youradpays-logoThe name ‘Your Ad Pays’ implies that if you have an advertisement with Your Ad Pays, that it is this advertisement that pays you.

Unfortunately though when you get into the nuts and bolts of it, Your Ad Pays just winds up being a simple advertising + recruitment matrix combination.

Read on for a full review of the Your Ad Pays MLM opportunity.

The Company

There is no information on the Your Ad Pays website about who runs or owns the company.

The domain ‘’ however was registered on the 14th February 2012 and names a ‘Shahmir Ansari’ as the owner, operating out of Delhi in India.

This appears to be Ansari’s first MLM company launch, however he appears to have been a member of Club Asteria (recruitment scam) in 2010 and his LinkedIn Profile lists him as a ‘leader at Tvi Express‘ (recruitment scam banned in multiple countries).

Ansari also appears to run the Google Group ‘BuildUrFortune‘ and uses it to promote various MLM recruitment and investment schemes (Ricochet Riches, Zeek Rewards, Wazzub, InnoCashAds etc.) he’s previously been involved in.

Presumably Ansari has realised that being a member of such schemes isn’t as profitable as running them, and this has prompted his launch of Your Ad Pays.

The Your Ad Pays Product Line

Your Ad Pays claim to sell login, text and banner advertising however there is no way to purchase this advertising. Instead, when members purchase an entry ticket into a 3×1 matrix the company bundles in advertising credits with the entry position.

These advertising credits can be used to display member ads on an advertising network the company uses on the Your Ad Pays website.

Advertising credits cannot be purchased without entry into a company matrix.

The company also claims it provides members access ebooks, software, desktop generator tools, how-to videos, graphics and templates each month, but does not go into any specifics.

The Your Ad Pays Compensation Plan

There are two main matrices that form the Your Ad Pays compensation plan.

The first is a 3×1 matrix that places you at the top with three member positions underneath you.

As you fill these member positions up with members, Your Ad Pays pays out a commission of $50 for the first two member spots filled and $30 for the third ($130).

After cycling out of the 3×1 matrix, members are then inserted into a 3×3 matrix that has 39 member positions to fill.

Members on the first and second levels (3 and 9) pay out $20 each and members on the third level (27) pay out $150 each ($4050 total).

Upon cycling out of the 3×3 matrix, members are given two re-entry positions into a single 3×1 matrix and the process repeats itself.

There is a third matrix offered by Your Ad Pays which is a feeder into the 3×1. This 2×1 feeder matrix requires just two members to cycle and costs $65 to enter.

Your Ad Pays also pay out a $20 commission to the upline of any member who purchases a 3×1 matrix entry, or cycles out of a 3×3 and back into a 3×1.

Joining Your Ad Pays

Membership to Your Ad Pays appears to be free however in order to participate in the compensation plan and earn commissions, members must either purchase matrix entries themselves or get their recruits to do so.


The Your Ad Pays terms and conditions states that members

are paying for the advertisement package and rewards sharing is just an additional bonus that you are getting from us as a part of our service.

If we look at the intent behind the purchases being made in Your Ad Pays, it’s quite obvious that this description of the business model doesn’t hold.

For starters if you stripped away the income opportunity, would people still be paying $135 to advertising on a website with no exposure to people who haven’t they themselves become members?

Let’s face it, the only reason people would visit the Your Ad Pays website is because they’re interested in the income opportunity. With commissions tied into the purchase of matrix entry, it is thus the income opportunity that is being bought into, rather than any advertising being purchased.

If we then replace ‘the product’ with matrix entry, the company accurately describes it’s business model as

YourAdPays Program will continue to pay out rewards with you as long as people keep on purchasing (matrix entry), either through repurchase with their earned money, or by buying new (matrix entry).

Oh and conveniently,

YourAdPays Program is not liable for any lost monies due to slowing of sales of (matrix entry).

Sustainability wise it doesn’t take a genius to work out that at $130 a pop and three members required to enter the main 3×3 matrix, the Your Ad Pays opportunity relies on a constant injection of new members and existing members buying new matrix entry positions to survive.

With existing members getting free positions when they cycle out of the 3×3, that pretty much effectively leaves recruiting new members having to be constantly recruited in order to sustain the program and pay out commissions.

As you can see, Your Ad Pays clearly has nothing to do with advertising and all we’re looking at here is a recruitment dependent opportunity that will stop paying out once the recruitment stops.