After over a year of rallying against the US government, throwing any number of conspiracy theories out there, promising the return of Zeek Rewards and everything inbetween, it appeared the SEC and Zeek Rewards Receivership finally caught up with Robert Craddock.

Craddock, a Zeek Rewards Ponzi net-winner who was quite obviously furious at the prospect of being forced to return stolen funds to victims, published the following abrupt backflip on the ZTeamBiz website back on November 13th, 2013:

November 13, 2013

Fellow Zeeker’s,  this is our final posting. As you know the goal was to assist the people of Zeek Rewards, and provide relevant information relating to the Zeek Receivership.

Here are a few links you need to have to finish the process.


This site is operated by Kenneth Bell the appointed receiver for Rex Venture Group.

Again it has been a pleasure this past year providing updates to help you stay informed and hope you visit the zeekrewardsreceivership for further updates.

robert-craddockOnly weeks prior Craddock (right) was promising his followers he was going to “bring back the Zeek Rewards excitement” and reveal a brand new “really good rev-sharing opp” for them to invest in.

At the time, I speculated that it was likely Craddock had been likely told to cease and desist by the Zeek Rewards Receivership.

To date Craddock hasn’t clarified what made him suddenly go all gushy for the Receivership and abandon his Ponzi resurrection plans. Fast forward four months later though and it appears Craddock has decided that enough time has passed to pick up where he left off.

In a new posting on the ZTeamBiz website, Craddock confirms that ZTeamBiz (and presumably himself) ‘has come under attack from regulators‘. Craddock has published all manner of misinformation since the shutdown of Zeek Rewards, so the revelation is hardly surprising.

Craddock also has a cry about “the critics”, stating they ‘want to just publish false and negative opinions’. Despite Zeek Rewards being a confirmed Ponzi scheme, Craddock also claims “the critics” ‘ have ‘consistently gotten it wrong and most people do not know what to believe‘.

Uh, right. Who “most people” are beats me but if there are people out there who still refuse to accept Zeek was a Ponzi scheme, probably best to steer well-clear. And it should go without saying that taking business advice from them would be rather asinine.

In any event, having likely settled with the Zeek Receiver and been forced to pay back some or all of his Zeek Ponzi winnings, in addition to having the regulators come down on him, one would imagine Craddock would be ready to slink off into the annals of Ponzi history.

Not so.

Likely believing that entering into an agreement with the Zeek Receivership grants him immunity as far as Ponzi investment goes, Craddock is back to his old tricks.

Targeting aforementioned people “who do not know what to believe”, Craddock continues on with his latest pitch:

For this reason we will start once again sending updating emails, and doing a better job of filtering out the ongoing negative people that haunt everyone in the industry.

If you would like to be on our mailing list you can register here and if you at any time wish to be off the list you can also request and be removed as well.

As we know Zeek is never coming back, we will from time to time provide you with updates of companies that we feel will meet, or exceed the income potential that Zeek provided. And at the same time also help you learn about ones, that may be only interested in taking your hard earned money.

We would like to also address the amateur hour on the web; I’m referencing the flood of inaccurate information that seems to flood everyone computer with so called experts wanting to tear down any program you may want to join.

If you can keep one thought in mind. These people writing the stories most likely have never experienced the success you have seen and only want to steal your dreams and ambitions.

I can’t speak for everybody but I imagine if Craddock gave most people the choice of either stealing their money, as he did in Zeek Rewards, and only stealing their Ponzi dreams and ambitions – which they’d opt for is obvious.

Craddock winds up his update by urging readers to contact those who “never did” get a chance to invest in Zeek Rewards and get them on board:

So if you know someone that wanted to and never did we are opening up the ability to register to Zteambiz to provide updates and assistance as we all move forward to better and more profitable ventures.

I believe fellow Zeek Rewards net-winner investor T. LeMont Silver would refer to those Craddock is targeting as “low-hanging fruit“.

Meanwhile while we wait for the next chapter of Craddock’s pursuit of Ponzi riches to unfold, I’ll leave you with some ZTeamBiz words of wisdom:

There is a phrase I feel best describes the average person that has subscribed to our list. “If you’re willing to do the things most people won’t, you can have the things most people can’t!”

If you’re willing to do the things most people can’t, that being rip off people by getting them to invest in MLM revenue-sharing schemes so you can take their money, then you can truly “have the things most people can’t”.

Well, at least until the regulators come knocking hey. Stay tuned…