Our thanks to Don@ASDUpdates for providing a copy of Judge Mullen’s September 15th order.